Affair and Cheating

I love my husband very much but I’m still attracted to my co-worker

She loves her romantic husband very much, but can't help being attracted to her co-worker at her workplace
Office romance

(As told to Joie Bose)

I had been rather conventional when it came to marriage. Despite none of my friends or cousins opting for arranged marriage, I went ahead with it. I met my husband through a matrimony site, and after the initial talks between my mother and his, he had come over to my house. He had got a bouquet of roses and chocolates. I had found that cute. It was as though even before meeting me, he was besotted. Or rather it was as if he was trying to woo me. And he was doing it in front of our families. It was flattering, indeed. When asked, I said yes to him. And he too said yes.

The wedding date was decided soon, we would get married in a year. Meanwhile, he would take me out for dinner parties, to restaurants and even movies. It was like out of an old movie. And every time he would meet me, he would get me flowers and chocolates. He would accompany me for shopping and he never let me pay. He would wait for me outside beauty parlours. He’d pick me up after I finished school (I’m a teacher). He was never intruding in my life but he tried to support me. Needless to say, I soon fell in love with him and when I was getting married, I was not marrying for marriage’s sake.

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