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15 necklaces with special meaning for her

It's not about gifting jewellery, it is about meaningful gifting.
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The love of your life is supposed to be the centre of your universe. She is your backbone, as she is there for you for each and every moment of your life, whether happy or sad. She takes care of not only your needs, but also your family’s needs. Just having her by your side at all times gives you consolation and helps you recharge your energy. So, all in all, she is the most important person in your life and thus deserves all the love and care that you, as her partner, can give her. What better way to show your affection towards your better half than by gifting her jewellery?

The importance of gifting jewellery to women

Women love to adorn themselves with precious and stunning jewellery, because jewellery helps accentuate femininity and the beauty of a woman. Your partner might invest in jewellery very rarely, as it is expensive. However, getting a luxurious and sentimental gift as jewellery from you can be an extremely special for her.
Reasons that make jewellery the best gift for your wife or girlfriend are:

  1. Jewellery helps create a lasting impression on your partner. She can cherish the gift all through her life
  2. Getting jewellery as a gift also makes her feel special and valued in your life. When you are spending so much, it indirectly makes her feel important in your life
  3. Just like bonds and stocks, jewellery is considered to be a good lifetime investment
  4. Without saying it in words, you can actually express what you feel for her using the appropriate jewellery with special meaning
  5. If you want to customise a piece of jewellery for gifting purposes, then that also can be done very conveniently
  6. A countless number of jewellery options, like necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, etc. made up of precious metals and stones, are available. So you can expediently find the jewellery appropriate for your partner
  7. The jewellery gifted to your love can become a family heirloom in later years
  8. Jewellery is a suitable gift for any occasion whatsoever; whether it is a wedding, anniversary, birthday or different festivals, and so on
  9. It is a fitting gift for any personality, whether your woman is shy and quiet or is outgoing and adventurous
  10. In addition, you do not have to worry about the skin tone or the body type of your partner while selecting jewellery for her

15 necklaces with special meaning for her

Necklaces with special meaning can be considered to be the most appropriate gift item for your better half, because necklaces give an exquisite look to a woman and enhance her overall beauty. To strengthen the bond you share with her, you can obviously give her a necklace which is worn close to the heart.
Here are some of the selected, unique and meaningful necklaces for girlfriend or wife that you can choose from when you decide to gift her something extraordinary yet special.

1. Tree of life necklaces

There are numerous meanings and themes attached to the tree of life. But the most suitable meaning that this necklace can hold for your loved one is that she is a symbol of strength and growth. Just like the tree, if your partner has struggled and emerged as a unique and beautiful person, then gifting her a tree of life necklace would be perfect.

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2. I love you necklaces

You can help your better half make a strong statement by selecting an I love you necklace to gift her, as it will convey your message of love clearly. I love you necklaces come in different styles. You can select a 143 I love you necklace, 813 or butterfly I love you necklace or a hand sign I love you necklace. These necklaces are simple yet highly attractive and pretty.

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3. Heart inside heart necklaces

Well everyone knows that one heart in a necklace symbolises love, affection and adoration. But what do a heart inside heart or intertwined hearts in necklaces represent? The two intertwined hearts represent never-ending love, complete cohesiveness and togetherness. Thus, such a necklace could be a thoughtful gift for your loved one to signify the importance of the relationship you share with each other.

heart inside heart
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4. Engraved bar necklaces

Prefer a necklace which is highly customised and represents your soul? Then why not opt for engraved bar necklaces? You can simply visit the jewellery store or online stores and ask them to engrave a special message on the bar necklace for your love. This will become an extremely memorable gift for her and she will surely be pleased by it.

bar engraved
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5. Promise necklaces

If you are interested in purchasing a promise necklace for your girlfriend or wife, then you have a variety of options to select from. A promise necklace stands for eternal love and evokes commitment, future promise and sense of sanctuary in the heart and mind of the receiver of the gift. You can go for a promise necklace that has the infinity symbol or an eternal knot symbol, because these are the most widely appreciated gift among women.

infinity necklace
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6. Anchor necklaces

Necklaces that have an anchor symbol are considered to be necklaces meaning strength, security, being grounded and stability. Since your partner is a person who becomes your rock and support during your difficult times, obviously the anchor necklace will be the apt gift for her.

anchor necklace
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7. Journey necklaces

These necklaces have become a hot trend among many women. Journey necklaces symbolise special memories, events, journeys, adventures and dreams of the life. Such necklaces are usually ‘S’ shaped and the styling is quite modern and classic. In order to commemorate special events in your partner’s life, you can gift her a journey necklace.

journey necklace
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8. Angel wing necklaces

Angels stand for happiness and hope. So a necklace which has angel wings will symbolise these, along with harmony, affection and protection. When you decide to gift an angel wing necklace to your wife or girlfriend, you will be offering her protection and giving her the assurance that you will always look out for her best interests.

angel wing
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9. Open heart necklaces

Heart necklaces will never go out of fashion. These come in versatile styles, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. An open heart necklace as a gift piece can show your partner that you love her with all passion and honestly. You can either go for a floating heart necklace or a necklace with a combination of a key and heart. Instead of these typical designs, you can even select necklaces with half hearts: give one part of the heart to your partner and keep the other one yourself.

floating heart
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10. Birthstone necklaces

Depending on the month in which your wife or girlfriend is born, you can choose a necklace with her birthstone. This will be special, as it will help bring good health and good luck to your partner. For instance, if she is born in February then you can go for strength and courage jewellery and necklaces made out of amethyst. And if she is born in December, you can select turquoise necklaces which symbolise fortune and friendship. Each birthstone stands for some particular meaning, which can mean a lot for your partner.

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11. Feather necklaces

Feathers stand for two things which are essential in any women’s life: Freedom and spirituality. Necklaces with feathers have a mystical charm which is sure to capture the heart of your woman. Feather necklaces inspire and guide to reach new heights in life, making them an ideal gift for your ambitious partner.

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12. Bird necklaces

Different birds represent different emotions and meanings; a dove stands for peace, love and tranquillity, while a sparrow is associated with productivity, friendliness, joy, community and protection. You can learn about different birds and their symbolism from online articles. After gaining enough knowledge, select the suitable bird necklace to gift your better half.

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13. Picture necklaces

Have this fantastic photo of your beloved and you that you want to make memorable? Then get it engraved on any designed picture necklace. In this way, your partner will be able to carry that beautiful memory forever with her.

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14. Compass necklaces

If your spouse or girlfriend loves travelling, then the compass necklace will be appropriate for her. Even if she does not love travelling, you can give her a compass necklace, as it stands for guidance and will help her stay in the right direction at all times.

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15. Couple initial necklaces

Couple initial necklaces are a way to tell your loved one that you want to be together with her forever in a beautiful yet simple way. You can get such necklaces personalised from the store to add your own lure to them.

We hope that this list of necklaces can help you find the ideal special meaning necklace for your darling and mesmerise her with your thoughtful and kind gesture of love. Good luck!

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