11 Powerful Intense Attraction Signs

Intense attraction signs

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I mean, how can you fall in love with someone without knowing them first? I think most people mistake strong attraction for love in such cases. That is not to say the intense attraction signs cannot grow into love over time. Although not the same thing as love, attraction is often the first sign of falling in love.

And that is something I can understand completely. God knows I have had quite a few ‘attraction at first sight’ moments myself. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most intense attraction signs that often precede a great love story. Keep an eye out for the signs you might have noticed in yourself lately. Who knows, you could already be inside a great love story 😉

What Causes Intense Attraction?

Not to rain on your romance parade or anything, but attraction is a chemical reaction created by the brain. The first time we meet a person, our brain analyses them on a conscious and subconscious level. It scans their physique, visage, body language, smell, and many other features. Our attraction, or lack of it, toward the person depends on how the scan interacts with our psyche.

There is a generic kind of attraction. You know, ‘Rihanna is hot!’ or ‘George Clooney is SO handsome!’ kind of attraction. But that’s mostly superficial and not the focus of this article. We are talking about a much more intense variety. The type that sets butterflies in your stomach and has you believing in miracles.

A strong attraction like this originates deep in our subconscious. Consequently, it’s something we don’t understand in its entirety. But based on years of study and research, we can assume that intense chemistry signs between two individuals are triggered by factors like parental influences, unresolved emotional issues, formative experiences, etc.

Hmmm… sounds a bit technical, doesn’t it? Well, let’s simplify it by decoding some of the top intense attraction signs and understanding how and why they take hold in the first place.

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Decoding Intense Attraction Signs

We know that the feeling of intense attraction for another person may have complex, subconscious origins. Unless you want to spend half your love life in a therapist’s clinic, we need another way of identifying the intense mutual chemistry that you might be experiencing.

Your behavior plays a big role in determining the feeling of intense attraction for another person. If there is someone special in your life, you would exhibit signs of deep attraction around them. Decoding these signs of emotional chemistry can help you realize if you have developed a strong attraction toward a friend, a coworker, an acquaintance, or that hottie you matched with on a dating app.

And if you detect signs of intense mutual attraction from that person, well then, we might be looking at the beginning of something beautiful. Now that is an interesting way to find out if you are secretly in love, isn’t it? So, let’s take a look at 11 intense attraction signs you, or someone in your life, might be displaying.

1. Constant eye contact is one of the many intense chemistry signs

Constant eye contact is a chemistry sign
Mutual attraction signs

Making eye contact is a sign of attention and interest. But when your eyes meet those of someone special, the feeling is something else. If you find yourself making eye contact with a friend every other second you are with them, it’s one of the signs of deep attraction. And when the other person is initiating eye contact as frequently, there is definitely intense mutual attraction.

2. Craving proximity means you feel a strong attraction

You just want to be near them, all the time. You keep finding reasons to visit them and be in the same space. Being close to the person makes you feel happy, excited, nervous, safe, all at the same time. It’s a concoction of emotions that you can’t get enough of.

3. Another of intense chemistry signs: Yearning for their touch

Craving physical contact with a person is the most telling of all the signs of deep attraction. You could be having dinner together or be at a party, and you keep touching their arm or back to get their attention. It is one of the ways women express desire and attraction. With men, it’s usually them putting an arm around the shoulder or guiding the woman through the crowd. Both gestures suggest a sense of protectiveness.

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4. Openness in body language signifies intense mutual chemistry

Notice how the person stands around you. Their body usually faces in your direction even when standing in a group. This is one of the subconscious signs of male attraction. Even women tend to angle their bodies toward the man they have romantic feelings for.

This openness in body language demonstrates a deep engagement in what the person is saying and a strong attraction toward their personality.

5. Leaning close during conversations is an intense chemistry sign

This is another of the subconscious signs of male attraction. If you think a male friend of yours is into you, notice his body language during your conversations. He will tend to lean close to you when speaking. Rather than using loud gestures and voice, he will speak in baritone whispers and keep a softer tone.

