How To Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy? 23 Ways

how to make your ex miss you
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Confused about how to make your ex miss you? This article will be the one-stop place for all your answers. Making your ex miss you is a challenging task, but it is possible with perseverance, patience, respect, and a good outlook. You can rekindle the passion in your relationship and the love you once shared by placing a strong emphasis on personal development, being assured and self-sufficient, and preserving a good balance of staying in contact. 

The decision to get back together should ultimately originate from both partners. Let healing and trust-building processes take their time. Remember, making your ex miss you and contact you is not a guarantee, and it may not lead to a reconciliation. The best approach is to focus on your own happiness and growth.

What Makes Your Ex Miss You?

Making your ex think about you constantly can be a complicated process, as it depends on various factors such as the reason for the breakup, the dynamics of the relationship, and the individual personality and emotions of your ex. However, there are some general steps you can take to increase the likelihood for your ex to miss you.

Before we talk about these steps, let’s find out what makes a former partner miss someone. Here are some common reasons:

  • Familiarity and comfort: Being with someone for a significant period of time creates a sense of comfort and familiarity, and it can be difficult to let go of that feeling
  • Shared memories: Memories of good times and experiences shared with an ex-partner can evoke feelings of nostalgia and longing
  • Loneliness: Breaking up with someone can be a lonely experience, and people may miss their ex as a source of companionship and emotional support
  • Emotional connection: A strong emotional connection can persist even after a breakup, leading to feelings of longing for the person
  • Regret: People may miss their ex if they realize they made a mistake in ending the relationship. They now regret their decision as they are still in love with their ex

It’s important to remember that missing someone does not necessarily mean that getting back together is the right choice. Relationships can end for valid reasons and it may be better for both individuals to move on. However, if you are ready to fix past issues with your former partner and are wondering how to make your ex miss you, read on.

How To Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy? 23 Ways

There are some things you can do to make your ex miss you if you find yourself thinking about them all the time and wish to rekindle the flame. Remember that the objective is to establish a genuine connection that lets them realize how much they cherish your presence rather than manipulating or pressuring them to miss you. Here are 23 ways to make your ex think about you constantly.

1. Tell your ex how awesome your life is, post-breakup

You have a lot more chances to make your ex miss you like crazy if you’re still in contact with them. Make sure you show (not just tell) your ex how fantastic your life is whenever you can. After breaking up, people generally retreat into their nests, cry a river, and binge eat. However, if you’re determined to make your ex miss you, give them the sense that your life is perfect and that nothing could make you happier.

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2. Take them off your social media platforms

While social media is a terrific way to meet people, learn new activities, and get a glimpse into others’ lives, it won’t help your ex miss you, since your ex constantly has access to your virtual life. Therefore, unfriend your ex on Facebook and stop following them on Twitter and Instagram. Then make your profiles private if you want your ex to miss you. 

They won’t have any access to your life anymore; they won’t know where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with, or how you spend your weekends. They’ll be interested in your life and undoubtedly reconsider the decision to break up after this.

3. Focus on your social life

Still thinking about how to make your ex miss you? According to research, people who focused on their social life coped with a breakup more actively than those who did not. In order for you to become the person they once met, and for them to miss you, it’s important that you focus on your social circle especially when your ex has moved on

In times of heartbreak, there’s a good chance you’ll feel lonely. It’s almost impossible to stay positive. So avoid spending time alone and do this instead:

  • Spend time with your family: Did you know that family time is one of the best ways to cope with a breakup? Maybe you haven’t seen your parents in weeks, or your sibling wants to meet up. Go ahead and enjoy their company
  • Hang out with your friends: You need both kinds of friends – the kind that give you emotional support, and those that want to distract you by taking you out
  • Flirt with new people: There’s nothing wrong with checking out what’s out there, even if you want your ex to miss you and get back together with them

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4. Run into them without making it obvious

This method can be tricky and you will need to be careful and subtle about your moves so as not to seem desperate or like a crazy stalker. However, here are some subtle ways you can make this work. 

  • One effective strategy is to sign up for an initiative or activity that you know your ex is interested in, and attend without interacting with them
  • This will show your ex that you are independent and confident, which can make them wonder what they’re missing out on
  • It might also remind them that you both have more in common than they remember
  • Another approach is to go for a walk with friends or family in the area where your ex lives or spends time regularly. By doing this, you’ll be on their mind, and they may start to realize what they’ve lost

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to interact with your ex or make it obvious that you’re trying to get their attention. Simply being present in their environment is enough to crawl your way back into their psyche.

5. Be confident and calm

Confidence is key. If you show your ex that you’re happy with yourself and your life, they’ll be more likely to miss you. Confidence can be contagious, so let your ex see that you’re living life on your own terms and they’ll start to miss the person they used to know. Let’s say you cross paths with your ex’s friends and they ask about the breakup, what are you gonna do? You should talk to them with calm composure and they’ll convey your self-assured conversation to your ex for sure.

