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Updated On: September 9, 2022
elite singles reviews
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Stumbled upon elitesingles.com in your search for better online dating avenues but not sure if it’s worth your while? Don’t worry. We bring you detailed EliteSingles reviews, covering everything from EliteSingles cost to special features, user experience and more to help you decide whether or not to sign up on this dating platform. If you are looking for a serious relationship, then there are two well-known dating options to choose from: one is eHarmony and the other is elitesingles.com. 

One of the most important aspects that stands out in most Elite Singles reviews is that this dating app caters to highly educated people who are looking for a serious relationship with like-minded people. You can’t sign up on this elite dating site and expect to have casual dating encounters. This is a mature dating pool for educated and well-earning individuals. If educational qualifications and income are important criteria for you to zero in on a potential partner, then the EliteSingles dating app is perfect for you. 

What Is EliteSingles?

Started by co-founders David Khalil and Lukas Brosseder, EliteSingles (also written as Elite Singles) is exclusively designed for the residents of the USA who want educated and sophisticated partners for long-term relationships. Launched in 2013, elitesingles.com claims its app has helped thousands of singles find the love of their life every month. If you are looking for Elite Singles reviews and wondering if it is a legit dating website, then allow me to answer your question. Yes, it is an actual dating app with elite customer service.

Before you signup on the app, learn a few basics on online flirting and you will be good to go. Don’t go by its name and think that it is for rich snobby people who only want to date other rich snobby people. EliteSingles is one of the leading global dating sites. This site has users who have dedicated their time and energy to achieving a good life and are now seeking a partner who shares their ambition and drive in life. So let’s dive deep into EliteSingles reviews to help you decide if you should sign up on the dating website or not.

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How To Signup On EliteSingles

The first step in your journey to seeking love through a dating app is to sign up for it. The signup process can be a make-or-break factor in determining whether an app works for you or not. For instance, an exhaustive signup process may be a deal-breaker for some. Others may be wary of sharing too much personal information. If you are looking for EliteSingles reviews regarding their signup process, then you need to know that it is quite similar to that of eHarmony. Here are the steps involved: 

1. Signup for free

Before signing up, learn a few ways on how to make an online dating profile which will be effective for you. To sign up, you need to create a profile and upload your picture. The signup process on elitesingles.com takes less than five minutes. You will need to provide a valid email ID and verify that you are above 18, besides your location, education details, qualification and your area of interest. 

2. Take the personality quiz and questionnaire

EliteSingles also offers a questionnaire upon signing up. It starts from basic questions such as your name, sex, the gender you are interested in and your place of birth. Thereafter, the questions gradually move  to more serious ones. The website also asks questions that might make you slightly uncomfortable like what race would you be interested in dating and how much looks and attractiveness matter to you.

Once you fill out their questionnaire, you are all set to explore the website. They  encourage you to fill out the form and take the personality quiz as your matches will be based on the information you provide about yourself. 

Describe what kind of a person you are and what you are looking for in your significant other. Let your personality speak for itself. When other people on the website come across your profile, they will see your summary and  decide if you are compatible with them or not.

3. Upload profile picture

You can have a profile with or without a profile picture. There is no compulsion to add a profile picture but you might receive more attention if you do. Along with that, you can add as many pictures as you want to in your gallery. But when it comes to uploading your profile picture, you have to follow certain rules. Your profile picture must meet certain guidelines, which are mentioned on the site. 

4. Find your match

Surely the quiz and questionnaire require a lot of patience, but they also contribute to the accuracy and quality of matches you find on the EliteSingles dating app. It allows you to specify exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a partner, covering a spectrum of criteria, from height to age to location, education and income. 

If you want to date someone who wants to have kids in the future, then you will find that quality listed on the profile as well. All you have to do is be honest about yourself and your dating preferences. Your honesty will help you find the perfect match you’ve been looking for. 

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Pros And Cons Of EliteSingles

This is one of the best dating websites for introverts and extroverts alike. While there is no contesting the fact that EliteSingles is one of the best dating sites out there, it comes with its share of shortcomings, or at the very least, areas where there is marked scope for improvement. In the interest of presenting you with one of the most unbiased EliteSingles reviews, here is a look at the pros and cons of this dating platform: 

New singles join every month Limited free trial
Matches people with similar interestsNo way to verify if the user’s listed qualifications are genuine
Questionnaire is realisticThe term ‘elite’ seems pretentious
Suspicious accounts are immediately banned Elite customer service is unresponsive at times
You can get verified by updating all the steps for setting up your accountMany users don’t put up a profile picture
Most users are university graduatesNo free profile searches
Great privacy, filtering and verification optionsIt’s of no use if you want casual hookups or one-night-stands

EliteSingles Features

The site’s educated singles reviews are a mixed bag. With over 13 million users currently registered on the site, elitesingles.com claims they have 165,000 new members joining their dating site each month. You can access the basic version of the dating app for free and answer questions about yourself and your matches.

