Everyday Yin And Yang Examples In Relationships

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Updated On: May 25, 2023
Yin and Yang examples

Everything exists in pairs of opposites – light and dark, heat and cold, positive and negative, male and female – everything is Yin and Yang. These two cosmic energies govern everything in our universe, including relationships. Striking the balance between contrary forces is the key to a successful relationship. The question is, how can one do so? Taking a look at everyday Yin and Yang examples might definitely help.

Once you learn the art of identifying Yin and Yang characteristics in your relationship, you will develop a more balanced approach toward love. Moreover, this theory will foster a better understanding of your partner and their tendencies. Pay close attention to what’s coming next, for I’m starting with the basics. Step by step, I’ll make a wiser person out of you yet (*winks*).

What Is The True Meaning Of Yin And Yang?

Yin and Yang are two contradictory forces/energies that come together to make a whole. They counterbalance and complement each other despite their contrast. The Yin-Yang theory has its roots in ancient China as far back as the 4th century BCE. With time, it has evolved and seeped into a lot of different fields like astronomy, medicine, divination, etc.

To put it quite simply, Yin and Yang mean ‘opposites attract’. Opposites not only complement each other, but also complete each other thus making them stronger together. They can’t be neatly divided into distinct categories because they carry a little bit of the other within – there’s some Yin in the Yang and vice versa. These energies are the core principles that guide the cosmos so you can find plenty of Yin and Yang examples in nature. We’ll come to those in a bit after addressing a very important question. What do Yin and Yang mean individually? And what are examples of the principles of Yin and Yang in real life?

1. The meaning of Yin

Yin represents the feminine principle. It is associated with the dark, the cold, and with stillness, inward energy, negativity, and water. It is the passive energy that sustains the world. A Yin energy encourages acceptance and resilience in life. However, an excess of it can lead to laziness and pessimism.

2. The meaning of Yang

Yang stands for the masculine principle. It is linked to light, activity, outward energy, positivity, heat, and fire. Since Yang represents action, it promotes ambition and passion in the pursuit of activities. An excessive Yang energy can lead to bitter disappointment through false optimism.

I hope you’ve understood these rudimentary concepts of the Yin-Yang theory. You’re probably wondering, ‘Am I Yin or Yang?’ Each individual carries both energies within them; one can be predominant over the other but an excessive imbalance leads to chaos. This is why people strive for equilibrium within. The exact reasoning is applicable to relationships. One partner can have a dominant Yin energy while the other is a Yang – they flourish together when they achieve a healthy balance between the two.

Yin and Yang characteristics
Yin and Yang characteristics are important to know

Yin and Yang Symbols

You’re familiar with the simplistic Yin and Yang symbol, right? It’s a circle comprised of two halves – black and white. Both halves contain a little dot of the opposite color and are separated by a curved line. The symbol represents the duality that governs our world. Both energies cannot be separated into distinct parts. They are interconnected eternally.

Besides the renowned black and white symbol, there are many other symbols, many other Yin and Yang examples of everyday life. Let’s take a look at what these energies stand for!

The symbols you must know – Examples of Yin and Yang in nature

  • Colors: Yin is represented by black because it is associated with darkness, while Yang is represented by white because it is linked to optimism and light
  • Nature:  Yin stands for the night, winters, moon, and dormancy in growth. On the other hand, Yang pervades the day, heat, sun, and active growth
  • Emotions: Many negative emotions are said to be governed by the Yin – sadness, grief, misery, etc. And the positive emotions like enthusiasm and joy find their place with Yang
  • Food: A few examples of Yin foods are bananas, lettuce, watermelon, yogurt, etc. And Yang foods are alcohol, garlic, onions, chicken, etc.

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Isn’t this fascinating? The examples of yin and yang foods are perhaps the most interesting. Because people are advised to follow a diet that’s in accordance with their energies. FYI: There are also foods that are balanced (like rice or dates). It’s easy to lead a healthy life in accordance with the Yin-Yang ideals.

Moving on, we’re now going to look at the Yin and Yang examples in relationships. Once you get a fair idea of why couples disagree, you’ll be able to navigate the rough patches in your connection better. The tug-of-war will cease when you learn how to balance the energies.