6. Keep yourself busy

Stay active and keep yourself occupied with things you love. Your ex will miss you more if they see you having fun without them. Whether it’s a new hobby, volunteering, or simply spending time with friends, keeping yourself busy will show your ex that you’re not sitting around waiting for them to come back. Some very simple ways to keep yourself busy are listed below, take a look:

  • Volunteer: Helping others can be a great way to take your mind off your own problems and make a positive impact in the world
  • Travel: If you have the means, consider taking a trip to a new place to get some distance and a fresh perspective
  • Read books: Reading can be a great way to escape reality and lose yourself in a good story
  • Take a class: Sign up for a class or workshop to learn something new and meet new people

7. Be socially active

Get out there and socialize! Your ex will miss you if they see that you’re having a good time with other people or within your social circle. Whether it’s going out for drinks with some common friends or attending a local event, make sure your ex sees that you’re enjoying your life and making new connections.

A New York Times article quoted Buettner, a National Geographic fellow and author, “Your group of friends are better than any drug or anti-aging supplement, and will do more for you than just about anything.” Now this statement might not sound relevant but can be used to harness a better outlook on your ongoing lifestyle, especially while dealing with duress in your romantic life. He is basically advising you to have positive people around you, which can ultimately help you manifest positivity within yourself.

People are naturally drawn to lighter energy. This doesn’t mean you have to be fake or overly cheerful, though. Your ex will definitely miss your warm vibes and try to initiate contact with you if he broke up with you.

8. Make yourself feel better

You broke up with him or her, but now you regret the decision. Here’s what you can do. Take care of yourself and make sure you look your best. Your ex will miss you more if they see that you’ve had a total makeover. So hit the gym, get a new haircut, or try out a new wardrobe. You’ll feel better about yourself and your ex will take notice. Here are some tips to make you feel better post-breakup:

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with friends and family who uplift and support you
  • Avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms, like using drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • Remember that healing takes time and be patient with yourself as you move forward

9. Keep in touch with your ex 

But don’t overdo it. Reach out every now and then after you broke up with him to let your ex know you’re thinking of them, but don’t be pushy or overly attentive. Strike a nice balance. Don’t be the one who initiates contact a lot. You can also try to maintain your friendship with your ex’s friends. If you want to make your ex miss you and regret it, a simple text or call to check in can do the trick, but avoid being persistent or clingy. You don’t want to come off as needy or desperate.

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10. Demand closure

Even when your ex has moved on, you can approach them with a demand for closure. Whether it’s through a face-to-face conversation or a letter or an email, reality will hit your ex and they might start missing you. Regardless of what happens, let’s look at some points on how this closure can help you:

  • Healing: Closure helps you digest the breakup, which helps start the emotional healing process
  • Moving on: Gaining closure will enable you to move on with your life rather than remaining mired in the past
  • Understanding: Getting closure can help you come to terms with the reasons that your relationship ended, which can bring you comfort
infographic on how to make your ex miss you
Ways to make your ex miss you

11. Be supportive of your former partner

This is a must if you’re wondering how to make your ex miss you. If your ex is going through a tough time, offer your support. They’ll appreciate it and miss you more as a result. Whether it’s lending an ear or simply being there for them, showing your ex that you care will make them miss you more.

12. Share happy memories with your ex

Share fond memories from your relationship, but don’t linger on the past. Your ex will miss you more if they remember the good times. Whether it’s reminiscing about a funny moment or simply wishing them a happy birthday, these small gestures will bring back positive memories and make your ex miss you.

13. Create new experiences with them

Create new experiences and memories with your ex, if possible. They’ll miss you more if they have new, positive associations with you. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee together, doing new activities, or taking a walk in the park, these experiences will bring back positive feelings and make your ex miss you.

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14. Use social media to make your ex jealous

How to use social media to make your ex miss you, you might ask? If you haven’t blocked your ex yet, you can share a story or post a photo on Facebook or Instagram with a new person to make your ex jealous. 

According to research, social media apps like Snapchat elicit jealousy in many forms. So why not use this phenomenon to your advantage? Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. You can’t straight up post “in a new relationship” and tag a random person. You have to be subtle about it. And if you have any common friends with your ex, then they’ll definitely keep your ex updated about you!

15. Refrain from texting or calling your ex

Even if your ex calls you first, you shouldn’t answer it in the first few weeks after your breakup. It’s possible that your ex will call you in search of a quick fix to help them get over their initial grief. However, you must make them miss you for a longer period of time to the point where they need you like crazy.

16. Stick to your former routine

You and your former partner each have favorite locations and things to do. Continue to enjoy those activities or traveling to those locations if he broke up with you. If you want to make your ex miss you and regret the breakup, then don’t let your ex’s memory ruin what gives you comfort. Show your ex that the breakup hasn’t affected you enough to stop doing the things you love.