You can also upload photos with the free membership. This is one of the reasons for such glowing EliteSingles reviews, as the other dating websites don’t allow you to post pictures without a subscription. You can send photo requests to potential matches and see who has visited your profile. But you can’t send instant messages without subscribing to their plans. Here is a detailed look at their features and functionalities: 

1. Match recommendation

Your answers to the personality quiz will be assessed and based on that, the site will provide you with matches every day. Based on your preference, location and the lengthy questionnaire which you filled out during the signup process,  the site will give you  a list of the most compatible matches. 

2. Advanced search option

If you have certain criteria in mind for a potential partner or romantic interest, you can use it to filter out those who fall short of your requirements. Some of the filters include physical appearance, age, desire to have children in the future, educational qualifications and income bracket, and even lifestyle habits like drinking or smoking. 

3. ‘Have You Met’ feature

Kind of like the Barney Stinson feature of this website. This feature churns out profiles that you may have missed while casually browsing for matches. This feature has contributed to a lot of good EliteSingles reviews. These are not necessarily the matches that will fall under your preferred list,  but those you could be potentially compatible with. 

4. Wildcard matches

This option is limited to only 20 matches per day. It’s the EliteSingles.com version of hot or not, or  swiping right or left. Until you don’t subscribe to their plan, the profile picture of your matches will be blurred. You can see their name, age, location and education but not their photos. The matching traits between you and your wildcard match will be highlighted in purple.

If you like them based on their information, then you can swipe right and send them a message. Swipe left to ignore the match. These are all paid options. 

5. Favorites

If you like a profile at first sight, then you can add them to your favorites list by tapping on the star icon. If you change your mind about a match, you can unstar the profile by tapping on the star again.

6. Dating coach

Along with the above-mentioned features, EliteSingles is worth it for their licensed social worker and love coach, Hilary Silver. They also arrange dating events. 

7. Elite customer service

EliteSingles customer service has mixed reviews. There have been EliteSingles complaints about poor customer service, on the other hand, some users have praised it for quick and intelligent responses. They also offer a lengthy FAQ section that answers all your doubts.

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Interactions On EliteSingles

You are allowed roughly 7 to 10 matches per day with an added option of browsing through 20 profiles using the Wildcard option. If you like a profile and show interest in it, the site will prompt you to send them a message. You can send them a smile if you want to talk to them or like any section of their profile. You can even start virtual dating before actually meeting your match in person.


If you are asking, “Is Elite Singles a free app?”, then the answer is yes and no. The dating platform has a free version where you can create your profile and take the personality quiz. One of the reasons their reviews get good comments is the fact that you can match with others even without paying anything. However, you will need to sign up for a premium membership to avail of the full spectrum of their features. 

If you are new to the whole online dating scene, you might want to take baby steps and use the free version until you’re sure that it aligns with your dating goals. The only drawback here is that you won’t be able to see anybody’s gallery or send anyone messages. If you want all the perks of this website, then check out EliteSingles’ cost and decide for yourself if EliteSingles is worth it. The pricing, as of April 2022, is: 

1 Month Membership$54.95
3 Month Membership$37.95 per month
6 Month Membership$27.95 per month

Premium members will be able to access all the features that the site has to offer, such as:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • View everyone’s photos
  • See who visits your profile
  • You can turn on read receipts for your message
  • Confirmation of messages received
  • Access to the mobile app
  • More detailed personality profile
  • Access to Wildcard matches

Price Comparison

One of the pluses here is that EliteSingles costs fall in the mid-level pricing range. It’s neither too expensive nor too cheap. Here’s a comparison of their premium plans vis-a-vis other leading dating sites:

Dating AppPricePrice
Elite Singles$27.95 (6 months)$37.95 (3 months)
Match$15.99 (12 months)$17.99 (6 months)
eHarmony $45.90 (12 months)$65.90 (6 months)
Single Parent Meet$5.94 (6 months)$8.49 (3 months)
Christian Single$24.99 (6 months)$34.99 (3 months)

Good Quality Matches And Success Rates Of Elite Singles

Like its competitor eHarmony, elitesingles.com is for those who are looking for serious relationships and those who are looking to get married and settle down. This is one of the best dating websites for educated singles. Their reviews all in all are a big hit. As long as you aren’t looking for Bumble or Tinder-style hookups and matches here, this dating platform ought to work out well for you. Even if someboyd ghosts you on dating websites, learn how to respond to ghosting in the right way.

