How To Deal With Taking A Break In A Relationship – 7 Rules

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After countless fights and making each other feel horrible, you’ve now decided to take a break in your relationship. It’s possible you’re feeling anxious about how everything will turn out, which is warranted. After all, taking a break is notorious for being a bad sign in a relationship. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. If you know how to deal with taking a break in a relationship, you both could come back stronger than ever before.

To put your anxious mind at ease, we’d like to tell you that the minute you decided on taking a break, you already started working on improving your relationship. After all, it is a well-known fact that an occasional break can do you a world of good. The same can be true of taking a break in a relationship. Think of it as that long weekend vacation you’ve needed since forever but haven’t actually been able to get around to.

Even so, even entertaining this possibility can overwhelm you with a host of questions. What are the taking a break in a relationship rules? Can you be in contact during a relationship break? At what point do you decide that the break is over and you must get back together? Most importantly, how do you make effective use of your time now that you’re on a break? To help you find the answers to these questions, we’ve compiled a list of 7 rules you need to follow while taking a break from a relationship.

7 Rules To Deal With Taking A Break In A Relationship

If you think just declaring you’re on a break and going your separate ways will do the trick, think again. You don’t want to end up screaming, “We were on a break!”, for 10 straight years like Ross from Friends. To avoid a situation like that, it’s important to communicate with your partner as much as you can and set up some ground rules before taking a break from the relationship. You don’t want to receive or even send multiple texts and calls while you two are on your break – that won’t end up doing either of you any good.

If you don’t utilize the time in your break correctly, you might just come back wondering why your relationship troubles haven’t magically wandered away. We’ve compiled some “taking a break in a relationship rules” so you don’t come back clueless. But since every relationship is inherently different, the biggest piece of advice we can give you is to communicate with your partner, which leads us to our very first rule:

1. Talk about the break with your partner

One of the most important taking a break in a relationship rules is to have a clear conversation with your partner about the intent behind the decision and also how best you can navigate this rather challenging phase without letting it take a toll on your bond. You can’t just send your partner a “we need a break” message and then throw your phone away, expecting everything to fall into place.

Before you officially start your break, you need to tell your partner why you think you two could use one. How they take the news doesn’t necessarily matter as much as you communicating your feelings honestly. Taking a break from a long-term relationship can also be shocking to your partner. In many relationships, the other half might not even be aware that there are any issues. Telling them that you want to take a break could hit them like a bolt out of the blue.

That is why communicating your issues is essential to making this break an effective one. Have a constructive conversation with your partner about it, preferably face to face. If you’re wondering how to survive taking a break in a relationship, it can be as easy as communicating with your significant other. Clear out any misunderstandings, so you both know that you’re not broken up, just on a break. You don’t want your partner to have moved on by the time you come back.

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2. Ask the important questions and plan your break

Are you both single for the duration of the break? Will there be absolutely no contact during a relationship break? Or is it okay to check in on each other every once in a while? If so, how much communication is preferable? When will your break end? It’s important to answer all these questions before taking a break from your relationship.

Discussing things like exclusivity and if you two want to sleep with other people or have an open relationship during the duration of the break is vital. As is setting a tentative time limit for your break is typically the way to go.

taking a break in a relationship rules
Turning your back to each other instead of discussing how to take a break can prove disastrous

Breaks usually last anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months. However, it’s hard to decide how much time you’ll actually need to figure out all you want to figure out. So don’t set a specific date as the end of the break, just in case you need to extend it. Put briefly, make sure you’re both on the same page about the break and what you expect out of each other.

When taking a break from a long-term relationship or committed partnership, defining the ground rules is of utmost importance. Without it, both partners can be left feeling uncertain about the future. This uncertainty can be overwhelming and may push you to do things that you later regret. So, if you have been wondering can taking a break be good for a relationship, know that it can serve you well only when it’s handled the right way.

3. Try not to send the “I miss you so much!” texts

If you’re taking a break from a long-term relationship, you might be tempted to send something along the lines of “I know we’re on a break, but I just want to be with you!” A bit ironic, we’d say. Had you shown this much interest before, you wouldn’t have needed a break (ouch, sorry!).

Likewise, when taking a break in a long-distance relationship, navigating this rough patch single-handedly and the distance between you and your partner can augment the feelings of longing and pining. In such moments, picking up the phone and texting your partner can seem like the only thing that will bring you solace and comfort. And that’s to be expected.

