Does My Husband Respect Me Quiz 

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does my husband respect me
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An exasperated rolling of the eyes, making insensitive jokes or remarks, using cutting sarcasm to pull a partner down, taunts, lack of support, and patronizing behavior can all amount to signs of lack of respect in a relationship.

When respect is lost in a relationship, communication problems automatically begin to take hold. In such a scenario, when one person says something, the other doesn’t listen. Or any and every difference of opinion leads to raging arguments where the sole objective is one-upmanship and pulling each other down.

Are you wondering how to notice the signs of lack of respect in a relationship? Take this short quiz, consisting of just 7 questions. As it’s been famously said, “A real man will respect you even when he’s mad at you. Remember that.”

Finally, once you see the signs of lack of respect in a relationship, it can be hard to ignore them or take them in your stride. And neither should you. Respect is one of the most basic expectations in a relationship that should be met at all costs. If your partner fails to bring even this bare minimum to the table, it’s time to ask yourself if being in such a relationship is even worth your while.

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