15 Examples On How To Respond To A Compliment From A Guy

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Updated On: August 20, 2022
how to respond to a compliment

When you’re out on a date and he says something charming like “Your eyes are so beautiful, I could just drown in them”, you may find yourself just a little bit dumbfounded, questioning your skills of how to respond to a compliment like this. You’re probably so stunned and flattered by what he said that it’s like you’ve lost your tongue.

At that point, thinking of cute replies to compliments feels impossible. Especially if you’re an introvert like me. Plus, you might read a little too much between the lines and wonder: What does it mean when someone compliments your looks? On top of that, he can’t stop being hyperbolic. There are a million ways you could move the conversation forward, but which is the best way in this situation?

It might be a little awkward to blurt out “Hey, you’ve got nice eyes too”. Saying “Thanks, I know” may appear a little vain. It’s also possible that you couldn’t disagree more, so with an utterly confused look, all you are able to do is let out a dry “Erm…thanks”. No matter what he’s said to you, it’s your turn to make the next move and that’s what we can help you with. 

How do you accept a compliment humbly?

If a guy says he likes your hair and your inner Chandler Bing quickly responds, “Thanks! I grow them myself”, there goes your chance with him (unless he is attracted to awkward humor). Then how to accept a compliment from a guy and reply humbly? Let’s crack the code! Compliments bring in a bag full of sunshine and positive vibes. Moreover, if it comes from a crush who likes you back, you can hardly control your glee.

It’s natural to see a bit of surge in your self-esteem with each compliment you receive. You feel more confident in your own skin and about your skills. Some people widely depend on external validation to acknowledge their abilities. While all that is good, it’s important to check that your confidence doesn’t transform into arrogance at any point.

accept a compliment from a guy
Respond to a compliment with humility

Because if you are feeling smug on the inside, there is no way you can act humble with your words. The complacency will find its way to the surface making you sound like a jerk. Here are a few pointers to stay grounded when you are trying to accept and reply to boyfriend compliments or an admiring comment from a guy you’re interested in:

  • Acknowledge the compliment with gratitude – “Thanks for your sweet words!” or “Thank you so much for noticing”
  • Don’t dismiss their appreciation for you by dissolving the compliment with an answer like “No, no, this dress doesn’t look that flattering on me”
  • Watch your tone. Be polite and don’t go overboard with the excitement
  • When someone praises your handbag, don’t put on a smirk and say, “Yeah I know, it’s Gucci”. Vanity is not the right way to go about it
  • If a guy says that you are attractive, it’s not an unjust remark, trust me. So, try to own the compliment. That’s how your response would come off as confident and genuine
  • Maintain eye contact with this guy and wear your heartwarming smile to let him know you appreciate this sweet gesture

15 Examples On How To Respond To A Compliment

If you’ve already got those dating anxiety jitters, then figuring out how to respond to a compliment can feel like tremendous pressure even though you’re the one at the receiving end of it. Are you rude if you don’t return the compliment? Does an “I like your dress” have to be met with an “Oh, and I love your shoes”?

Compliments really don’t need to be all that complicated, but if you are that confused and wondering how to reply, then we’ve got your back. Here are the top 15 examples on how to respond to a compliment from a guy. 

1. The ‘thanks for the compliment’ reply 

Simple and obvious – one of the easiest ways to tackle the ‘what to say and what not to say’ dilemma is the simple yet solid “Thanks for the compliment!” reply. You’ve heard it, acknowledged it, and thanked him for the same. People might consider this response a little cold, but it is perfect if you aren’t trying to flirt back. 

You don’t always need cute replies for compliments, sometimes they can be a bit formal too. Perhaps you want to respond to a compliment in an email or respond to a compliment from the boss. In formal scenarios, where you don’t want to risk coming across as flirty, this should be the perfect thing to say. 

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2. How to reply to “You’re so pretty!” on Instagram? Say, “Oh you’re too kind!”

