12 Best Farmers’ Dating Sites For Country Singles

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Updated On: January 8, 2024
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Life in the countryside can be complete bliss, except for the fact that online dating is a little bit complicated. But what if we told you about farmers dating sites that could change your single relationship status? Because we get it. As a farmer, going on dates and finding the partner of your choice – someone you connect with – is not easy.

After all, you live a quiet rural life. Maybe you don’t visit the city that often, or don’t like it at all. Away from the city crowds, country folks have different mindsets and priorities when it comes to a love relationship. That’s why there are dating sites farmers use to add spark to their love lives and to meet other single farmers.

One common question that’s asked: Are some of these farmers dating site free? YES. So let’s get you one step closer to finding love, a long-term partner, or a casual hookup.

12 Best Dating Sites For Farmers To Find Love

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for the best country dating sites, where you might just find the love of your life! Finding someone with a similar lifestyle and belief system as yours can be tricky, especially when you live in the secluded paradise that is the countryside. But you deserve love. And with online dating, you have the perfect chance.

So, put yourself out there and meet single farmers and ranchers online. It will get you one step closer to finding your soulmate — Trust us, they’re out there just waiting to meet you. To help you on your quest for online dating, we have 12 of the best dating sites for farmers listed below.

1. Single Farmers Dating Best for young people

Single Farmers Dating

This is a popular farming dating app in the UK as well as the US. Its user interface is more focused on the young singles in the countryside. The site makes it easy to sign up and once you join, you can browse and search profiles, chat with people, use the video chat feature, and connect with farmers like yourself, all over the world.

This country dating app has a mobile version which makes getting matched with people even more convenient. The only catch is that while you can register for free, continued use requires you to subscribe to a paid plan. But through this app, you can finally meet real people (without dating apps) as it is used by a larger number of people from rural areas.


  • Free farmers’ dating site: But just initially. You will have to eventually subscribe and pay. But it will be worth it
  • US-based: It is extremely popular among American cowboys
  • Available online: There is no app yet, but it is available on your browser, through which you can swipe and meet people around the world

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free registration. You can become a paid member to use it regularly

2. FarmersOnly One of the best country dating sites for finding other farmers

Farmers Only

It’s one of the most efficient dating sites for cowboys, as such platforms help you meet like-minded people. It’s also considered one of the best farming dating sites for US folks. The tagline of the app goes “City folks just don’t get it” which is a testament to its exclusivity. Only people who are from the country and who truly admire country life will be found on this farmer dating site, making it the perfect place for you to find true love. If you are on a hunt to meet singles that are compatible with you, then this is the site for you.


  • Exclusively for farmer singles: This makes it easy to meet singles and find a long-term relationship
  • An app is available: So you can easily download this farmers dating site to your mobile device
  • Popular with Americans: If you’re from the United States, consider this one your go-to

Available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features

3. Muddy Matches Best for finding love in the UK

Muddy Matches

A reader asked us, “But I’m not from the US. How to find somebody to love through online dating in the UK?” Don’t worry, Jayce, we were never planning to leave the Brits out while curating this list. If you are in the UK waiting to date a farmer, then this farming dating site for the UK population is perfect. It creates a place for farmers and ranchers to find love, and is inclusive in terms of sexual orientation as well. It is one of the most interesting farmers dating sites to exist because of its features.


  • Keeps it engaging: This dating app for farmers offers a lot of blogs, articles, and fun activities to keep users entertained and informed. For example, the ‘townie quiz’ and the ‘country calendar’ highlights all the local activities that cater to small-town people
  • Exclusive circle of members: If you’re worried about the dangers of online dating, then you can rest easy. These farmers-only dating sites may be small, but their user base has a great quality. And with their refined filters, you’ll be able to narrow down your suitors

Available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features

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4. EquestrianSingles.com Best for the equestrians of the world

Equestrian Singles

The country life is full of diverse subcultures. So, while some country folks may wonder “Are there dating websites for farmers?”, others may need an answer to “Is there a dating app for homesteaders?” Now, apart from these two groups, there are also the equestrians. The large-hearted single farmer who is looking for love same as anyone else.

