Does My Ex Want Me Back? Quiz

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You both decided it was over but now you’re wondering if it really is. Mixed signals, unanswered calls, and cryptic texts can leave you feeling lost in a sea of uncertainty. Wondering if your ex secretly harbors a “will my ex want me back” question in their mind? Do you catch yourself analyzing every text and wondering if your ex still has feelings for you? It’s okay. Couples often go through rough patches and breakups before finally ending up together in a more stable relationship. But, you need to make sure your ex is also on the same page as you.

This 10-question quiz, crafted by a relationship counselor, aims to be your “how to know if your ex wants you back” decoding guide. While it can’t guarantee a definitive answer, it will delve into the aftermath of the breakup, helping you decipher the true meaning behind your ex’s actions (or lack thereof). So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever helps you think!), and embark on this journey of self-discovery

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1. Has your ex initiated contact with you since the breakup?

  1. Yes, frequently
  2. Occasionally
  3. No, not at all

2. How does your ex behave when you interact?

  1. They seem eager and interested
  2. They’re polite but distant
  3. They seem indifferent or uninterested

3. Do they bring up past memories or inside jokes when you talk?

  1. Yes, often
  2. Occasionally
  3. No, rarely or never

4. Have they expressed regret or apologized for the breakup?

  1. Yes, multiple times
  2. Once or twice
  3. No, not at all

5. Have they asked about your current dating or relationship status?

  1. Yes, they seem curious
  2. Occasionally, but in passing
  3. No, they haven’t shown interest

6. How do they respond to your social media posts or updates?

  1. They frequently like, comment, or interact with your posts
  2. They occasionally react or respond
  3. They rarely or never engage with your posts

7. Have they made any efforts to spend time with you in person?

  1. Yes, they’ve suggested meeting up or hanging out
  2. Occasionally, but it’s been casual or coincidental
  3. No, they haven’t made any effort to see you

8. Have they brought up the possibility of getting back together?

  1. Yes, they’ve hinted at it or directly mentioned it
  2. They’ve mentioned it in passing or in a casual context
  3. No, they haven’t discussed getting back together

9. Do they seem genuinely interested in your life and well-being?

  1. Yes, they ask about your day, your interests, and your feelings
  2. Occasionally, but the conversations are brief
  3. No, they seem disinterested or detached

10. Have they made any changes or improvements since the breakup?

  1. Yes, they’ve made noticeable efforts
  2. They’ve made some minor changes, but nothing significant
  3. No, they haven’t made any effort to change or improve

11. How do they react when you mention the possibility of reconciling?

  1. They seem enthusiastic or positive about it
  2. They’re unsure or non-committal
  3. They seem hesitant or resistant

12. Overall, how do you feel about the signals your ex is giving?

  1. I’m optimistic and think they want me back
  2. I’m unsure or conflicted about their intentions
  3. I don’t believe they want to reconcile

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