Gift Ideas For Her: 15 Necklaces With Special Meaning

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Necklaces with special meanings

Think of a gift for your better half, and in all probability, you’ll swing in favor of jewelry. A dazzling ring or perhaps a necklace. But can picking out the perfect gift be that simple? Do you know that pieces of jewelry can be crafted with some special meaning for the person wearing it? So why settle for something generic when you can pick out a unique gift that honors that special quality that makes you adore the most in your significant other? If you are thinking of gift ideas for her, don’t give this rundown on perfect necklaces with special meaning a miss.

The perfect gift can go a long way in making your significant other feel truly loved and cherished. Given that she has stood by you in every up and down of your life, making her feel special by showering her with meaningful gifts is the least you can do. What better way to express all your emotions and affection toward her than picking out that perfect piece of jewelry for her! And not just any jewelry. We’re talking exquisite, unique necklaces with a meaning that she can wear around her neck like your embrace.

The Importance Of Gifting Jewelry To Women

Women have loved to adorn themselves with precious and stunning jewelry since time immemorial. In the ancient days, kings and warriors brought their wives and lovers precious jewels when they returned home from their exploits on the battlefield or adventurous explorations. These were seen as signs he cares about you. Not much has changed today. Even in our modern society, where equality of genders has emerged as a focal theme, a majority of women still covet exquisite jewelry.

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If you’ve often found yourself wondering what’s so special about jewelry that women hold it so dear? These reasons why it makes the best gift idea for the love of your life will clear your mind of all confusion:

  1. Jewelry is a lasting gift that she can cherish for life. Giving a necklace to a girl means you are trying to offer her a permanent piece of your heart
  2. Getting jewelry as a gift makes her feel special and valued. The fact that you’ve made such a significant dent in your pocket just for her happiness is a statement of her importance in your life
  3. Jewelry, especially that made of gold, is considered to be a good investment that adds to her sense of financial security
  4. It is the best way to let her know how much she means to you without uttering a single word
  5. There is scope to get it customized, which means she has something that is precious as well as meaningful
  6. Given the countless number of options to choose from – necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, and so on – you can expediently find a piece that is just right for your partner
  7. The jewelry gifted to your love can become a part of the family heirloom
  8. Jewelry is a gift you can’t go wrong with, no matter what the occasion
  9. It makes for a befitting gift for every personality. Irrespective of whether your woman is shy and quiet or outgoing and adventurous, she’ll have a taste for jewelry. You can select a special necklace for her that is perfect for her personality
  10. You do not have to worry about things like size, fit, skin tone, or body type while selecting jewelry for her

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15 Necklaces With Special Meaning That Make for Great Gift Ideas

Out of the wide assortment of jewelry pieces, necklaces with special meaning make for those bankable gift ideas you just can’t go wrong with. These necklaces add a hint of exquisiteness to a woman’s appeal and enhance her overall appearance. Picking out a necklace that resonates with her personality and tucking the jewelry box under her pillow is the most wonderful surprise you can give your wife.

Without a doubt, the gesture will make her feel special. When she flaunts the gift to the world gushing over how well you know, you will feel pretty special too. You see how a simple act of picking out the perfect gift for her can bolster the strength of your bond. To help you navigate through the process of selecting that perfect gift, here is our hand-picked selection of necklaces with special meaning that will make your wife or girlfriend feel special.

1. Tree of life necklaces

A simple yet elegant design, the Tree of Life holds different meanings in different cultures. It is viewed as a symbol of immortality and a good luck charm to ward off disease and sickness. The Tree of Life is also considered a source of inspiration and hope that helps you pull through trying times.

If you want your gift to convey how much you care about your significant other’s well-being, this is one of the necklaces with special meaning to keep on your radar. If your partner has been through her share of struggles and emerged stronger, then the Tree of Life necklace would make the perfect gift for her.

2. I love you necklaces

Most of us don’t tell the special people in our lives how much they mean to us nearly enough. That needs to change. There is no such thing as saying “I love you” to someone too many times. You should do it at every opportunity you get. What better way to make a strong statement about your undying love for her than with a necklace that says so?

These necklaces with special meaning especially are a great gift idea, if you’re someone who has trouble expressing their feelings. “I love you” necklaces come in different styles. You can select a 143 I love you necklace, an 813 or butterfly I love you necklace or a hand sign I love you necklace. We love this 143 necklace in particular for its subtlety and incredibly cute vibe. It is a piece of jewelry with a special meaning which surely conveys a lot. It will help her know that her man is madly in love with her even if he doesn’t express it in words.

3. The heart inside heart necklaces

A necklace with a heart inside a heart pendant adds an aesthetic layer to this age-old symbol of love. It’s the kind of classic that almost every woman would love to have wrapped around her neck, especially if it comes as a gift from her partner. Because then it becomes a lot more valuable.

These necklaces with special meanings don’t need much decoding. Everyone knows that heart necklaces symbolize love, affection, and adoration. It is a non-verbal way of saying “I love you” to your special someone. When two hearts are intertwined, it takes on a whole different meaning.

The two intertwined hearts represent never-ending love, complete cohesiveness, and togetherness, and giving this necklace to a girl means you want to be united with her in love. This makes for a thoughtful gift for conveying your love and unflinching commitment toward a special someone.

