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Updated On: January 20, 2024
Best Dating Sites for Married People

On the face of it ‘dating sites for married people’ sounds like a misnomer. Why would anyone want to go to a dating site if one is married? After all, isn’t marriage the holy grail of commitment? Isn’t the mere idea of married dating sites or let’s call it cheating sites, an insult to the institution of marriage?

Well, yes and no. The existential realities and challenges of modern lifestyles are that more people who are married and supposedly committed are looking to date. Of course, not many people act on their basic instincts or desires, but the fact is there are plenty of men and women who are married but looking for someone to talk to and have a connection with. Or trying to figure out how to find an affair partner or like-minded individuals with similar interests to fill some kind of a void in their lives.

The result: special dating websites for married people to live out their fantasies and indulge in no-holds-barred affairs. The reasons and justifications for this infidelity could be many — from boredom in their primary relationships to unmet needs, low self-esteem, unsatisfied sex life, and unmet emotional needs. There are also plenty of couples in open marriages who don’t believe in monogamy or the ‘one partner’ rule, and use these apps to find romantic connections.

Whatever the reason and motivation, the fact is that it’s not uncommon for people to seek connections outside their marriages/primary relationships. These online platforms have emerged to fill the gap in the relationship market that everyone knew existed, but never quite acknowledged.

12 Best Dating And Affair Sites For Married People

The plethora of married couples dating sites and apps for married people primarily looking to satisfy dating desires gives a different spin to relationships altogether. These hookup sites for married individuals often offer secretive ways to connect with people who are looking for the same thing — a clandestine connection on the side. The premise is that men and women are essentially non-monogamous creatures and the occasional third person in a twosome isn’t an unpardonable transgression. To each their own, we guess!

Then, there are those trapped in loveless marriages that they, for whatever reason, can’t walk out of. Affair sites, cheating websites, or online dating sites for married people may offer them an avenue to meet like-minded, non-judgmental individuals with whom they can connect intellectually, emotionally, or physically, and fill the void they feel in their primary relationships. Whatever the motivation, here are some most popular dating apps for married people that can offer disgruntled married couples new avenues of pleasure and relationships.

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Gleeden is the first discreet dating site designed by women for married women seeking extramarital connections. This app is the right pick if you want to meet a hot cheating wife on dating app. It is one of the best dating apps for affairs and is totally free for women. It employs a credit-based system for men, centered on evaluation by women users. The platform fosters open-minded views on love, marriage, and relationships, promoting discreet alliances. Security measures are stringent to maintain privacy and your private chat and private photos are handled with safety.

Explore relationship advice and beauty hacks while discreetly finding a like-minded partner in your area or during travels. is the ultimate choice in the category of free affair sites for married women and can be accessed from a mobile device.


  • Free for women: Women enjoy full access to the complete range of features without any charges
  • Credit-based system: Men are evaluated by women through a credit system
  • Open-minded approach: Redefining love and relationships with a broad perspective
  • Strict security: Ensures privacy and security including financial information and personal details

Available on: Browser, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store

Paid/Free: Free registration for women

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a fascinating dating site for married individuals originating from Canada. The name combines two common North American names. Despite facing a data breach, the platform rebranded, changed its tagline, and continued connecting committed individuals. This cheating website is free for women and men can also take advantage of the basic plans, which include setting up an account for free. including a free account.

The full range of features can be accessed for free during the trial period. However, premium members can have a whole different amount of advantages here. Given its emphasis on security and a wide cross-section of users, it’s no wonder that sites like Ashley Madison are fast becoming the go-to choice for people seeking to spice things up in their lives with a little action on the side.


  • Panic button: Instantly exits the site and redirects users to another website, ensuring anonymity and privacy for those concerned about being discovered by their partner
  • Message plus: Enables users to send messages without revealing personal phone numbers, using a unique platform-generated phone number for discreet communication
  • Virtual gifts: Allows users to send virtual gifts like flowers or chocolates, serving as a subtle and engaging way to initiate conversations

Available on: Browser, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store

Paid/Free: Free registration for women

3. Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs

This affair dating site does not hide its intentions. It positions itself as the world’s largest cheating site and keeps it simple for its members. It is essentially a friendship site for married people. Its objective is to help lonely, committed souls find friendship as well as online affairs.