What’s important is not giving in to the temptation. If you’re struggling to deal with taking a break in a relationship and want to immediately text your partner to check up on them, try to stop yourself. You’ll suddenly feel like you’re in love and problems are nowhere to be found.

Two days after that, you’re both fighting and bickering again about that one thing you just can’t see eye to eye on. Keep the communication during a relationship break to a minimum, or just employ the no-contact rule. Check-up once or twice a week if you want but don’t video call each other every night.

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4. Focus on yourself

Among the vital taking a break in a relationship rules is shifting the focus from your partner and your relationship to yourself. You were probably feeling overwhelmed if you felt the need to take a break. This means, now that you’re on one, you have more time to focus on yourself instead of trying to solve a petty fight with your partner.

The more you get to know yourself and what you like to focus your energy on, the better you’ll be able to decide if your relationship is worth it for you. Now is the time to embrace all you’ve wanted to get to but haven’t been able to. Make the most of the diminished contact during a relationship break on self-discovery and self-care.

You’ll notice a change in your mood once you successfully fight off the feeling of missing your partner all the time. Your Instagram followers will likely see a change in your mood too since you’ll inevitably upload a few stories of you out with friends.

Infographic on taking break in relationship rules

5. Be honest and don’t go off-track

What does taking a break mean to a guy? Obviously, sleeping around, right? Don’t assume anything and make sure you discuss exclusivity with your partner. You’re on a break, your social media might be flooded with single people who out of nowhere have decided to slide into your DMs. Unless you’ve both decided you can sleep around, make sure you don’t give in to temptation, and remain faithful.

Getting over cheating is hard, don’t make your partner go through that. Whether you’re taking a break from a long-term relationship where you and your partner were cohabitating or in a long-distance relationship that has become rife with petty fights and bickering, don’t lose sight of the fact that you and your partner are still a couple.

Don’t spend your entire break hanging out with your friends trying to forget you’re in a relationship. As you’ll read on with our next point, it’s important to assess your relationship during this time. We know it’ll be hard, but you need to turn down all those people who slid into your DMs, thinking you’re newly single.

6. Think about what went wrong in your relationship

How can taking a break be good for a relationship? Well, by allowing you the opportunity to focus on what went wrong in your relationship and get to the root cause of your issues. If you’re wondering how to survive a break in your relationship, you have to analyze it during this time to see exactly where things went wrong.

Now that you have more time on your hands to do the things you like, you’ll have a better frame of mind to think about the problems in your relationship. For instance, if you’re taking a break in a long-distance relationship, you may be better poised to look beyond the petty arguments and constant bickering overshadowing your bond and decipher why you fell into this pattern in the first place.

Is the distance becoming too much to handle? Do you feel emotionally distant from your partner? Do you or your partner feel uninvolved in each other’s lives? Analyze the good and the bad, and what you’d like to fix. You may be completely convinced that your relationship isn’t the best solely because of your irritating partner, but try not to be engrossed in just the negatives.

breakup and loss

It’s hard to accept, but you could be to blame as well. Think about what you might have done in the relationship that may have harmed it, and what you both can do going forward. So put on your detective hat and start solving the case of your relationship’s murder!

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7. Go with your gut

Whilst analyzing your relationship, it’s easy to be carried away and start overthinking about it instead. Talk to a friend, discuss what might be the best move for you. If all the reasons to end a relationship apply to you, you shouldn’t lie to yourself about the health of your relationship.

If you already know your relationship is not going to survive and you’re trying to convince yourself otherwise, you’re just delaying the inevitable. Sooner or later, the shaky foundations of your relationship will give way, only to make you regret not having gone with your gut. The simplest of the taking a break in a relationship rules is to be honest with yourself and don’t go on the break with a predetermined outcome in mind.

Keep your mind open to all possibilities and see where this break takes you. How to deal with taking a break in a relationship can be as simple as taking a step back and calming yourself. Keep the contact during a relationship break to a minimum and you’ll be able to see the benefits.

You deserve love in its truest form, an unconditional love that transcends the petty “stop looking at him/her!” fights. If done right, the break will help you find whatever is best for you. Even if that means you have to end your current relationship. At the end of the day, your happiness is what’s most important.

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