33 Cute Fall Date Ideas To Keep Your Romance Alive

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Updated On: April 24, 2024
Cute Fall Date Ideas

Between the days getting shorter, the weather turning colder, and the trees becoming barer, autumn doesn’t sound like something to be excited about. And yet, we all wait for it. The longer nights, those cozy snuggle sessions, and the beautiful foliage covering the streets. The world is ablaze with color and the fall season brings with it an air of romance. Let’s take a look at some awesome fall date ideas that will revitalize those lovey-dovey feelings between you and your partner.

Fall Activities For Couples (Cute & Romantic)

What are the best fall dates for couples this autumn? If you’re looking to make your soulmate fall for you this fall – yes, we just used a ‘fall’ pun…please don’t sue us! – you can hit up our list of the most awesome fall activities for couples this fall. From Oktoberfest to pumpkin carving and cider tasting, here’s what you should look out for this autumn.

1. Attend Oktoberfest

When the trees turn golden, it’s time to hit the beers! The annual beer festival in Germany will take place between September and October. If you and your lover are beer fanatics, this is definitely one date you should add to your list.

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2. Go on bike rides

Pedaling through scenic trails and admiring autumnal foliage is one of our favorite cute fall date ideas. The colorful display will make you forget how chilly it is outside. Carry some hot chocolate with you and sip it under those beautiful trees.

Fall Activities For Couples
Fall activities for couples

3. Taste some whiskey

One of the highlights of autumn is whiskey tasting. That’s right, go on a whiskey trail. And no, we don’t mean to Scotland (unless you want to, that is). Travel across the country to hunt for different types of whiskeys. There are many whiskey festivals such as the Whiskey Fest in Boston and the one in Denver that you can visit. 

4. Go Skiing/Snowboarding

If you are looking for creative and challenging fall date ideas, go snowboarding or skiing together! It is one of the most exciting things to do in the fall.

5. Do some apple picking

Visit an apple orchard and find your favorite type of apples. Baking an apple pie from scratch ranks high among cute fall dates. And if pie’s not your jam, how about an appletini?

6. Watch a football game

Football season’s starting so get ready for some tailgating! Equip yourself with snacks, drinks, and your best game-day gear and cheer on your favorite team together. Maybe plan a bar-be-que and grill some burgers and hotdogs. Of all the fall date ideas you could try, this one’s gonna be an absolute favorite with your boyfriend.

7. Go organic shopping

Go to a farmers market and buy seasonal breads because the weather is perfect and you two lovebirds deserve it. Taste stuff, try stuff, then come back home and cook stuff, and finally sit down and stuff yourselves with stuff. Now that’s a date! Not to mention a good chance to gauge each other’s shopping habits.

8. Try the supernatural

Have a seance and then strategize about how to get demons to stop following you around. Feeling extra brave? Go on a ghost tour with your girlfriend. Brownie points for hand holding!

9. Have a bonfire

The nights are just the right amount of cold. Under the starry sky, sit by a bonfire and stay close to each other. Toast some marshmallows, make some s’mores, maybe even serenade your partner and then get cozy under a blanket and talk late into the night. The simplest fall activities for couples are often the best ones.

10. Enjoy the foliage

Rake up the leaves. Make a nice, big pile. Jump right in! Have a leaf fight. Make crafts with leaves. Take some pretty pics for the gram.

11. Plan a Halloween party together.

Make an entire, romantic meal out of Halloween candy. Invite some friends, make some great autumn themed cocktails and snacks, bring out the board games, and spend Halloween with your loved ones. This is one of the most wholesome fall date ideas we have for you.

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12. Go camping

Set up a tent, read spooky stories to each other outside it, then run back inside before the demons come for you. Yeah, and have some bourbon ready too.

13. Go on a long drive

Take a long drive in the countryside with your special someone. Make a romantic stop, roll down the windows and then make out in the backseat! Not all fall date ideas need a destination, some are meant for the journey.

14. Have a pumpkin dinner

Cook a proper multi-course dinner just out of pumpkin! Make soup, have some salad on the side, prepare ravioli for main course and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert!