On this married dating site, members can flirt, see photos and videos, and indulge in private messaging. It even offers married dating advice to novices who don’t have a clue how to go about conducting an affair while still in a committed relationship. It also offers instant text messages between strangers, allowing users to build connections within the secure structure of the dating platform. So, if you are married but looking for someone to talk to, this is your best bet.


  • Multiple accounts linking: Integrated into the FriendFinder Network, Heated Affairs allows members from sister sites like TSDates and Sexfinder to link their profiles interchangeably
  • Personality quizzes: Beyond sexual satisfaction, Heated Affairs offers quizzes to help users quickly identify compatible partners based on shared kinks and fantasies
  • Live-action tab for standard accounts: Standard members can access virtual content for free, including live stream by cam models, viewing top broadcasters, participating in adult chat rooms, and using the Instant Messenger feature
  • Community features: With millions of registered members, Heated Affairs functions as a community offering blogs, groups, erotic stories, the Heated Affairs Magazine, contests for basic account owners, and a Sex Academy exclusively for Gold members

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free Standard membership but you need a paid membership for unlimited access

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4. Tinder


We understand. Tinder is the go-to site for bored singles, isn’t it? But the most popular dating app in the world, often referred to as the “hookup app”, is equally popular as one of the hookup sites for married folks too. Tinder does not differentiate between married and unmarried, and it is not uncommon to find many married people on this dating app. This is also another reason behind its huge user base.

Though not everyone, some people openly admit to their relationship status and make their intentions clear — that they are in it for fun. Others cleverly hide their marital identity to attract matches. Tinder is not a particularly discreet dating site since half the world is on it so if it’s a clandestine affair site that you are looking for, this is probably not the best one for you. Either way, the risk is yours to take — who you meet and how you carry on the conversation is entirely up to you. Many sweet love and friendship stories have developed on Tinder too, so even if you’re looking for a friendship site for married folks, it’s worth a try. All kinds of hookups on Tinder are possible.

  • Location-based matching: Tinder’s GPS-based matching helps discreetly connect individuals in proximity for spontaneous meetups
  • Private mode: Users can control who sees their profile, offering an added layer of discretion for those seeking affairs
  • Passport: Ideal for travelers, the Passport feature allows users to connect with potential partners in different locations, making it convenient for extramarital encounters
  • Swipe surge: This feature notifies users when activity is higher than usual, increasing the chances of finding like-minded individuals actively seeking connections

Available on: Browser, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store

Paid/Free: Free with paid upgrade for premium features

5. No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

The objective of this hookup site for married and unmarried people is rather direct and simple — rediscovering the thrill of new romance and passionate sex or even one-night stands. You can find many women seeking married men here. Opening an account is super easy — just enter basic information like a username, what you are seeking, and email ID and you enter a world of no-strings-attached relationships. A perfect dating site for married people indeed!

Additionally, the website’s features are not too complicated and it also guarantees a fair amount of secrecy. Of course, no dating site for married people is completely safe or secure, but for those who are a bit adventurous with their love lives and are willing to take a chance, No Strings Attached might be a good option.

This is one of the dating sites like Ashley Madison in terms of features and ease of use but the former is definitely more popular. The quality of users on this site is not bad and the premium members get more unique features that are not as expensive as some of the other affair dating sites out there.

  • Anonymous blur: Ensures discreet browsing by automatically blurring profile pictures until permission is granted, safeguarding privacy
  • Purity test: Allows users to gauge compatibility based on preferences and desires, streamlining the search for like-minded individuals
  • Traveling man: Facilitates pre-arranged meetups by notifying members when traveling to a new location, optimizing opportunities for extramarital affairs

Available on: Browser and Apple App Store

Paid/Free: Free

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6. Marital Affair

Marital Affair

Extramarital Affair is among the popular married dating sites that originated in the UK. Pegged as a discreet dating site with an online community for married people as well as singles looking to inject passion and excitement into their lives with non-committal relationships, Marital Affair provides a safe online destination to meet others with the same intentions.