Everyday Yin And Yang Examples In Relationships 

As stated before, opposites attract. The most successful couples aren’t carbon copies of each other; they’re strong, self-sufficient individuals who come together to achieve the balance. But why is this important, you ask? Because Yin and Yang operate on three levels in a relationship.

Firstly, a person has to balance their energies – an excess of Yin or Yang hampers healthy functioning. Am I Yin or Yang, you ask? You’re both. People carry both energies within them. One is dominant over the other at different points in life.

Secondly, the partners have to check their compatibility. It’s not always true that a girl with Yin energy and a boy with a Yang energy will be a good fit. Their energetic suitability is of supreme importance.

And thirdly, the relationship as a whole should function neutrally – if only Yang dominates the couple, aggression and arguments will enter the picture. But if Yin reigns instead, the couple becomes complacent in the relationship very soon. An extreme of either will lead the relationship to toxicity.

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Passivity vs Involvement – Yin and Yang characteristics

Yin teaches us to be less reactive while Yang endorses enthusiastic activity. A key necessity of a relationship is involvement in the other’s life. If you don’t know what’s going on in your partner’s life, emotional distance is bound to creep in. But there’s a thin line between being involved and breaching relationship boundaries… How to master the middle path?

The way to do it is by checking in at regular intervals. Asking simple questions like, “How was your day?”, or “Did you have lunch?”, can open the room for discussion. Healthy communication can help you respect your partner’s space while gently reminding them you’re there for them. Yin says, ‘let them be’ and Yang says, ‘don’t leave their side.’ But the balanced route says, ‘support your partner and reach out with a helping hand; let them make the decision then.’

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What are examples of the principles of Yin and Yang in real life? Indolence vs Ambition

On one hand, you’ve got a partner who’s very driven and ambitious and on the other, you’ve got one who’s more than happy with things as they are. Their contrasting tendencies can be a recipe for disaster if not managed well. Because the former is Yang, and the latter is Yin. Ambition for a better life or individual progress is an excellent trait as long as it does not compromise the other spheres of your life. And satisfaction with the way things are, is quite peaceful as long as it does not hold you back from greater things.

In such a situation, the ambitious individual has to prioritize the relationship and make adjustments in their career sphere. And the indolent person has to make amends with their ambitious partner and be supportive. What’s the word I’m looking for? Compromise. Compromise between these Yin and Yang characteristics. This is also the difference between selfless and selfish love.

The next time you’re conflicted between having drinks with your boss and dinner with your wife, choose the latter… Or, if your partner can’t make it back home for the party because of work, don’t hold it against them.

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Bottling it up vs Saying the worst – Ultimate Yin and Yang examples

Yin tells you to keep things to yourself – a fight never helped anyone. All those little misgivings, all your concerns; you never voice them because…what’s the point? Meanwhile, the temptation of giving in to anger is intense for your partner who is being governed by Yang. They want to say exactly what’s on their mind – and it isn’t pretty.

What’s the right way? Suppression or outbursts? Neither. You and your partner need a few communication exercises. Tame your Yin and speak your mind in an assertive and cool manner. Work on your partner’s Yang through anger management. While voicing your concerns is important, being harsh is not. Attain equilibrium through focused efforts and patience to avoid any ugly fights in the relationship.

Did these Yin and Yang examples help you out? I hope what we said here resonated with you – how each tendency is dangerous in excess. Identify your problem areas and bring your partner into the loop. Teamwork makes the dream work! Before we bid adieu, let’s take up one last question for the day and debunk a common myth.

Is Yin Bad And Yang Good?

No, that is decidedly not the case. Eastern philosophies are more layered and complex than how we understand them in the West. Yin might be associated with darkness or negativity but they too serve their purpose. Without darkness, there’d be no appreciation for the light. Both forces are vital to each other’s existence. And both are capable of equal destruction at their peak.

The Yin and Yang characteristics don’t seem so complex now, do they? I was glad to be of service. Be sure to put your newfound knowledge of Yin and Yang examples into practice by striking the balance in your relationship. Keeping the seesaw mid-air is the recipe for a healthy relationship.

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