Affair and Cheating

Do online reunion sites encourage infidelity

What motivates a person in a steady settled marriage to go looking online for their old flames? Is it just nostalgia or will it lead to infidelity?
husband messaging ex after wife falls asleep

I’ve been an observer all my life. I’ve come across couples from all walks of life with varied personalities, viewpoints and distinctive oddities.

I’ve lost count of the number of times when a spouse, bored of his/her mundane life, surfs Facebook or MySpace to see if they can find out what their old loves are doing.

It’s as if these individuals were simply minding their own businesses, going about their days, and they suddenly found themselves looking up their old flames.

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  1. I havent heard of this phenomenon but reading about it made me wonder too! And you are right in saying that emotional fidelity is also something to be considered. While just meeting may seem harmless, one is doing it on the sly and that in itself presents the conundrum!

  2. Sometimes it could be due to plain curiosity too..just to know if what’s that ex is up to these days 😀 Interesting read. Keep them coming.

  3. This is unfortunately a very true fact about dating websites and “reunion” ones. It’s honestly just a shame, and I’m of the opinion that, of someone were happy in their relationship, they wouldn’t need to be on those sites. That’s just my own opinion, though.

  4. Thanks for the informative article keep it up because you just passed a meaningful things

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