Take This Demisexuality Test!

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demisexuality test

Do you often find yourself asking the question, “Am I demisexual?”. For starters, what is demisexual? And why is it so important to put a label on it? Don’t worry, this easy demisexual test is here to solve all your doubts and calm all your worries!

Before exploring the demisexual definition, let’s look at the meanings of other important sexual identities:

  • Asexual: experiences little/no sexual attraction but may engage in sexual activity
  • Sapiosexual: feels attracted to intelligent people (subjective over objective intelligence)
  • Pansexual: can be sexually attracted to anyone, regardless of gender/orientation

Finally, sexual identities are complex and there are way too many layers involved. It is always wise to seek advice from a certified therapist. If your struggling with coming to terms with your sexual orientation, our experts from Bonobology’s panel are always here for you. Don’t shy away from seeking their support.

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