One of the premier free dating sites for the married, Marital Affair can be accessed on desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can send and receive messages until you find the right person you wish to engage with for a hot rendezvous. You can simply sign up to view all the potential matches present on the site.


  • Incognito mode: Allows members to browse profiles discreetly without leaving a trace, ensuring privacy
  • Encounters: A feature for spontaneous connections, enabling members to express interest in each other’s profiles, fostering quick and casual affairs
  • Mobile access: Offers a mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go discreet interactions, enhancing accessibility for users seeking extramarital connections
  • Advanced Search Filters: Streamlines partner search by allowing members to specify preferences, ensuring efficient matching with like-minded individuals

Available on: Browser, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store

Paid/Free: Free registration for women

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7. Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan, a European married couples dating site, invites depressed but attached men and women seeking confidential affairs. From a friendly web flirt to a one-night stand to a passionate affair, its members are promised everything so it is hugely popular as a hookup site for married people. What works for Victoria Milan is that, unlike other sites, it is created specifically for people who are committed or married so there is no need to hide or lie about your relationship status. Everyone on the site is looking for the same thing — an affair.

Safety is given a lot of importance and interestingly, Victoria Milan takes pride in not having any fake profiles. The security comes from the fact that profiles are anonymous (though real) and users are encouraged to get acquainted with interesting members before taking it to the next level. So, if it’s a slow-burn but discreet relationship you are looking for, this is one of the few cheating sites that ticks all the boxes.


  • Panic button: Allows quick exit from the site to maintain secrecy in case of unexpected interruptions, ensuring discreet interactions
  • Anonymous blur: Safeguards user identities by automatically blurring profile pictures, enhancing privacy and confidentiality
  • Travel Man: Facilitates connections during travel by notifying members of potential matches in visited locations, providing opportunities for discreet affairs
  • Password-protected app: Adds an extra layer of security by requiring a password for app access, ensuring only authorized users can engage in extramarital interactions

Available on: Browser, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store

Paid/Free: Free to join, with paid upgrades for premium features

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8. Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters

Another European cheating website for those who are married but looking for fun. As the name suggests, it’s a proper dating site for married people and it’s been featured in The Times, BBC, Guardian, and The Sun. All those who log in and create an account here have one thing in common – they are looking to spice up their romantic lives outside of their current relationship.

The world may term it ‘illicit’ but an encounter through the site could be anything — from a coffee date to a chat to a full-blown affair. It is merely the medium that offers a non-judgmental space for members to conduct affairs of the heart. Safety features include password protection on photographs, two-factor authentication, and protection of personal data and contact information to protect identities. With over a million members in the UK alone, you can rest assured that no one feels lonely out there when you sign up for some discreet affair.


  • Profile masking: Enables discreet browsing by allowing members to partially conceal their profile photos, ensuring confidentiality
  • Panic button: Provides a quick exit from the site, redirecting to a neutral website to maintain secrecy and privacy during unexpected situations
  • Instant messaging plus: Allows communication without revealing personal contact details, offering a secure and private way to connect with potential extramarital partners
  • Advanced search filters: Streamlines partner search based on specific criteria, facilitating efficient matching for individuals seeking discreet affairs

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free to join, with paid upgrades for premium features

9. Seeking 

Seeking, formerly known as Seeking Arrangement, is celebrated as the top platform for affluent men to connect with beautiful women. With a professional approach and a remarkable female-to-male ratio, this site ensures successful mingling and connections for all types of affairs.

Operating in over 239 countries, Seeking boasts 20 million+ registered users, offering the chance to meet new people from around the world. Its rigorous ID and income verification processes keep scammers at bay, ensuring a platform dedicated to serious individuals seeking mature love and flings. Navigate through a million profiles effortlessly with Seeking’s sleek search and filter tool, allowing users to shortlist profiles that align with their tastes and interests.