This is one of the few dating apps that can claim to be a proper cowboy dating site. It is exclusive to horse lovers and you are sure to find your horse-loving soulmate here. It connects you with like-minded individuals and helps you find real love among single equestrians. Use this site to meet single farmers right now!


  • Primarily to meet western singles (horse lovers): If you’re somebody who loves horses and would like a partner who can revel in that interest with you, this is the place to be. Maybe your horse can find a soulmate too
  • No-cost dating: Is this farmers dating site free? Yes. There is no paid subscription plan. This is one of the best dating sites farmers use, and it is absolutely free to install. But sadly, it cannot be found on the Apple Store

Available on: Google Play

Paid/Free: Completely free

5. CountryMatch.com One of the best farmers dating sites for country dating

Country Match

This is a great farming dating site for the US country singles. Also, one of the top dating sites for farmers and ranchers. With its interesting interface and assisted searches, finding the love of your life just got so much easier. The only downside is that creating a profile costs money. But finding your soulmate is totally worth it!

This site keeps receiving attractive farmers dating site reviews. Once you are on this dating app, you are bound to have a good experience. So why not give it a shot and try to find real love?


  • Signing up is easy: Write a dating profile that floors your target audience. Plus, you can post lots of photos that will make your profile even more attractive to other country singles
  • Filters enable better matches: The app also lets you browse through member profiles or search for specific members who meet your interests. The site has good filters that will assist your search, which makes it one of the best dating apps for you

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free registration but usage requires payment

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6. Bonfire Convenient and accessible way to find your country match


With a carousel-swiping interface, this is the best dating site for farmers who have jam-packed schedules. Not only farmers, you can date a rancher too. It is easy to use and accessible from everywhere. You get a notification the moment you get likes so you don’t have to sit and stare at the screen of your computer all day. This is also one of the free farmers dating sites which does not require payment for basic use.


  • Lots of ways to connect: This dating app for farmers allows liking, following, and sending that first message in order to connect with people
  • Filters to sift through matches: It also has filters that will help you match with someone who’s actually your type
  • Accessible for all: Not only is it one of the free dating sites for farmers and ranchers, it is also available on both the Apple store as well the Google play store. This makes it one of the easiest farming dating apps to access

Available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features 

7. FarmersDatingSite Best farming dating site for finding love in USA

Farmers Dating Site

Use this dating site to meet farmers whom you actually like and take your relationship to the real world. It will connect you with the right people and give you a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Think of it this way: Love is just a few clicks away for you, and this is the right step toward new people to date. Also, this is one of the top free farmers dating apps, so there is no harm in giving it a try and get going.


  • Easy to register: It lets you sign up with Facebook or Apple, as well as via email
  • Geographic categorization: There is also a geographic categorization that lists out all the rural areas in the US so you can choose among those who are close to you. This reduces the disadvantages of online dating because you’ll be able to meet them whenever you both want

Available on: Google Play

Paid/Free: Completely free!

8. FarmerSingles Best for queer-inclusive dating

Farmer Singles

If you’re wondering “Are there dating websites for farmers who are queer?”, then we hope this app will lay your doubts to rest. It is a sexuality and gender-inclusive site where you get to choose exactly the type of partner you want. Here, you can have a chance to date a farmer who belongs to your community and understands your priorities. So if you’re looking for farmers dating sites that celebrate you, look no further. This is truly the best dating app for LGBTQIA+ people from the farming community.


  • Registration is super easy and quick: This farmers-only dating site lets you connect via Apple and Facebook so that you can sign up in seconds and start looking for great dates. All you need to do is keep in mind some basic netiquette and have fun
  • Quick Match feature: There is a Quick Match feature on the site that lets you see who viewed your profile, so you can choose a special someone who’s interested in you too
  • Better upgrades as you pay: The paid premium membership gives users access to the chat rooms and messaging features for full communication. This country dating app also has a bug fix feature to avoid any inconvenience

Available on: Browser. You can connect via Apple or Facebook

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features

9. eharmony Best for diversity among farmers dating sites


While it’s not exclusively for country dating, eharmony.com is a great place to meet and connect with people who share the same strong moral values as yours. This dating site to meet farmers is unique, because it gives priority to finding people with the same personality traits. So, you can look for those who respect and enjoy the country life just as much as you do. This is one of the ideal dating site for farmers, as well as one of the best cowboy dating sites. You won’t regret giving it a shot!


