Virgo And Taurus: Compatibility In Love, Life & Relationships

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are virgo and taurus compatible
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So, you’ve just made a new friend, found out your boss is a Virgo/Taurus, or you’re embarking on a new romantic relationship. You’ve hopefully searched up “are Taurus and Virgo compatible?”, in an attempt to get an idea of how it’s going to go. Let’s give you an overview of what’s potentially in store.

Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs. They share a bunch of personality traits, and they can be a little similar, perhaps too similar, especially under the sheets. But how does that translate into Taurus and Virgo relationships? Is it smooth sailing, or are you both going to get sick of each other a few weeks into it? 

With the help of relationship and intimacy coach Shivanya Yogmayaa, who is an astrology consultant as well as a relationship and intimacy coach, let’s take a look at if the Taurus Virgo compatibility is one to root for or one that burns twice as bright but lasts half as long.

Taurus And Virgo Zodiac Compatibility: An Overview Of The Zodiac Signs

Before we answer, “Are Taurus and Virgo compatible?”, let’s take a look at exactly what traits these two zodiac signs hold. Unless you know what your zodiac says about you or your partner, you won’t exactly know how you’re compatible in love, and that’s assuming that you are. 

Taurus zodiac personality traits 

“You can distinctly spot a Taurus. They’re nature lovers, they like to be very steady and practical, they seek security and can surprisingly be very pleasure-seeking. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so this sign tends to be sensual, even in terms of how they dress up, decorate their house or even their interest in art and music. 

“The artistic and creative life appeals to the Taurus. Many popular musicians and actors, like Adele and Dwayne Johnson, belong to this sign. They’re usually very interested in finances, which is something they share with the Virgos.

“They’re very practical with how they approach life. One of the biggest traits of Taurus is that they’re very stubborn. You can probably move a mountain before you can change a Taurus’ mind. Nonetheless, their stubbornness doesn’t mean they’re egoistic. 

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“In relationships, they can be very steady. They have a very practical approach to love as well. That basically means that their love language is giving gifts. They’re not very flattering like Libras or Sagittarius, they’re more about showing love through practical gifts that you can use around the house. The next time a Taurus buys you a microwave, accept it as a token of love!

“Taurus make very stable partners. They’re very conscious of who they choose as their partners. They don’t like shady behavior or the kind of people who are touch and go. Of course, they can be flirty as well, but at the end of the day, they need a stable partner,” says Shivanya.

If you’re reading all this as a Virgo trying to decipher are Taurus and Virgo compatible, you’ve probably already got a pretty good sense of the fact that your personality traits aren’t too far apart. Let’s take a look at what Virgos are like.

Virgo zodiac personality traits  

Taurus and Virgo compatibility
What is a Virgo like?

Shivanya sheds light on what Virgos are like in relationships and in general before she talks about the Taurus Virgo compatibility. “Virgos are perfectionists. If you’re meeting up with a Virgo, make sure your hair is trimmed and your pants don’t sag. Trust me, they’re going to pick up on it. 

“They like a lot of orderliness. This sometimes makes them self-critical. If they feel their life is not in order, they’re susceptible to experiencing a lot of anxiety. Virgos can be critical of the people around them, and they’re not going to hold back. Especially if they appreciate you. 

“Just like Taurus, they’re pretty practical in their approach toward life. Certain Virgos can be very reserved. They’re very conscious of their friendships and relationships and tend to start slow in romantic relationships, instead of falling in love too fast.

“The reason why the Taurus Virgo compatibility can be fruitful is that they both approach relationships the same way. Virgos also want someone who’s serious and isn’t in it for the sake of it. They appreciate a good partner and look to form intense romantic connections. 

“Virgos can also have similar ideas about their career, financial stability and being in control of what’s going on around them. Especially when it comes to their relationships, they don’t like to leave things to chance,” she explains

Though you may have some sort of an idea by now, the question, “Are Taurus and Virgos compatible?” may still be eating away at you. Let’s take a look at why Cameron Diaz’s and George Clooney’s zodiac signs can fit so well together in relationships (wouldn’t that be a lovely pair?).

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Is Virgo Compatible With Taurus In Relationships?

A Taurus and Virgo relationship may seem like it’s the kind that’s taking its time to fall into place, but things still seem to effortlessly fall into place. It’ll seem like the kind where you just click, given how you’re both looking for exactly the same things. The mutual attraction is palpable, and you’re not worried about things going wrong.

Shivanya explains exactly why this dynamic has the potential of working so well together. “Taurus and Virgo compatibility is usually harmonious. They both value similar things in lifestyles and relationships. 

“A Virgo man and Taurus woman, or any combination of the two, will be very compatible with each other. They understand each other, there’s less conflict as a result of that, they’re driven by their similar thoughts and feelings. 

“Taurus can be more romantic than Virgos, but the latter has the potential of being more expressive in different ways. By being more present in the relationship, they can show that they’re always going to be there for the other partner. 