And if you are equally into the guy, you will enjoy this gesture rather than see it as an invasion of your personal space. You could try doing it yourself during one of your deep conversations.

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6. One of the most intense chemistry signs: Subtle flirtations

The feeling of intense attraction for another person can be gauged through how you speak with them. Flirting is quite common in circles with friends of both genders. But if there is intense mutual chemistry between two individuals, the flirtation comes more naturally.

If there is a constant back and forth of flirtations between two people, there is definitely intense mutual chemistry. Keep the flirtation fun and casual, unless you are sure both of you are ready to take things to the next level.

7. Infectious laughter

We have already discussed how flirting comes naturally when you have the feeling of intense attraction for another person. Flirtation usually comes with a good dose of smiles and laughter.

Laughing with someone is a way of affirming that both of you are enjoying each other’s company. If you keep finding ways to make someone laugh or laugh with them, then strong attraction for that person could be the reason for it.

8. Delaying goodbyes indicates a strong attraction

When you are with the person you are attracted to, you want time to stay still. Trying to extend your visits to a person is one of the signs of intense mutual chemistry. You find yourself lingering around them and trying to delay saying goodbye.
It’s basically your subconscious mind trying to maximize the feeling of happiness you get from being around someone. So, if you find yourself lingering around a certain someone, they might just be the one to make you happy for life.

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9. Voice modulations

You must have heard people saying that falling in love makes a person glow. What if I told you, falling in love also makes your voice change!? Scientific studies have proven that physical attraction modifies your voice. It may not be a very obvious change, but paying close attention to someone’s voice when speaking with you can help you detect signs of deep attraction.

10. They blur out everything else

Imagine you are standing in a room full of people. A friend approaches you and starts a conversation. And just like that, every other person in the room fades into the background. Their voices die down and your eyes focus solely on the person in front of you. That’s some super strong attraction, right there. If you are looking for intense chemistry signs, look no further.

11. Noticing each other’s physical traits is among the major intense chemistry signs

This is one of the most intense attraction signs that you could hope to find. If you often notice the physical traits of a friend or acquaintance, it shows sexual attraction. Making note of a major change in someone’s physique is common. But when you find yourself perceptive to even the slightest variations in a person’s body, it means that your mind is extra-attentive toward that person. If the other person takes a similar interest in your body, then it is a surefire sign of intense mutual chemistry.

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“We would have been SO good together. If only she…”, says Marcus, a budding actor I met during our collaboration for a play. Marcus essayed the role of an out-and-out romantic in the play where Marcus’s character asks the heroine to marry him within minutes of meeting her. In real life, however, Marcus is much less enterprising.

I don’t remember how Marcus ended that sentence. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he had amazing chemistry with a friend of mine. I had introduced them. They showed most of the signs we discussed above. But he was still not sure. He missed his chance.

Learning about attraction and being able to detect its signs is all good. But if you can’t act on what you know, all the knowledge in the world is useless. So, get out there, find what you are looking for and if you see the signs, take your chance!


1. Is intense attraction usually mutual?

Signs of intense mutual chemistry are similar to the attraction signs you might be seeing in yourself. However, different people display varying degrees of attraction. Some people are naturally expressive and it is easy to detect strong attraction signs in them. Others can be more difficult to read. So, if you find yourself attracted to someone, the best course of action is to make your feelings known to them. If you keep looking for signs of mutual attraction, someone might beat you to the punch.

2. Can you sense if someone is attracted to you?

It depends on how intense the attraction is, how expressive they are and how much time you spend with them. But generally, if someone is strongly attracted to you, they
will display at least some of the signs discussed in the article.

3. How do you know if your attraction is one-sided?

Attraction can be a complex feeling. Sometimes, the two individuals who are attracted to each other also share very open communication. Other times, however, you might find yourself attracted to someone but unsure of their feelings. If the attraction is one-sided, you won’t find the other person displaying any of the signs mentioned in the article. But you can discuss your feelings with them to be sure, provided you share a good rapport with them.

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