  • Compatibility matching: eharmony’s advanced algorithms pair you with potential matches based on your values, interests, and lifestyle, just like finding the perfect crop rotation for a bountiful harvest
  • In-depth profile building: You can create a detailed profile that allows you to showcase your farming lifestyle and values. So fellow farmer singles can connect with the real you, whether it’s your love for the land or your favorite tractor brand
  • Guided communication: Break the ice with potential matches through eharmony’s guided communication, making it as easy as chatting over the farm fence to start building a meaningful connection with your special someone

Available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features

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10. EquestrianCupid Best for horse lovers

Equestrian Cupid

Looking to meet other equine singles and cowboy sweethearts? Then hop on to this one right away. This farmer dating site focuses on horse riders and horse lovers alike, and it guarantees that you will find someone who is just as crazy about horses as you are. The best part of this dating app is that it allows you to search for a mate geographically. This feature makes this one of the more convenient dating apps for farmers.


  • Regional search: Get smart insights for better matches in your region with EquestrianCupid’s regional search feature. It ensures you connect with fellow equestrians who share not only your love for horses, but also your geographic proximity
  • Blocking feature: One of the best dating services here is that you can block members who don’t match your interests (or harass you) on EquestrianCupid, giving you the control to create more meaningful connections
  • Private chats: Foster intimate connections by initiating private chats or extending invites. This allows you to engage in personal conversations with like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty of a moonlit ride, or a day spent working in the stables, or the nuances of the rural life

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features

11. WesternMatch One of the best farmers-only dating sites for reliable profiles

Western Match

Is there a dating app for homesteaders, you ask? This site might be the answer. This country dating site has a mobile version which is just as handy as an app. So consider it one of the better dating apps that farmers use to find love. From ranchers to cowboys to farmers and even bull riders, everyone is welcome here.

If you want to date a rancher or a farmer, all you have to do is make your online dating profile and start looking for your soulmate. With this amount of diversity, you are bound to find the one for you.

  • Priority listing: Boost your profile visibility by opting for WesternMatch’s paid Priority Listing, thus increasing your chances of connecting with fellow homesteaders
  • Group-chat feature: Engage with the community through WesternMatch’s group chat feature, allowing you to connect with multiple members in real time

Available on: Browser. The mobile-friendly version is available too

Paid/Free: Free registration for basic use. You can become a paid member to use extra features

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12. Meet A Cowboy Exclusively for cowboys and cowgirls

Meet A Cowboy

While many online dating sites cater to the needs of general country and farmer folk, this site is dedicated specifically to cowboys and cowgirls, making it one of the most reliable cowboy dating sites out there. The cowboy community is a small part of the country’s population and many a time, their online dating needs get lost in the herd.

Thanks to this site, cowgirls and boys, and other people who have genuine respect for the profession, can find someone who they truly admire and even love. We think it’s the best dating app to meet local singles.


  • For cowboys/girls: Among the dating sites that farmers use, this one is known for its exclusive and niche user base
  • No need to pay: This free farmers dating site is not going to put a dent in your pocket as you search for the love of your life

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Completely free!

Key Pointers

  • You can make online dating work for farmers in the digital age. There are many farmers dating sites which one can use to meet new people around the world or in their vicinity
  • Can online dating work for a cowboy/girl? According to the farmers dating site reviews, some of these dating apps are especially popular among cowboys and cowgirls in the US and the UK  
  • Are there dating websites for farmers who are queer? Yes, FarmerSingles is a dating site for farmers that is created for queer-inclusive dating
  • EquestrianCupid is a great dating site for those who are small-town farmers

That brings us to the end of our list of the 12 best dating apps for farmers, which includes dating sites for cowboys and equestrians. All single farmers should give these sites a shot. Once you’re on board, there’s nothing that can stop you from finding “the one.” All the best!

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