Sweet, soft, and sophisticated, this is a masterstroke in the game of how to respond to a compliment. Not overbearing, pretty informal, and yet super nice, this is a subtle compliment handed back in a neatly wrapped bow. An alternative to the plain Jane ‘Thank you’, this one toes the line without being awkward. If you get a compliment from someone in your Instagram DM, someone who you aren’t that interested in, keep this one handy.

Or in real life, perhaps a guy is hitting on you at a bar, but you’re not ready to dive into the conversation and lead him on yet. Yet he can’t stop himself from healthy flirting and even though he’s nice, you’re really not interested in flirting back with him. So instead of leaving him completely high and dry, consider saying the above. It conveys your thanks in a sweet manner and nothing more. Here are some alternatives:

  • Thanks, it feels so nice to be appreciated
  • Aww that’s so sweet of you to notice
  • Thank you so much. I am really flattered!

3. Return the compliment 

And make it heartfelt. There’s nothing worse than a vapid compliment that one can see right through. If you want to return the compliment, make it sound as real and as honest as you can. A disingenuous compliment is only going to ruin the whole conversation, so you should also think of some compliments for men that he may like. How to respond to a compliment text by returning the compliment? Read on.

For example, someone tells you how much they enjoy reading about your work online. Then perhaps, in that case, you may say, “Oh, and I’ve been keeping tabs on all your successes too and you’ve been doing such a wonderful job!” with a smile emoji. When someone compliments your looks, you can come up with “Ah, look who’s talking, the most handsome bachelor in town!” (Of course, if you are willing to flirt a little).

4. Respond to a compliment text with a GIF 

A GIF is quite the savior in a situation where you need to respond to a compliment text but have no idea what to say. Emojis can be a little bland when it comes to responding to a compliment and thus one should avoid sending a single emoji. But a GIF on the other hand can be quite charming. It’s a great way to get a guy’s attention too!

GIFs may be exaggerated expressions, but it’s taken for granted that one doesn’t take them all too seriously. So if you really want to show them that you’re happy at receiving such a compliment, consider sending across a GIF to say it for you. Even if you want to make a flirty response to a compliment but don’t want to make it too obvious, use a flirty GIF instead of your words and get the ball rolling.

5. How to respond to a compliment text? Say, “Oh stop it! You are no less”

Here’s a twist to returning a compliment. Instead of directly telling them what you like about them, this is like handing them the UNO reverse card. Maybe he’s told you how great you look tonight and that he can’t stop admiring your dress. To deflect attention from yourself, throw down the reverse card and watch him blush away instead. 

Responding to a compliment about your beauty or a unique talent can be awkward for some people because they may not always know how to take it. My friend Megan is amazing with her art but she believes she isn’t good enough to be called a ‘real’ artist. So, any time anyone compliments her work, she tries to overcompensate by complimenting that person back with a “You are no less!”, and it works.

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6. Don’t downplay yourself 

When he says something like “I love it when you wear your hair like that, it looks amazing!”, try not to say, “Thanks but I haven’t washed my hair in a week.” Even if you really have run out of shampoo and that is the actual truth, he doesn’t need to know it. If a guy says he likes your hair, enjoy the admiration without being too hard on yourself.

This downplaying technique seems like the right thing to do to avoid seeming smug but actually is not so nice because you’re ultimately being unkind toward yourself. Maybe if you have to respond to a compliment from a boss and shoot down his attempts at flirting with you, this is the way to kill a potential office romance that could cost you your job. But in any other situation where a guy you like is being earnest with you, don’t shoot him down like that. 

7. “You know what, I like you” – cute replies to compliments

To show appreciation and let him know that you’ve received the compliment well, consider this witty and fun response. This response is almost like giving him the green signal to continue conversing with you, and telling him that his attempt at hitting on you has indeed worked. 

If you want a way to respond to a flirty compliment without having to flirt back too obviously, this is the one for you. Say it with confidence, say it quickly, and before he realizes that he has wooed you, you have now caught him under your own spell. This especially comes in handy when you are dating a shy guy because this will just make him melt. Here are some more choices for you:

  • I don’t think anyone ever noticed that about me. Are you a mind reader?
  • Aww, stop, you are spoiling me already
  • Thanks, you just made me blush a little
  • I love the way you think

8. Keep your cool if he gives you a backhanded compliment 

A backhanded compliment is typically an insult that seems like a compliment on the surface but is actually considered rude or impolite. A simple line that basically describes unhealthy flirting, don’t take him too seriously with this one. For example, he says something like “You look good for your age” or “You look so nice in that photo, I almost didn’t recognize you at first”.

