10 thoughts that come to your mind when your mother-in-law announces her visit next month

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Time to buck up, MIL is here

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to gear up and get out that vacuum cleaner which has been used twice in 2 years. Shopping needs to extend to vegetables and masalas from just needless clothes and accessories. Familiar thoughts? You guessed it right; MIL has announced her visit next month. And you cannot afford to chill.

1. Panic

If you are lazy types, then this will seem like the toughest exam for you. You will have nightmares of failing the cooking test and wake up half covered in sweat. OK maybe not this much panic but that initial alarm has gone off in your head even though you might not show it in front of your husband. You waste no time and begin to make a list of things to do along with their schedules. The next one month, you will be cleaning or organising something every weekend and that thought itself is so annoying.

2. Get organised

You might swim your way through your messy wardrobe otherwise, but now that you are expected to have your MIL over, you sort your way through the clothes and do that much-needed organising to your wardrobe.

3. Quick lessons

You quickly resort to YouTube and google for some new recipes which you can make to impress her and get those extra blessings from your MIL. This is also the time you will prove that you are not completely useless in the kitchen.

4. Swoop Swoop

Have you been making your way through the piles of non laundered clothes, dust balls gathered in the corner of the bookshelf and cobwebs that have been sitting so comfortably in every corner of your house? Do you know who will not fail to notice them? Exactly! Time to take out that broom and clean the hell out of that house.

5. Skimpy out, traditional in

OK flaunting your figure is something you love to do and your skinny jeans, your miniskirts and those denim shorts compliment your body. But that’s for some other time. Bring out the Punjabi suits, salwar kameez and Kurtis that you have kept separately for special occasions as what could be a more special one? And don’t forget to hide your sexy lingerie. Your life is an embarrassment enough. Do you need more?

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6. You snooze, you lose

Practice waking up with just one alarm instead of the 10 that you snooze daily. And the alarm needs to be 2 hours before you usually wake up. You know she likes her tea at 6 am so better to wake up at 5 and get to work.

7. Where’s the party?

Weekends are for house parties and sometimes even a few evenings on weekdays. But for the next month, reaching home late is not an option. Unless of course, you have to work late. Say bye bye to your awesome party life for a few days and say hello to daily soaps and long conversations about how you can improve yourself.

8. Take out the take outs

Time to hide those take-out menus that are your lifeline on weekends. Hide them in some place safe and get back to the kitchen to practice some home cooking so that you don’t burn the tadka in front of your MIL.

9. Watch your tongue

Slangs might be flying out of your mouth normally, but now that your MIL is coming over, watch your tongue honey. Or get caught in a very difficult position!

10. Argue less, agree more

Your husband and you may be arguing about anything and everything under the roof, but not in front of parents. Even if you feel the urge to correct him, do it in person and not in front of his mother as she may not like it. Instead, talk about things that you both agree upon to make conversation.

These are some of the most important things you would do during her visit. Relax and breathe. She might be a bit critical and doesn’t understand your way of doing things but remember not all her criticism is to be ignored. She might have some good points which can help you be a better person personally and professionally. And at the end of the day, remember she is a very important woman to your husband, so take everything with a pinch of salt. Try and enjoy her company and you never know you might end up having fun.

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