8 Ways to Fix a Broken Relationship with Your Boyfriend

fix a broken relationship

At the onset of your relationship, you may never even worry about having a broken relationship. You may never imagine that one day you will need to know how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend because you never envision something like that. But in reality, no relationship in life is free from difficulties and even the best couple, who seems perfect to others, might be going through internal conflicts and arguments.

This is the reality because in the beginning when you form a relationship with your boyfriend, you both are enveloped in feelings of love and enchantment. This, in turn, makes you forgive and overlook the aspects which you dislike about your boyfriend. But as time goes by and the level of passion in your relationship starts depreciating, you both might get caught up in useless fights and misunderstandings. And this is what gives birth to a broken relationship with your loved one and it is up to you as to how you can fix a broken relationship.

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How do you rekindle a broken relationship?

Your relationship with your boyfriend gets injured when any of the following things happen:

  1. When your boyfriend is unable to live up to your expectations
  2. He indulges in infidelity or does not show genuine concern to you
  3. You both are unable to adjust with each other after the bubble of initial love and passion burst
  4. You both keep arguing over silly things and small conflicts erupt into major fights

This means that in totality you both fail to understand each other anymore and are unable to see eye-to-eye. However, one needs to know that a broken relationship does not necessarily mean that your relationship is over until you both are convinced regarding its end and are unwilling to make it work.

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You can try to talk it out with your boyfriend and comprehend the path your relationship should take to heal. A little break from each other might also help. On the other hand, you can trust the process and believe that everything will be fine soon. Discover patterns and behaviors which disrupt your relationship. For instance what is it that is triggering the anger inside you and once you know, you can work on a way to resolve that anger.

Be responsible and responsive to emotions and avoid spewing illogical facts all over while trying to heal your broken relationship.

It is advised not to dwell in the past as it can make things worse and all your efforts to mend the broken relationship might go down the drain.

As the last resort, you can visit a therapist to get a third person perspective about your relationship and sort things out with your boyfriend with the therapist’s help.

8 ways to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend

There is always hope for rekindling the love and passion in a broken relationship if both partners are ready to take the plunge. Without the willingness to decode the origins of the distress and pain in the relationship, fixing a broken relationship can become a daunting task. Therefore, this article sets out the following 8 ways to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend in the hope that all is not yet lost.

1. Take a trip down memory lane

Before you make any efforts to move forward, you both need to step back and see how things were dealt with in the initial stages of the relationship. Were there conflicts in the initial period? If yes, then how did you both handle them? What is it that you are doing wrong this time? All this will allow you to learn from your past and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

2. Relive past beautiful memories

A broken relationship is able to survive when two partners are unable to reconnect with each other. So the most effective solution to mend your relationship with your boyfriend would be reliving the past memories. Without worrying about anything, you can plan an outing with your boyfriend in order to remember the feelings you had for him and why you fell for him in the first place.

revisit old memories

Revisit your past memoriesImage source

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3. Open your heart to each other

For any broken relationship to heal, it is important that the couple have a heart-to-heart conversation with each other. Try to talk freely and honestly to your boyfriend and let him know how you feel when he does something which upsets you. Instead of just demeaning him with harsh words, you must communicate with him so as to give him a chance to understand and improve himself.

Talk heart to heart

Talk heart to heartImage source

4. Always try to gain the perspective of your partner

In the midst of mixed feelings, you might not be able to think straight and spurt out whatever you want to in the heat of the moment. So what you need to do is keep calm and try to gain the perspective of your boyfriend as well regarding the situation at hand. Attentively listen what he has to say and show empathy because it might reveal many things which might have gone unnoticed earlier.

5. Spend some time alone, if need be

Going back to your cocoon and spending some time alone can help clear your thoughts. Go on a solo trip, pursue some new hobbies, and spend time with your friends (who are not mutual friends of your boyfriend and you) and so on. Even encourage your boyfriend to spend some alone time. Some time away from each other, will help both of you acknowledge the time you both spend with each other. It will make you feel happier and once you are happy, your relationship with your boyfriend will also heal eventually.

Spend some time alone

Take some time off Image source

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6. Try to rekindle the sexual flames

Not being intimate with one another can surely make the relationship between your boyfriend and you futile. Therefore, you should try to re-instill the sexual flames back in your relationship by dressing up for your boyfriend or flirting with him. Reopening the closed door of physical connection can help you both reconnect on the mental level as well.

7. Make it clear that you want to fix things

It can become impossible to fix a broken relationship, if you both keep thinking that the other partner does not want to mend things. So first of all you need to make your stand clear and let him know that you want your relationship to work and are ready to make compromises as and when required. Seeing you make the effort will also give him the nudge to do the same and things might turn out to be good for the two of you in the end.

Make him understand you are serious

Fix a broken relationship Image source

8. Approach a relationship expert

Sometimes your relationship with your boyfriend might not improve despite efforts from both sides. Therefore, you can approach a relationship expert or therapist who can advise you and help your relationship come back on the right track. As a person outside the relationship, the therapist’s neutral perspective will allow you to view your relationship in a new light. You can also try therapy at home.

Hopefully, the above mentioned eight ways allow you to give your relationship a chance and help you to solve your relationship problems in a different way. So follow all or any of these to fix your broken relationship with your boyfriend using all the positivity and goodness you have in you. Let hate go down the drain and let love prevail!

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