Sex study in India reveals eye-popping insights

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Updated On: November 5, 2020
Sex study of India
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That’s Personal- a sexual wellness startup that retails adults products (legally) to Indians has recently revealed findings of their four-year-old survey which offers fascinating insights into how India has sex.

Their study covered over 80,000 orders from 1,123 cities across the country, in a 52-month period.

The results are sure to make your jaw drop. Read on.

1- Maharashtra tops as the horniest state followed closely by Karnataka & West Bengal in terms of most sex products bought.

2- Gujarat jumps from the sixth position to third as the horniest during Navratri season. Monthly sales in the state jump 300% as compared to its average during the rest of the year.  We need to find out why.

3-Mumbai leads as the horniest city; Delhi & Bengaluru follow close behind. However, tier-II cities like Noida and Lucknow have seen a 25% increase in sales in the last year.

4- Assam revels as the kinkiest state in India with the maximum sale of BDSM products.

5- Talking of foreplay, Panjim orders the most massage oils in the nation.

6-Lubricants is the most popular product for males while for females it’s intimate massagers. It doesn’t reflect too highly on Indian men though.

7- The nurse costume is the most sought after costume for roleplaying and is an unsurprising favourite. Men’s thongs & handcuffs follow next.

8- Speaking of male thongs, Telangana men lead the pack while Bengali men are game for edible undies. The men of Uttar Pradesh, meanwhile, are evidently the most in need of penis enlargement products.

sex study

9- Vadodara, Pune & Trivandrum has more female customers than male. Indian men account for 62% of sex product buyers.

10- Thanks to exam season, March is the least horny month in India. Sales see a record dip every year, owing to parents being busy with their kids and making them study.

sex study

11-  The sale of sex toys soars in February followed closely by wedding season at the end of the year.

The survey is an eye-opener and reflects clearly on the sex habits of Indians and what they do /want inside their bedrooms.

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