4. Engraved bar necklaces

Bar necklaces are sophisticated and elegant pieces of jewelry that any woman of refined taste would appreciate. The best part is that there is a lot of room for customization here. You can not only customize the size and weight of the bar but also get it engraved with a message or word that holds a special meaning in your relationship, turning a simple gold bar into one of the most unique necklaces with a special meaning. This will become an extremely memorable gift for her.

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5. Infinity loop necklaces

An infinity loop necklace is a quirky piece of jewelry that’ll make a great addition to her collection. An infinity loop necklace stands for eternal love and empowerment. This is one of the best necklaces with special meaning you can pick out to reinforce your commitment toward her and the unconditional love in your relationship. These are available in different variants and can be customized with both your names to either side of the loop or even a message that holds special meaning in your relationship.

6. Anchor necklaces

Yet another one of the unique necklaces with a meaning. Necklaces with an anchor sign symbolize strength, security, and stability. It’s your way of telling her that she’s the anchor that holds your life in place. Besides, an intricate anchor necklace looks chic and goes well with any kind of ensemble, be it western or traditional.

If the occasion is extremely special, you can add a premium touch to these necklaces with special meaning by getting them with studded diamonds or made in exotic metals like platinum. It’s the perfect way to say “I love you” without saying anything at all.

7. Journey necklaces

These exquisite pieces have been a raging trend of late. Journey necklaces are perfect for symbolizing special memories, events, and milestones, and thus, make for an apt gift if you are celebrating an important landmark. For instance, for your 10th wedding anniversary, you could get her a journey necklace studded with 10 diamonds. These necklaces with special meanings are the perfect balance of modern and classic aesthetics, and any woman who adores jewelry is sure to love this gift.

8. Angel wing necklaces

Angels have forever been a symbol of happiness and hope. So, a necklace with angel wings can be the harbinger of hope and happiness in your relationship. Besides, it offers your significant other the promise of harmony, affection, and protection. These necklaces with special meaning are more than just a piece of jewelry; giving an angel necklace to a girl means that you promise to always cherish her, protect her, and look out for her best interests. It is also one of the things every girl wants her man to do for her.

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9. Open-heart necklaces

Heart necklaces have remained a popular choice for ages. If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to win her heart, turn your attention to open-heart necklaces. Given the versatility of style available in these jewelry pieces, you will find one that’s just right for your lady love. It is also a symbol of your love, passion, and honesty toward her. You can choose from popular choices such as a floating heart or one with a heart and key, or even get one customized as per your taste.

10. Birthstone necklaces

There is no better jewelry with a special meaning than a birthstone. If your partner believes in the power of astrology, birthstone necklaces make for a fitting gift. Considered to be good luck charms, these are symbolic of health and luck – two things every loving person would wish for their significant other. This gift also works like a charm in making her happy (wink, wink).

Do a bit of research and find her birthstone. For instance, if she is born in February, she is a Pisces woman and her birthstone would be amethyst, which depicts strength and courage. And if she is born in December, you need to look for turquoise necklaces that symbolize fortune and friendship. Then, either buy a necklace studded with it off the shelf or get one customized as per her taste. It will be the perfect meaningful necklace with special meaning for her.

11. Feather necklaces

Feathers stand for freedom and spirituality, both of which can be important themes in a woman’s life. Besides, these pieces of jewelry stand out for their unmistakable mystical charm that she’s surely going to appreciate. Feathers are also a symbol of pursuing one’s ambitions and reaching new heights in life. It can be a wonderfully subtle way of telling her that you’re ready to be the wind beneath her wings, all she’s got to do is soar.

12. Bird necklaces

One of the necklaces with special meaning is a bird necklace. Different birds represent different things – a dove stands for peace, love, and tranquility, while a sparrow is associated with productivity, friendliness, joy, community, and protection. If your partner happens to be an ornithologist, we can’t think of a better choice among necklaces with special meaning for her than one with a bird pattern. So, take the time to understand the symbolism behind different birds and pick one that resonates with her personality the most. It’ll make for a thoughtful gift and is one of the best gifting ideas for women.

13. Picture necklaces

Open necklaces with tiny spaces to add to photographs are as personal as necklaces with special meanings can get. Pendants with a special meaning and an engraved message have enjoyed unfailing popularity among jewelry lovers for centuries. This is the perfect piece to exhibit your love toward your partner without uttering a single word. The pictures of the two of you clutched together inside a gorgeous pendant…awwwww! Just what you need to make your girlfriend or wife happy.

14. Compass necklaces

If your partner has been bitten by the travel bug, then a compass necklace would be a fitting gift choice for her. It can be a poetic way of telling her “no matter where you go, all roads will lead you back to me”. If that doesn’t melt her heart in a jiffy, we don’t know what will! This is hands-down the best out-of-the-box gift idea for those looking for necklaces with special meaning for a woman with an offbeat taste.

15. Couple’s initials necklaces

A necklace with both your initials engraved on it is a cheeky yet cute gift idea for her. The idea works best for couples who are still in the early stages of dating and looking forward to their happily ever after. This pendant can be a great way of letting her know that you’re in, all the way. You can get these made at any jewelry store. Just pick a design, and give them your initials to be engraved on it. Hey, but that doesn’t mean you can get out of putting a rock off her finger!

Finding a special gift for your wife or girlfriend is not easy. It is a lot more than just rushing to the store last minute and picking up something with a hefty price tag. A gift must reflect your love and adoration for her, and these necklaces with a special meaning behind them do just that. You’re sorted on the gift front for the next big occasion (or 15)!

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