“The Taurus and Virgo compatibility also thrives because Virgos are very good listeners. This is usually the case since they’re also so reserved. They prefer to form bonds with people by listening to what they’re saying,” says Shivanya.

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So, are Taurus and Virgo compatible? From the looks of it, it seems like they might just be soulmates. But before you dream up all your vacations and the future houses you’re going to buy, it might be time to slow down just a bit. After all, nobody’s really averse to common relationship problems.

Though it’s fun to see that Taurus and Virgo relationship can be a fruitful one, it’s also worth noting that this doesn’t mean there won’t be hiccups along the way. Just like any other relationship, yours might run into some rocky waters as well. 

Are Taurus and Virgo compatible? Absolutely. Does that definitely mean their relationship is always going to be rainbows and butterflies? Obviously not. Nonetheless, the similar traits and goals you have often do result in a more harmonious relationship than most. 

So, whether yours is a Taurus man and Virgo woman dynamic or a Virgo man and Taurus woman situation, there’s no denying the fact that both you stubborn peeps are pretty much looking for the same thing. Does that translate into the bedroom as well? Let’s take a look at the sexual compatibility between Taurus and Virgo compatibility.

Taurus And Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Don’t worry, we’re not going to burst the bubble you’re in. The Taurus and Virgo compatibility even between the sheets is pretty good, but there might be some minor hurdles along the way. Shivanya explains all you need to know.  

“They have good sexual chemistry but there’s not much excitement here. Their bedroom scenes can be very mundane, predictable, and they won’t reach their sexual peak with each other. However, nobody’s saying that that’s bad. There will be a lot of comfort when it comes to Taurus and Virgo sexual compatibility. 

“Eroticism and excitement may take the back seat, this dynamic focuses more on feeling safe and comfortable with each other. Until one of them tries to learn new things in the bedroom or learns the art of newness in a relationship or sex, there isn’t going to be much thrill.

“The reason for that is that these people are very predictable. They follow a set routine and don’t like change or newness too much. However, since Taurus are very sensual people, they’ll be the ones who set the candles, they’ll be the ones who set the music,” she says. 

libra and leo compatibility

Don’t worry, there’s always some scope to spice things up in the bedroom whenever you want to. Just because the Taurus and Virgo compatibility says that your dynamic may not be naturally explosive in bed doesn’t mean that you can’t look up a few positions and introduce them the next time you’re at it. Which, according to you guys, is probably next Friday at 9.33 PM. 

If yours is a Taurus man and Virgo woman dynamic, expect him to be a little more expressive in bed than you are. Perhaps even slightly uncharacteristically, he may just want to try out that new toy you saw online once. 

Another important question is, are Taurus and Virgo compatible when it comes to friendships or even as work associates? Let’s take a look. 

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Taurus And Virgo General Compatibility 

You know what the Taurus and Virgo compatibility looks like for romantic relationships, but what if you’ve just found out your new superior is a Taurus, and you, as a Virgo are trying to figure out how well you’re going to get along? 

We’ve got you covered. Shivanya explains how the positives of Taurus and Virgo compatibility can often translate into general relationships as well. “Are Taurus and Virgo compatible at work? Of course. They’re very mutual partners. That’s often because they have the same career mindset, and somewhat share the same goals. They’re very loyal partners, even as friends.

“They add practicality to their work-life relationships. They also match each other’s rhythm when it comes to lifestyle since both these signs need comfort. Because they understand each other so well, they make each other feel that this relationship can stand the test of time. 

“However, they both need to learn innovativeness. They need to learn to be open-minded, so they’re not too fixated. Because they’re both earth signs, they’re also very susceptible to being very stable and fixated. As a result of that, they can add on to each other in a negative way. They become mundane, and their stubbornness may get in the way sometimes,” she says. 

Now that you know that you two are pretty much like two peas in a pod (or as close to that as you can be), we hope there’s nothing stopping you from starting or maintaining this wonderful bond. Instead of worrying about the Taurus and Virgo compatibility too much, we’d suggest you enjoy each other’s company and talk about your financial security and the routines you so love to follow. 


1. Who is Virgo attracted to?

The most compatible signs with Virgos are their fellow earth signs. Namely, Taurus, Capricorn and other Virgos. They also tend to quickly form a rapport with water signs, though they’re still bound to be extremely compatible with earth signs.  

2. Who is Taurus attracted to?

Since Taurus’ are so grounded and are routine-driven, they often get along best with people who share the same approach. They’re most compatible with fellow earth signs, and can also get in fulfilling dynamics with Pisces and Cancer.

3. Why are Virgos so attracted to Taurus?

Virgos and Taurus both share very similar personality traits. They both value comfort and the feeling of safety, and they both tend to take romantic relationships very slowly. They’re fixated and stubborn and have similar ideas when it comes to career planning. For those reasons, Virgos are attracted to Taurus and vice versa. 

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