Along with a large membership base, this dating site has a success rate of 80%, which means 8 out of 10 people find a match on the site. They have a high customer satisfaction rate as well. More than 95% of the users have said that they would recommend this to a friend. Elite customer service is active 24×7 and always provides quick responses to users’ queries. Their easy-to-use interface is also one of the key reasons behind the positive EliteSingles reviews from their users. 

If you are still wondering, “Is EliteSingles worth it?”, then read what a Reddit user has to say, “I tried it about 4 years ago and met my ex, who is a wonderful man. Having said that, I think it was by coincidence, as I tried it again a year ago and did not find anyone of interest, and did not find that it only caters to the professional crowd.” 

In one of the rare negative reviews about Elite Singles, a Reddit user complained, “I tried it for 3 months and you’re not missing out. I feel that all the dating apps are the same and you’ll see the same people because they subscribe to all the free ones and paid ones. It’s just my experience.” 

One of the reviews found on Trustpilot states, “I’ve been a member of Elite Singles for three months and I can certainly confirm that it is NOT a scam. It is a legit dating site, which is worth checking out for sure. Just that, in my opinion, the members are way too square. That is why I decided to quit my membership here. But anyway, it is a legit site. No doubt about it.”

Our Verdict On EliteSingles

If you aren’t sure about the whole online dating routine and are just testing the waters, then there is no harm in signing up for a free trial and deciding for yourself if this dating platform works for you. Don’t let the Elite dating reviews, both good or bad, sway you. Take advantage of the benefits a free trial provides. And once you’re ready to up your game in finding a potential partner for the long haul, opt for a premium membership plan. If you’re looking for a committed relationship with someone well-educated and professionally successful, this is the app for you.

It is a secure website, which won’t leak your private information. They also have a mechanism in place for filtering harmful and offensive messages, so you don’t have to worry about receiving hateful or inappropriate messages. Their personality quiz is based on the Big Five Model of Personality psychology. You are sure to match with people who have a mindset like you. Overall,  EliteSingles reviews suggest that the platform offers promising matchmaking abilities. 

One of the main reasons why EliteSingles reviews are good is that it keeps eliminating inactive members. Users who are not serious are removed from the website. It’s a quality site that aims at helping its users an opportunity to meet people who want a long-term commitment. If you are still asking is Elite Singles worth it, then sign up for their free trial and find out for yourself. 


1. Are there fake profiles on EliteSingles?

All the users on this dating app are very much real. There are no fake users on EliteSingles.com. No catfishing either. 

2. What kind of people use EliteSingles?

Highly educated men and women who are sure about what they want. Those are the kinds of people who use EliteSingles.com. People who wish to be with someone who shares  their personality traits and lifestyle are the ones who use the Elite dating site.

3. What age group is EliteSingles for?

According to Mashable reports, more than 90% of the users on elitesingles.com are over 30 years of age. The App Store description describes the site for those who are between 30 to 55 years.

4. Why can’t I see pictures on EliteSingles?

Only people with paid subscriptions are allowed to see profile pictures and photos from the user’s gallery. If you can’t see the picture you’ve uploaded, then your photo hasn’t been approved yet. Maybe the image you uploaded did not meet the site’s quality criteria. 

5. What does the heart mean on EliteSingles?

The heart and arrow symbol indicates your matching score with another EliteSingles user. Below the heart symbol, a percentage score will be shown as to how much the two of you have in common based on the personality test you took.

6. Does EliteSingles have an app?

Yes, they have a website as well as a dating app for smartphones. You can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

7. Which is better: EliteSingles or Match?

Based on their pricing, Match is cheaper. But if you are looking for serious people who are focused and driven in their life, then EliteSingles will be a better fit. 

8. Which is better: EliteSingles or eHarmony?

They are both for people who are trying to find a committed relationship. But eHarmony is more expensive. Both eHarmony and Elite Singles reviews are good. They both use a similar approach to find matches for you. You can try both or pick one based on which better aligns with your dating goals. 

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