18 signs your boyfriend misses you and wants you back

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Boyfriends are not very good at conveying their feelings. They are either unable to express them or don’t want to be called a sissy for being too vocal about them. They thus form a hard exterior and the poor girlfriend has to keep looking for signs to know that her boyfriend is still into her. Boyfriends are experts in hiding specifically two emotions: their love for their girlfriend and the fact that they are missing them. They believe in letting the other know by their actions without actually having to say it. How manly of him!

18 things your boyfriend will do if he misses you

These boyfriends make their girlfriends scramble here and there to get answers and then call them crazy. Who is the one making them crazy, eh? What is crazier is letting your large ego come in the way of your relationship. While it is male ego for some, others are just shy to express their feelings. Are you one of those girlfriends who are looking for signs that your boyfriend misses you? Read this article to end your dilemma.
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1. He calls you frequently

He calls you whenever he gets the time. He tells you that he prefers to call instead of sending texts. It is because he wants to hear your voice. He will try to find reasons to call you and will try to make conversation even if there is nothing left to talk about. When you ask him why he has called, he will just make some excuse up.


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2. He will find ways to meet you

No matter how tight his schedule is, he will try to meet you. He will somehow try to adjust your plans with his work schedule. He might not tell you how busy he is, because he doesn’t want you to cancel the plan. If he gets to see you even for fifteen minutes, it’s enough for him.

3. Always replies to your texts

He might be tied up with work, but this doesn’t stop him from replying to your texts. He will reply interestedly to your texts unless he is extremely busy. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to miss out on a chance to talk to you. At times, he will reply to you within a few minutes. It is because he has been sitting with his phone in hand, waiting for you come online.

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4. He tries to prolong the date

You both are on a date and it’s time for you to go home. He recommends this amazing ice cream parlour that you must try out. After walking over there and having a wonderful dessert, he tells you that he will drop you home. The ice cream parlour was just a way of prolonging the date. I’m sure that the ice cream wasn’t that great either. He wants to spend more time with you and thus will keep creating new excuses to do so.

5. He gives miss calls in the middle of the night

It’s late at night and he is missing you. He doesn’t want to wake you from your sleep but still wants to hear your voice. He will give you missed calls to know if you are awake. When you are up and ask him why he called, he will just make something up. You know the real reason!

6. That smile on his face when he sees you

At times it is difficult even for him to hide his emotions. His lips automatically stretch into a smile when he sees you. He can’t help but smile. You don’t even have to ask him how he feels. You make him happy and his face says it all. Even if you ask him, his reply will be a shy smile.

7. He always talks about you

He talks about you to his friends and family. The only topic that he is able to speak about seems somehow related to you. If you are not with him physically, you are with him in his conversations. You get to know how much he adores you and misses you when you get to meet his family and friends.
You might not know all of them but they all know you!
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8. He stalks you on social media

In his free time, he will go through your old pictures and statuses on social media. He does it to get to know more about you through them. Being crazy about you will make him stalk all the social media accounts you have, even the ones you haven’t used in years. He may accidentally like some of your posts and beat himself up for it, because he has now left behind evidence that will notify you!

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9. He sends you random texts

Ever found random texts on your phone which don’t mean anything to you? You may find it weird but it is because he has used up all his backup conversations and doesn’t know what to type now. He is not going to tell you that he misses you, so will just go for the all the other options that will make him more of a weirdo.

10. He becomes moody

Missing someone and not being able to tell the person makes people moody. You become upset and frustrated. It’s like a ticking bomb that can explode any time. The only thing is that it explodes in worst possible ways. He ends up fighting with you for unnecessary things. You don’t know what is wrong with him and he doesn’t know what else to do.

11. He will want to know about your day

Just because he wasn’t a part of your day doesn’t mean that he can’t be a part of it now. He will ask you about your day. He will listen to you cribbing and complaining about your boss and even tease you about it. He will feel involved in your life and feel emotionally closer to you. Hearing you talk about your day will appease his feelings for you.

12. He will accuse you of missing him

Ever thought of confronting his feelings? If you already have, then this is what might have happened. Instead of accepting the fact that he misses you, he will make you feel that you are the one making this up because you are feeling like this. He will make this about you and not about him. Instead, he will make a joke about it or tease you for thinking so. Such men!

13. He gets jealous

If you make plans with your friends he will feel jealous that he is not the one spending time with you. He might even seem okay, but will eventually bring this up. He will feel sorry for the fact that he isn’t the one getting to spend quality time with you. Even when you are with your friends, he will call at intervals to know if the party has bored you yet.

14. He will ask you for pictures

Now, sending pictures may sound a bit weird and may show signs of a stalker, but your boyfriend just does that to get a sneak peek into your life. Asking for pictures is just a code word for ‘I want to see you’. He has already run out of pictures from your social media and thus wants to see your latest pictures. If you feel uncomfortable in sending them, just tell him. He will understand.

15. He will give you surprise visits

Your boyfriend might just turn up at your office or your house to surprise you. He wants to see you and doesn’t want to wait until your next date. When you ask him, he will just tell you that he was in the neighbourhood and thought of dropping by. You will notice that these surprise visits are usually during your lunch hours or the time when he knows you could be free.

Funny he was there when you were free!

16. He sends you gifts

He will send you gifts like flowers, cards and sometimes your favourite food. He loves it when you call him, all surprised and excited, telling him how much you loved his gifts. He pays attention to your conversations and shows thoughtful gestures only a caring boyfriend would make.

17. He shows his affection

When he meets you, he picks you up and hugs you tightly. He doesn’t let go that easily. It might surprise you to see how affectionate he has become all of a sudden. He has missed you since the last meeting and is showing it through affection.

18. He finally says it

There will be a time when his feelings for you will grow larger than his ego or shyness and he will finally say the three almost magical words, “I miss you”. He has eventually given into his feelings and is no more afraid of being vocal about them. He doesn’t care about anything else but you.

Analysing the behaviour of boyfriends is much more difficult than that of a girlfriend’s. Women are more vocal in their behaviour and actions, so it is easier to assess how they feel. Men, on the other hand, are liked closed books that will not let you read their pages until they want you too. They leave their girlfriends in a fix, all confused about their man. In every relationship, it is important that both partners are open about their feelings so that they share a healthy bond.

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