Want to make your ex miss you? Then the most powerful thing you can do is to show that you are moving forward with your life without them. Show how content you are to be alone.

17. Show off the ‘new you’ to your ex

Work out to get your revenge body, get a fresh haircut, get new clothes, and then show off the post-breakup you. Seeing the more attractive, radiant you on social media or in real life is the one sure thing that can make your ex sigh in hopelessness. Make your ex realize that you’re not the same person as before and watch them burn with desire.

According to research, self-improvement is always beneficial for both men and women when it comes to post-breakup recovery. The best kind of retaliation is self-improvement because when you demonstrate to your ex how much you’ve changed for the better, they can’t help but miss you. Whatever works for you, whether it’s getting fit, succeeding, or being more assertive about your opinions, do it!

stories on being dumped and more

18. Enhance your mindset

You cannot accomplish this by remaining in your comfort zone if you are serious about learning how to make your ex miss you. We understand that it might be difficult to attempt new things, especially if they feel overwhelming to you, so choose your pace and remember the following:

  • The secret to making your ex miss you is to broaden your horizons. It’s the only path to growth
  • When you begin acting in your best interests and not theirs, it becomes obvious to them too 
  • Your ex will be able to see that you’re better off without them, and this will make them miss you

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19. Don’t even think about being “just friends”

To make your ex feel your absence, you need to disappear from their life. We’ve all been guilty of wanting to be friends with our ex because doing so basically ensures that person is still a part of our lives. But this is a trap, and by continuing to be friends with them, you’re really not doing yourself any favor. 

Wendy L. Patrick, in an article wrote, “Generally, men insist on being friends with their exes just for future sexual encounters.” In short, you’re providing them with the advantages of your company without making a real commitment. Hooking up with them is even worse!

20. Hide your ‘last seen’ on WhatsApp

Every couple uses WhatsApp’s ‘last seen’ feature to track their partners. You can use this feature to see when a person last logged in. Although most of us have this habit, it hurts to see their online presence after a breakup. If you want to make your ex miss you through text, then make sure your ex is unaware of your activity status. They won’t be able to keep an eye on you if you hide your ‘last seen’, and they’ll be interested in what you are up to.

21. Don’t let them see how sad you are

You’re sad, of course. Your ex shouldn’t find out, though. Don’t express your sadness or misery to them. One of the best methods to make an ex miss you is by posting happy thoughts and photos on your social media. Regardless of whether you’ve blocked your ex or not, you know they’ll stalk you anyway. Hide the sad on social media; cry into your pillow and with your friends instead.

22. Go no-contact

It’s worth a try because the no-contact rule is advocated by many relationship experts as a sureshot way to make an ex miss you. You can make him miss you without talking to him. The steps are simple to follow no-contact rule

  • You must cut all communication with your ex for at least one to two months
  • Maintain radio silence 
  • Make sure there is no way they can invade your personal space or cross paths

Let them know you have a lot on your mind and will get back to them when you’re ready by sending them a text or email. If you want your ex to miss you without talking to him, then all contact with them must end as soon as you send that message. And of course, your ex has to initiate contact with you first.

23. Return your ex’s belongings

Now that the relationship is over, there is no need to keep their belongings with you. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression, by making them think back on the comforting days they visited your place and spent time with you. By doing this, your ex will believe that you genuinely wish to forget them, and they will miss you terribly.

Key Pointers

  • There are a few things you can do to make your ex miss you more so that they will want to get in touch with you, like strategic texting, becoming a better person, taking care of your body, etc. You can also use social media to make your ex miss you
  • Give them some space so they can consider the effects of your absence from their lives, and this can be effectively done during no contact
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try new things, such as poetry readings, getting a total makeover, plays, and other events
  • In the virtual world, you can also make your ex miss you through text
  • Keep in mind that it takes time to make your ex feel your absence, so don’t rush the procedure

In conclusion, making your ex miss you is a difficult thing to do, but it is doable with perseverance, patience, and a good approach. You can rekindle the passion in your relationship and the love you once shared by placing a strong focus on personal development, being assured and self-sufficient, and preserving a good balance of contact. It’s crucial to remember that the decision to get back together should ultimately come from both partners and of course, that healing and trust-rebuilding processes can take some time.


1. Can your ex miss you but not contact you?

Even if your ex is missing you, they might not want to contact you. They may think you’re fantastic or miss how you fulfilled their needs, but they might not miss you enough to contact you. Or they understand you’re both incompatible with each other, so there’s no point in getting in touch regardless of how much they miss you every day.

2. How long does it take for an ex to miss you?

Based on research done by ‘The Healthy Journal,’ you can expect the average ex to begin missing you anywhere between 2.5 to 5.2 months after a breakup, assuming you put forth signals that you are “moving on from them.”

3. Does absence make your ex miss you?

You cannot force your ex to miss you. You must allow them time to completely understand and process their emotions, it is a long process after all. Your absence will trouble them once they start sensing their genuine feelings for you.

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