Am I Emotionally Unavailable? Quiz

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Am I emotionally unavailable
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Do you find yourself being emotionally distant, unable to fully express your feelings, or hesitant to share your vulnerabilities with your partner? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience varying degrees of emotional availability, and it can often make it hard for them to form deep connections with people. Be it close friends or a romantic interest, vulnerability is essential. Often a fear of being emotional can stop you from sharing your inner thoughts and feelings even though you want to, thus limiting your relationships.

This quiz, created by a psychologist, goes beyond a simple emotionally unavailable test or an emotional detachment test. It’s a tool for self-reflection designed to help you explore areas where you might be experiencing difficulties with emotional connection. Emotional detachment disorder is more common than you think. The first step to overcoming it, is identifying it.

This quiz aims to address questions like “am I emotionally detached” or “am I emotionally cold,” which might be running through your head. Be prepared to encounter questions that might make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Engaging with these moments of discomfort, however, can be crucial for growth and understanding.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, only opportunities to learn more about yourself and your emotional availability in your relationships.

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1. How do you typically respond to expressions of emotion from others?

  • I listen attentively and offer support.
  • I feel uncomfortable and tend to withdraw.
  • I struggle to connect with or understand their emotions.

2. How would you describe your ability to express your own emotions?

  • I am comfortable expressing my feelings openly.
  • I find it challenging to express my emotions.
  • I often suppress or deny my emotions altogether.

3. In past relationships, how have you handled conflict or disagreement?

  • I communicate openly and work towards resolution.
  • I avoid conflict or shut down emotionally.
  • I become defensive or dismissive of my partner’s concerns.

4. Do you often find yourself keeping people at a distance or avoiding intimacy?

  • No, I enjoy forming deep connections with others.
  • Sometimes, I struggle to let people get close to me.
  • Yes, I prefer to keep my relationships surface-level.

5. How do you typically respond to offers of emotional support or comfort?

  • I appreciate the support and reciprocate when needed.
  • I feel uncomfortable accepting help from others.
  • I tend to push people away or downplay my need for support.

6. Are you able to identify and verbalize your own needs and boundaries in relationships?

  • Yes, I am clear about my needs and assertive in expressing them.
  • I find it difficult to identify or communicate my needs.
  • I often priorities others’ needs over my own or avoid asserting boundaries.

7. Do you often feel disconnected or detached from your own emotions?

  • No, I am in tune with my emotions and can express them effectively.
  • Sometimes, I struggle to identify or process my feelings.
  • Yes, I feel numb or detached from my emotions most of the time.

8. How do you typically handle moments of vulnerability or emotional intimacy?

  • I embrace vulnerability and share openly with trusted individuals.
  • I feel uncomfortable or anxious in vulnerable situations.
  • I avoid vulnerability altogether or shut down emotionally.

9. Have you noticed a pattern of distancing yourself from potential romantic partners?

  • No, I am open to forming connections.
  • Sometimes, I find myself pulling away from people.
  • Yes, I tend to sabotage relationships or avoid commitment altogether.

10. Do you priorities personal growth and self-awareness in your life?

  • Yes, I am committed to personal growth and self-reflection. – 1
  • I struggle to priorities self-awareness or introspection. – 2
  • Not really, I prefer to avoid delving in too deeply – 3

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