15. Enjoy craft work

Engage in a day of crafting! Whittle things, or do some knitting. Sort out your albums, make a bucket list poster or make a journal. Play some old classics in the background as you get all artsy.

16. Coffee up

Go to an outdoor cafe for a coffee date in the middle of the day. Fall date ideas are all about enjoying the simple stuff.

17. Take a walk

Hold their hand, take them to a park and walk around without letting go of that hand even for a second.

18. Pick pumpkins

We’re gonna be doing a lot of stuff with pumpkins. Might as well pick out some good ones.

19. Play around with pumpkins

No, we aren’t talking about any American Pie-esque stuff. Get some pumpkins, paint them, carve them, and maybe place them over eerie green lights!

20. Take hayrides together

Fall is a great time to visit the countryside. While you are out there, do not miss out on riding in folksy wagons. Carry a ukulele along too. No? Then how about you carry a tune, at least? Maybe whistle something as you ride about the place.

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21. Read together

Books go smashingly with all seasons. Fall is no different. Sit on the back porch or cozy up in a café and read each other’s favorite books.

22. Participate in scavenger hunts

Halloween is one of the biggest backdrops for fall activities for couples. One of the coolest fall date ideas is creating a halloween-themed scavenger hunt with your friends. You could do couples together or a mix-and-match team-up. It’ll be super fun either way.

23. Visit Starbucks

Treat your date with a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. If they haven’t tried it before, this will make for an interesting date. And even if they have had it, well, it’s autumn. You can never have too much pumpkin.

24. Visit a fair

The sparkling lights. The aroma of cotton candy. The whirling of merry-go-rounds. Spend a fun evening at the fair with your special one. Step up and shoot some balloons, win them a giant teddy bear! And don’t forget the cotton candy.

25. Shop for sweaters

Like we said before, the nights are getting colder. So one of the wiser date ideas in November is to go sweater shopping with your partners. Bonus points for getting matching ones.

26. Do some volunteering

Autumn is a season of giving and helping always feels good. Volunteer at public parks, NGOs, or animal shelters together.

27. Have a movie night

Make some popcorn, turn down the lights, switch off the phones and snuggle under a blanket. That’s it, you movie lovers are ready for a perfect night of movie magic!

28. Get lost in a corn maze

When it comes to visiting farms, spring is the preferred season. But one of the more romantic fall date ideas is visiting a corn maze and spending time alone, away from the outside world.

29. Make s’mores, and then some mores

Like you need a reason to have some s’mores! Just make sure you make enough for both of you.

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30. Try candle making

Well, there’s nothing autumny about making candles as such. But making candles together in the cool evenings of fall does sound rather charming.

31. Visit the nearest winery

Wineries and distilleries are usually located in the beautiful countryside. Driving there via the scenic routes and spending the day getting intoxicated with your soulmate is one of the most romantic date ideas in November.

32. Do a little ‘Netflix & chill’ night

Stream Addicted on Netflix and get friendly on the couch, on the dining table, and finally on the floor! Make sure to take breaks in between all the sex, that’s what the show is for!

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33. Sit together

Go to the park, or find a spot on a quiet street below a tree shedding its leaves. Sit close together. Sometimes, that is all you need.

Well, that’s it. But that’s quite a list we got there, don’t you agree? Make sure to try all these romantic date ideas in November and in all the autumn months before it. This fall make sure your partner falls for you again – that’s the last fall joke, promise!


1. What do you do with a girl in the fall?

Go for a night of stargazing, looking for the most intricately beautiful constellations. Few settings beat a starlit sky when it comes to romance. Pack a picnic basket with sandwiches, some chocolate milk, and cookies. Your girl will be swept off her feet if you get this night right!  

2. How do you make a cozy date night?

Turn on the mood lights. Play romantic music. Cook for them. And finally, snuggle under the blankets on the couch.

3. What is the most popular fall activity?

The season of fall, or autumn, is filled with fun activities. One of the most popular is  Oktoberfest. If you are on a strict budget, go on long walks in the park through the colorful foliage.

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