  • Hide online status: Maintain privacy by choosing to hide your online status
  • Hide your login country: Enhance privacy by hiding your login country information
  • Save personal search filters: Streamline your experience by saving personalized search filters for quick and efficient matching
  • Sugar dating blog: Stay informed and engaged with the latest insights and trends in sugar dating through Seeking’s dedicated Sugar Dating Blog

Available on: Browser and Google Play Store

Paid/Free: Free to join, with paid upgrades for premium features

10. What’s Your Price

WhatsYourPrice is a brilliant platform catering to married individuals seeking dating services without breaking the bank. With a creative bidding system, this site boasts over 4 million members actively exploring discreet and consensual affairs. Offers privacy by allowing users to conceal their marital status. It also enables easy communication between members to facilitate connections and allows them to create a favorites bar for quick access to preferred profiles, enhancing user experience. It does make finding a cheating partner really easy.


  • Creative bidding system: Utilizes a unique bidding system where women outline dream dates and prospective partners bid based on the desired level of extravagance
  • Background verification: With deep background checks on all 4 million+ profiles, the platform ensures a community of genuine romance-seekers, filtering out time-wasters
  • Credit refund for no-show dates: Protects users by allowing credit refunds if a date fails to show up as agreed, ensuring a fair experience

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free

11. Reddit/r/Affairs

Reddit’s r/Affairs page stands out as one of the hottest free dating sites for married people, boasting a vibrant community of thousands of active users passionate about anonymous affairs. Joining is free, subject to adherence to community guidelines, and offers a range of features for those seeking forbidden connections.

It is gaining popularity as it facilitates discreet communication between members for confidential interactions. It also ensures a cleaner community by allowing users to block and report spammers, maintaining a genuine user experience. An online affair with the right person can result in a steamy one in real life.


  • 100% free membership: Join the forum for free, following community guidelines, and enjoy messaging, media sharing, and discussions without any cost
  • Anonymous affairs focus: The community is dedicated to anonymous affairs, providing a platform for married individuals to connect outside traditional relationships
  • Search posts for connections: Members often post search criteria including age, sex, location, and interests, offering a chance to connect with like-minded individuals nearby

Available on: Browser, Google Play Store, and Apple Play Store

Paid/Free: Free

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12. Hush Affair

In a short span, Hush Affair has carved a niche as a sanctuary for discreet affairs, providing a haven where married individuals can explore the benefits of extramarital affair avenues with confidence. The platform prioritizes user privacy and anonymity, employing effective security measures to ensure a discreet online environment. Despite its relatively short existence, Hush has gained a reputation for offering a secure space where members can engage in confidential connections without the fear of prying eyes.


  • Enhanced security: Hush goes beyond the basics, preventing non-registered users from accessing profiles, requiring them to sign up before viewing others’ profiles, and providing users with the ability to spot anyone attempting to snoop
  • SSL connection: The site’s secure SSL connection adds an extra layer of assurance, safeguarding user information and maintaining privacy, even in the presence of fake accounts
  • Geolocation matching: Leveraging geolocation technology, Hush facilitates matches based on proximity, allowing users to connect with individuals nearby for convenient and discreet meetups
  • Live chat: Enhancing the user experience, Hush features a live chat option, enabling real-time communication and making interactions more dynamic for those pursuing extramarital connections

Available on: Browser

Paid/Free: Free to join, with paid upgrades for premium features

Dating sites for married people, as a concept, is always a polarizing idea, but the fact is that a considerable percentage of users on traditional dating sites and apps are married or committed, and prefer to hide their real relationship status. Cheating sites and affair sites claim to do away with the hypocrisy and provide consenting adults a judgment-free platform to meet and connect with others who think like them and are on the same page. While each has its pros and cons, what matters most is safety and consent – know what you are signing up for before you sign into one! We hope this article proves to help end your dilemma on how to find an affair partner.


1. Is there a Tinder for the married?

There is no Tinder for married people though there are a lot of people on Tinder who are married but looking and do not hide it in their bio either. Tinder does not prohibit married people from starting an account. 

2. Which free dating site is best for serious relationships?, Victoria Milan, and Ashely Madison are popular the world over as free dating sites for married people. However, for serious relationships – be it among married or unmarried people – Bumble is hugely popular. 

3. What websites do cheaters use?, Victoria Milan, Ashley Madison, Illicit Encounters, and Heated Affairs are some of the more common cheating websites used by adulterers who want to connect with like-minded people. 

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