35 Beautiful Good Night Messages To Text Your Crush At Night

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Updated On: December 26, 2023
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If you are struggling to figure out what to text your crush at night, then rest assured you are not the only one. After all, when you have a crush on someone, you can’t help but put extra thought and effort into every little move you make. Everything needs to be just right!

Good night texts show the sender’s care and concern; they are meaningful. They say, “After a long day before I go to sleep, you are the one on my mind.” How flattering! To make sure that you are always on point with these, we’re here to share some sweet ways to end your late-night conversation with your crush, and to tell you some interesting ways to say good night to them.

35 Beautiful Good Night Messages To Text Your Crush At Night

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So here you are. You want to make them swoon or sweep them off their feet. Instead, you find yourself staring at the ceiling, drawing a complete blank, wondering what to text your crush at night. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

The most poetic words can often fall short in matters of the heart. A little help can go a long way in ensuring your connection doesn’t fizzle out just because you can’t figure out the right thing to say at the right time. These are some of the most heart-touching messages you can send to your crush to wish them good night, and make them feel loved as they wrap up their day.

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1. “I am about to fall asleep but couldn’t without saying good night to you. Sweet dreams”

A simple message from the heart means a lot. This text is bound to make your crush smile and make her good night’s sleep cozier.

2. “I want you to be the last thing on my mind before I sleep. Good night”

If you wish to hint at your feelings, then this is the way to go. Text your crush before bed and you are guaranteed to be the last thing on their mind before they drift off. Let them know they are your last thought too. 

3. “I wish I could cuddle with you right now, but since I can’t, a good night will have to do”

Need a good night text to make him smile? This is the one. No one can resist a good cuddle after a long day. Send this message at the end of your late-night conversation with your crush. If they are into you too, they will soon be craving your soft hugs.

4. “I look forward to dreaming about you tonight”

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Such flirty good night messages for your crush will let them know how you feel about them. Addictive flirty texts and sexual innuendos will surely make them want more.

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5. “Good night! Call me if you see any ghosts”

If you are wondering what to text your crush at night to make them laugh, then this is a great way to wish them good night. Maybe they’ll laugh or maybe they will really see a ghost and call you. Either way, it’s going to be fun. Scary but fun. 

6. “I have been smiling at my phone all day thanks to you. Better give my cheeks a break. Good night!”

It’s always lovely to know that you are the reason a person can’t stop smiling. Send this message to your crush and make them feel special just as they are about to call it a day. A message to make them never stop talking to you. 

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7. “I miss you so much, I am going to hug my pillow and pretend it’s you”

This is one of those flirty good night messages for a crush that expresses how much you miss them and how badly you want to be with them. This beautifully flirty text could touch strings.

8. “May your dreams be sweeter than you tonight”

If your relationship is the playful kind, then this is the perfect message to text your crush late at night. This compliment is sure to make them go to bed smiling.

9. “You are the reason I believe in fairy tales. Sleep tight”

When the right person comes along, life does begin to resemble a fairy tale. This romantic text message conveys the beauty of a relationship in just a few words, leaving them feeling loved and appreciated as they drift into their dreamland.

a goodnight text to make him smile
Good night message for someone special

10. “If you could stop running in my mind and let me sleep, that would be great”

Use this one if you’re wondering what to text your crush at night that’s light-hearted and funny. This is perfect for you if you want to make your crush laugh. Romantic as well as funny, your crush will find it adorable.

11. “I hope we meet in our dreams so that I can show you how much I miss you”

This is a short, beautiful message to let your crush know how dearly you miss them and it is sure to make them miss you too as they lay in bed. If you have your eyes on a guy, this is a good night text to make him smile and to let him know how much he means to you.

12. “You have been cordially invited to visit me in my dreams! RSVP Yes or Yes”

This good night wish is the answer to what to text your crush at night if you’re feeling playful and confident. Add a funny meme too, to make them giggle even more. It is sure to make them admire your cleverness; this is a good tip on how to get your crush to like you more.

13. “ I can see the stars tonight. I wish I could watch them with you. Have a good night”

Watching the stars is a romantic and peaceful experience that is enhanced tenfold when you are with someone you love. This is among those flirty good night messages for your crush that will make them look up at the sky and wish for your company too.

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14. “I am so thankful to have you in my life that I could write pages about what you mean to me. Someday I will. Till then, sleep well”

There is something so romantic about dedicating page after page in someone’s appreciation. Text your crush late at night something along these lines and your special someone is sure to be moved. Let them have dreams about you tonight. 

15. “This song reminds me of you, and I am going to listen to it on a loop and fall asleep to it. Sweet dreams”

Send this good night text along with the song that reminds you of your crush. An indirect way of serenading them, and it is effective too. You will make your special someone blush in no time.

16. “I had the most amazing dream about you last night. I am hoping for a sequel tonight”

Send such flirty good night messages for your crush without ado. It will prolong your chat and might even lead to something naughty. This could be a game-changer for you, and might make both of you fall ‘out’ of sleep. Consider yourself warned. Wink wink!

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17. “Talking to you is definitely turning me into an insomniac. Can’t stop thinking about you”

You know it is a good night message for someone special when you give it a lot of thought. Late-night conversations with your crush are magical. You know you are going to be sleep-deprived and grumpy the next day but it’s totally worth it. Let your crush know you love this sweet torture.

