Relationship OCD Test

Relationship OCD
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What is relationship OCD? Do you have relationship OCD? This easy quiz, consisting of just seven questions, will help you understand about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in relationships.

Counselor Avantika explains, “A person dealing with OCD in a relationship keeps doubting their relationship by considering the equation as flawed and uncertain. People with ROCD carry false assumptions in their minds, which are based on little to no evidence. 

“It makes them believe that their relationship with their partner is unsound. These false assumptions are driven by obsessive-compulsive behavior patterns that include intrusive thoughts about relationships, major insecurity issues, the act of doubting their partner and the relationship, and the need for perfection in a relationship or partner.” Take this quick relationship OCD test to know more. 

If you are suffering from OCD in relationships, you can also join a support group to share your experience and hear other people talk about their battle with Relationship OCD. Or you can reach out to Bonobology’s panel of licensed and experienced therapists. They are only a click away.

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