Our advice would be to just keep your cool, say a normal “Thank you”, or don’t, and sail through. In this case, no need to return the compliment at all since the one they gave you isn’t all that great either. Some people opt for a more sarcastic approach to give it back, but it is best to focus on the positive part of the compliment, stay graceful, and move on. 

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9. “You’re a real charmer for saying that” to respond in a flirty way to a compliment

Wink, wink. Want to respond to a flirty compliment and let him know that you really enjoyed it? Then don’t hold back and blatantly tell him how charming he is for saying that to you. He’s going to love the honesty in this one. Who needs to find ways to compliment him back when you can, instead, just appreciate his art of complimenting and flirting in the first place? If you want, you can go all Phoebe Buffay about it, “Oh, you like that? You should hear my phone number.” Or, choose from these:

  • Wow I see you are really good at this
  • Have I had too much wine? Your eyes didn’t look so magnetic when I first walked in
  • You can’t get me out of your head, can you?
respond to a compliment about looks
Tell him how charmed you are by him

10. Keep your body language open 

Sometimes, saying ‘thanks’ the right way might not do you any good if your arms are crossed and you’re facing the other way. Your words are important but it’s also important to conduct yourself the right way to make the other person feel like their compliment was well-received. Such open female body language signs will go a long way.

Eye contact is important especially if you have to respond to a flirty compliment and are keen on flirting back. It will build instant chemistry between the two of you. Plus wearing a nice cordial smile has its own charm when you accept a compliment from a guy. I know it’s easier said than done but try to come across as confident. Show him that you own the compliment, lean in a bit, and have a warm facial expression. 

11. How to respond to a compliment text? Share a quick detail or story 

Still looking for a way to divert attention from yourself in the least awkward possible manner? Then this is the right way if you’re wondering how to respond to a compliment. Maybe he’s just told you how much he likes your hair but you’re too startled to string anything together to say back to him. 

Perhaps consider saying something like, “Oh haha thank you! Funny story, I actually thought I had run out of shampoo today but…” Sounds a little nerdy but when you really don’t know what else to say, throwing in an anecdote could be the easiest way to steer the conversation the way you want. 

12. Don’t try too hard to outdo his compliment 

Returning a compliment is one thing, but sometimes people feel compelled to one-up the other person. In Asian countries, it is more commonly seen as a sign of humility to completely ignore the compliment one has received and shift the focus on the other person. But in the US, that is not the case. 

Don’t say something like “Oh, but your shoes are much nicer than my dress” or something along those lines. It may seem nice on the surface, but could actually be considered ungrateful and is definitely not one of the cute replies to compliments that you came looking for. Just revel in your praise and don’t let those first date nerves get the better of you! 

13. “That means a lot coming from you” 

Want to accept a compliment with open arms, don’t want to seem bashful, and also don’t want to come off as smug? Then this is an appropriate answer to your ‘how to respond to a compliment from a guy I like’ dilemma. Saying this means that you respect him a lot. You’re complimenting him in the process too because you’re telling him that his opinions matter and that you hold him in high regard.

How to respond to a compliment text respectfully? Perhaps you’re in a situation where you have to respond to a compliment about your looks and can’t really figure out what your response should be. In that case, use this line since it works perfectly. A kind smile along with it and you are good to go! 

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14. How to respond to a compliment text on social media?

One of the ways guys like to flirt is by sliding into your DMs or sending a heart-react emoji to your Instagram stories. It’s one of the new ways to express your feelings these days. Or if he’s really into you, he might post a comment under one of your posts and indirectly take his shot. It’s also very common to wonder how to reply to “you’re so pretty” on Instagram.

