7 Tall Guy and Short Girl Advantages in a Relationship

Shagun Shukla
Amitabh and jaya bachchan are the tall guy short girl advantages

Some things in life are perfect just as they are… like short girls having tall boyfriends. The tall guy and short girl advantages in a relationship are numerous.

I still remember the way Amitabh Bachchan would pull a stool closer so that Jaya Ji would climb on it to adjust his tie. And the hug that follows, ahha, evokes a soft, mushy feeling that is so primal yet protective. An entire generation has grown up on such romantic stories but believes me there’s much more to this geometrically tall-short relationship. There are advantages to this tall-short relationship actually. We tell you how

7 Tall guy and short girl advantages of a relationship

There are distinct advantages of a tall and short relationship. If you have not noticed it already. Let us tell you.

1. You can’t see his receding hairline

When a boyfriend is tall Image source

For starters, if your boyfriend is tall, it’s hard to notice his receding hairline or his hunchback while he flexes muscles to impress you. On the trekking trials, you will always get the farthest wildflowers hand-plucked.

A tall and muscular man Image source

2. He can reach any height

Nearer home, in fixing your light bulbs and fans, and also help you balance over a rickety step ladder or swing into his strong arms while removing the much-read book from the top shelf of the cupboard.

He can reach any height Image source

His sweatshirts often become the cosy caftans that you’ll just love to snuggle into anytime.

A tall man can do anything. The tall guy and short girl advantages of a relationship

He can play to perfection the handyman role Image source

3. It’s simply romantic

when girl is short

Short girls with tall boyfriends Image source

Of course, he’ll bend down to listen to you and you’ll always have your nose high up in the air trying to look up at him. Though you might find it occasionally difficult to make him listen to your PoV (point of view) because his ears are so far away from your lips, then logic and reasons are least essential when people are so much in love. Short girls with tall boyfriends always feel extra special.

The tall guy and short girl advantages of a relationship

It’s simply romantic Image source

4. Size matters and you know that

Then there’s the protection. You can roam out on the streets, in the untamed by-lanes of the neighbourhood because your tall and lanky boyfriend would tower over any hoodlum.


The medium built thugs would be wary of taking a panga with your tall guy around and it goes without saying that’s why size matters.

So tall girls with short boyfriends always realize how cool it is to have a tall guy around.

Size always matters. The tall guy and short girl advantages of a relationship

Size matters and you know that Image source

5. You can hide and listen

Easily hide any listen

A short girl can hide any place Image source

Did I mention another sweet and spicy point? If you are short you can easily hide behind the sofa and hear whatever he’s saying about you over the phone to his mom! Well, you’ll have to ignore most of that conversation but that’s fine if he cooks your favourite meal afterwards.

Short girl can easily hide Image source

6. Tall men are great cooks. Really!

I’ve often heard that tall men make great cooks because they can reach the burning pan pretty fast and switch off the gas before the dish gets beyond roasted. That’s why daily life moments become so extra special when you have a taller boyfriend.

The tall guy and short girl advantages of a relationship

Daily life moments become so extra special Image source

7. You fit into his arms (how cute is that?)

She can easily roll in his arm Image source

In addition to the roles of a handyman, a bodyguard, cuddle-pro, a master-chef all rolled into one if your boyfriend is way taller than any others, the best part of it all according to me is, well if you are short then you can fit snug into his arms to the point where your ears can listen to his heartbeat going lub-dub, lub-dub all around you!

She can fit into his arm Image source

So, if you are among those few lucky ones who have a tall boyfriend, then here’s a quote just for you, “All good things come in short packages like you but the tall ones take the most time to unfurl making an everlasting relationship beautiful.”

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