18. “You keep distracting me. You better not stop”

When you are texting your crush, no matter how hard you try, playing it cool goes out the window. Let your crush know you like them and the effect they have on you. This could make their day, and yours too. But be safe and don’t walk into a wall while you chat with them.

19. “Night night, don’t let the monsters under the bed bite”

If you are wondering what to text your crush at night before falling asleep, then this impish text will surely serve its purpose. But if your crush believes in ghosts and monsters and is afraid of them, then be prepared to receive an earful. Either way, it’ll sure get you both chatting! 

20. “My heart skips a beat every time my phone buzzes, thinking it might be you. Things that you do to me … Sleep well and give my heart a break”

It’s hot AND mushy! This flirty good night message for your crush will have their toes curling under the sheets as well as give them butterflies. It’ll help them fall asleep with a light heart.

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21. “Every little thing reminds me of you. Tonight, it’s the moon. Have a good night, you are always on my mind”

A bit of a cliché? True. But clichés exist for a reason. When you are into someone, the smallest thing lingers with their memory. Maybe it’s the way their nose turns red like a tomato when it’s cold, or that one night when a sliver of moonlight fell on them and it looked like they glowed from within. 

22. “Your presence in my life is like an oasis in the desert. I am thirsty for that one moment of your presence”

Make note of such good night texts to send to your crush immediately. This one hits you right in the feels. If you want to express your feelings to someone you love, this message will do that for you perfectly. 

23. “Can’t wait to sleep so I can text you again in the morning. Good night.”

This is an amazing answer to what texts to send to your crush at night. It is endearing to see someone being vulnerable with you. A text like this can make your crush warm up to you more and lead to some cozy conversations as both of you keep twisting and turning in your bed.

24. “I read somewhere when you dream about someone, it means that person is thinking about you. In that case, you must be dreaming of me every night. Sweet dreams, my love.”

This is sure to make anyone feel loved. Text your crush before bed and leave them to wonder what you dream about all night. Have the best time thinking about your crush, who’s now making up fantasies in their head. 

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25. “It’s impossible to stay away from you. I keep wishing you were with me right now.”

It is normal to yearn for the person you love. If you have an inkling that your crush likes you, then use this to text your crush late at night and have them yearn for you as well.

26. “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

It’s hard to go wrong with poetry, especially if your crush is into literature. This verse is a perfect way to say good night to your crush. You will score major brownie points.  

27. “The sun is red, the sky is blue, I cannot sleep without disturbing you. Good night.”

There are many ways to be romantic. No doubt, romance is important in a relationship, but so is having a little fun. Send this text to your crush really late at night. If you do manage to wake them up, well, then … mischief managed.

28. “It has been a long day for you, babe. Get some well-deserved rest. And I will pray tomorrow is easier for you. Good night, sweetheart.”

This good night message for someone special is a balm to their pain. Sometimes, a few thoughtful words are enough to make a person’s day better. Keeping this in mind will help a lot when wondering what to text your crush at night, especially after they’ve had a bad day. 

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29. “I bet no one told you this, but the future is shaped by your dreams. So have the sweetest of dreams tonight. Rest well”

If you have a crush on someone who is giving their all to chase their dreams, then this text is for them. Showing them support in achieving their aspirations as they unwind after a long, hard day will definitely guarantee you a place in their heart.

30. “You have two choices. Either I come over and guard you while you sleep or I ask the bogeyman to watch over you. Choose wisely.”

Be warned that when you send these flirty good night texts, your crush might actually befriend the bogeyman and ask him to watch over YOU. 

31. “Hold on to your phone tightly because I am sending you a tsunami of hugs, kisses, and love. The sweetest of dreams, my love.”

Aww! Now, who wouldn’t love receiving a tsunami of hugs and kisses? The perfect text to send as they feel the warmth of your feelings, adding to the coziness and sweet dreams of their night. 

32. “They say the night is the longest on winter’s solstice. To me, any night without you is the longest ever. Good night, love!”

Send this good night message to make them smile. Ending your late-night conversations with your crush on this note will have them missing you too and set their heart aflutter.

33. “Sending the warmest thoughts and prayers to you as you rest your head on your pillow and fall fast asleep. May tomorrow bring you wonderful things and may all your dreams come true.”

The best way to send good night texts to a crush is to wish the best for them from the bottom of your heart. This sweet good night message will make their night better and it’ll convey your good wishes too.

34. “Good night, my sweetheart. Just like the night-blooming jasmine, you bloom in my heart even as I sleep. And you spread your sweetness in my day.”

If you are wondering what to text to get your crush’s attention, then this is sure to make them pause. You might even capture their heart as your words fill their nights with thoughts about you.

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35. “I cherish our night-time conversations. The best part of my day is these pillow talks. Good night, sweetheart.”

There is something about the night that makes one open up and say things that they would never say in the morning. Your crush will not be able to help themselves but be enamored by your vulnerability. It is sometimes good to keep things simple.

Key Pointers

  • Good night texts to your crush show care and concern, with the added touch of personal connection as well as naughtiness
  • But what to text your crush at night? Thoughtful and flirty messages can make your crush feel special and create a lasting impression
  • Expressing your honest emotions and creating a compassionate connection through words can make late-night conversations magical
  • A well-crafted good night message can set you apart and make your crush eagerly anticipate your next text

Today, when there are a million GIFs and memes that convey your feelings to the point of perfection, personalized good night texts to your crush will set you apart from the spamming crowd. And I am sure your crush will notice and appreciate your effort.

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