If he’s sending you only a reaction emoji, don’t be compelled to actually say anything. In that case, sending an emoji back or ‘liking’ his emoji should be fine. But if he’s writing you a flirty text, feel free to flirt back a little! Unlike real life, you have more time to come up with a good response now. 

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15. Compliment the compliment itself 

A genius technique, he won’t even see this one coming. Perhaps you’re at a restaurant on a date and he’s told you how much he admires your dedication to your job. In that case, it can sound silly to say, “Oh and you too!” How do you reply then?

Compliment his very nice compliment by saying, “Thank you so much. That’s about the nicest thing you can say to somebody whose work means the world to them.” Ta-da! And you’re done. How easy was that? Make this one of your smart rules of dating and it’ll work to your advantage.

16. How to respond to a compliment when you are shy? Just be yourself!

If you have a shy personality like me, you know how we react in the face of compliments! Even a “Hey, I like your shoes” seems like too much attention for us. But there is one way to handle a similar situation with grace (without exhibiting our embarrassment). And that is to stay calm and be yourself.

You don’t have to go against your nature to find clever words to cook up an instant return compliment. You don’t have to act overly excited or chirpy. Just say whatever comes naturally when you are about to reply to boyfriend compliments. It can be something as simple as “I am so glad you noticed!” or “Thanks for making me feel so special”.

17. How to respond to a flirty compliment text 

Ah, the classic problem of how to flirt with guys over text! One time or another we have all been there, haven’t we? Suppose your crush is sending you flirty compliments and cute emojis and you are literally on cloud nine. But you are nervous that you might say something stupid that will change his perception of you from “Wow she is so much fun” to “Ugh what was I thinking!”. So, here are a few flirty responses exclusively for your benefit:

  • I had no idea you have such good taste in women’s clothing!
  • You think I am in good shape! Have you ever looked at a mirror?
  • Haha! Am I that hard to resist?
  • Keep talking

18. Someone compliments you too much? Here’s how to respond

What does it mean when someone can’t stop complimenting you? They start by diving deep into your beautiful eyes and end up with “Oh my god! Your workspace is so cute and cozy”. Nothing is off-limits for them. Now there’s no need to invite Sherlock to detect that this guy may have a mild to huge crush on you.

Your response should depend on whether you want to lead him on or not. In that case, you could just soak it all in and bask in the warmth of his admiration and respond with similar energy and excitement. But if you would like to send him a clear message that you are not interested, be curt with your replies.

Key Pointers

  • If the guy you like compliments you, acknowledge the compliment with humility and gratitude
  • Don’t sound overconfident or too excited; politeness makes your response more grounded
  • Don’t try to dissolve the importance of the compliment
  • Arrogant or sarcastic responses are a big no-no
  • Accept the fact that you are truly deserving of the compliment to sound genuine in your response
  • Maintain eye contact and put on a smile!
  • If he’s going overboard or giving a backhanded compliment or if you’re simply not interested, then keep your calm, be polite if you want to, and ignore him

The whole point of how to respond to a compliment from a guy comes down to making the other person feel like they did the right thing by saying what he said to you. All he wants is to make you feel special so if it worked, let him know that he succeeded. Whether you do that with kind eyes, praise him back, or even rope him into a hug – it is up to you.  


1. What does it mean when someone compliments you too much?

If someone compliments you way too much, there are two ways to break it down. Let’s start with the good thing. It probably means this person has a massive crush on you. They are so crazy about you that they can’t find a single flaw in you. And passing constant compliments is a way to catch your attention. On the contrary, it’s also possible that they are flattering you just to get a favor from you.

2. Is it rude to return a compliment?

It’s not rude but at the same time, returning a compliment shouldn’t sound fake. Don’t make it look like you are uttering carefully chosen words just for the sake of it. If you genuinely like something about this person, then go ahead. After all, everyone loves a compliment!

3. How do you respond to a compliment without saying thank you?

You can try any of these responses to respond to a compliment without saying thank you:
1. You are too kind
2. That’s so generous of you
3. Aren’t you a peach!
4. Your words just made my day
5. I really appreciate that

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