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Sometimes, the universe in the middle of an ordinary life, out of nowhere, gives us a beautiful fairy tale. That’s the kind of once-in-a-lifetime romance that leaves us asking, “Are we meant to be together?” Many people believe that we each have a soulmate. Someone who is born just for us. If you want to know how to know if someone is your destiny, then keep reading. 

Falling in love is a lot more complicated than just a simple “love at first sight”. It’s more than rainbows and butterflies. It can be different for each one of us. You might meet someone, instantly fall in love with them, you feel “at home” when you’re together, and decide that they are your soulmates.

On the contrary, it’s a slow burn for some people. They take their time when they meet someone and before making a lifelong commitment. They go through a lot of turmoil and wonder, “Are we meant to be together in the future as well or is it just a fling where it’s only fun and games?”

Is There Such A Thing As Meant To Be Together?

Falling in love is easy. The difficult part lies in finding out if the two of you are meant to be together and if you see a happy future with them. As someone who fell in love and recently tied the knot, I take the full liberty of saying yes, there is such a thing as “meant to be together”. There will come a time when a person will show you that you can be happy while being your true self. They will even let you wear their hoodies and steal your perfume. Believe me, it’s one of the most nurturing and beautiful feelings in the world.

Is love real? Yes, absolutely. Do you think the universe wants you to be with someone? Is the universe constantly sending you signals that you should give someone a chance? That could be anyone. Your colleague, your friend from high school, or someone you met at your Yoga class.

If you’re single and don’t mind looking around, then there’s no harm in going out on a simple coffee date with them. But hey, are you meant to be together? Who knows what the future holds! Look for the signs listed below and they might turn out to be your soulmate. 

Are We Meant To Be Together? 23 Signs That Answer Your Question

If you are currently dating someone and looking for signs of are you meant to be together with them, then we have compiled a list of signs that you and your current partner are destined to be together.

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1. You both put equal effort into the relationship 

Equal effort basically means tending to each other’s needs equally. You can’t keep going out to restaurants that ONLY you like or you can’t expect to run the show alone and think that your partner will be okay with it. Effort in a relationship is one of the ways to strengthen your bond. It can be seen in such trivial things as well as more intricate matters. For example, you can’t expect only them to shower love and affection on you while you barely show them your love. 

These days, people take each other for granted so much that effort gets lost somewhere deep in the relationship. But if you and your partner help each other out in the kitchen, two of you have each other’s back during difficult times, if when either of you falls sick, the other one takes care, then maybe you are meant to be together. Effort makes a relationship ten times more passionate. 

2. There is healthy compromise on both sides

Two people can never think, behave, or act alike. Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings can’t match either. Keeping all that in mind, when two people amicably and mutually settle their differences by reaching a conclusion, it is known as compromising the right way.

In no way does compromise mean agreeing with your partner. We all have our own beliefs and opinions. Think of it more like meeting halfway, finding a good balance, and filling in the spaces, so both of you feel seen and heard. If you are asking, “Are we meant to be together in the future?”, then notice how both of you compromise in the relationship.

3. You are meant to be together if you fight fair 

This is one of the most useful and valuable lessons I’ve learnt in my relationship. It’s not how many date nights we go on or how much we compliment each other. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how we fight. We didn’t achieve this in our first fight. In fact, it took us a lot of fights to figure out how to fight. There are many fair fighting rules for couples which we grasped.

We don’t fight about all the issues at once. We tackle one at a time. We make sure we don’t yell or dominate the conversation and make it one-sided. We avoid name calling or mimicking one another. If you are asking how to know if someone is in your destiny or should be in your destiny, then find out how they treat you during the fight. 

4. Both of you feel seen and heard

It’s rare when you find someone who not only listens to you but understands what you are saying and where you are coming from. They are listening intently and asking follow-up questions just to clearly comprehend your thoughts. It is one of the signs of intimacy in a relationship. If your current relationship is all about understanding and empathizing with one another, then maybe you are right to ask “Are we meant to be together?” 

Do you have a gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone who doesn’t threaten the foundation of your relationship by making you feel your opinions aren’t heard or valid? If so, then they care about you more than you can think. 

5. You have each other’s backs 

One of the most important things to learn if you want to have someone’s back is by practicing empathy. The ability to understand your partner’s feelings and look at everything from their point of view. If your partner sticks by you through your difficult times, then no wonder why you feel “at home” when you’re together. That’s the meaning of loyal relationship.

The main reason why it’s important to have your partner’s back is because such an act restricts the entry of outsiders into your relationship. It’s just you and your significant other dealing with problems together. If you are asking “What is one of the signs that we are meant to be together?”, then having a united front is your answer. 

6. You make each other better

The point of any relationship is to show love and help each other grow. The growth can be in any form. It could be personal growth, professional growth, or even mental growth. There are many tips to grow in a relationship everyday. If you and your partner are all about growth, then maybe the universe wants you to be with them.

My partner helped me a lot in helping me fight my past trauma. My mental health was all over the place before I met him. I am not saying it’s all better now. All I am saying is I am not fighting those battles alone now. There’s someone who understands me and helps me grow at my own pace. So, before asking “are we meant to be together?”, you need to ask how much your partner helps in widening your horizons. 

When a relationship doesn’t help you grow, it leads to lack of affection, communication, and trust. If you are destined to be with someone, then that someone must help you focus on your growth and the relationship’s growth rather than just focusing on their own accomplishments. That’s just selfish. 

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7. There is no pretending in the relationship

What’s the point of being in a relationship where you aren’t your true authentic self? If they love the made-up version of you, it simply means they don’t love you. They love this particular version of you where you are perfect. You are being unjust to yourself by abandoning your real self to receive someone’s love. There’s no way you can keep up with this act for the rest of your life, that is if you are destined to be with that someone.

This is one of the definitions of fake relationships. If you do continue to pretend, you will certainly not be happy. You’ll be exhausted by faking it everyday. Throw the mask off and see if they love you with your flaws and imperfections. If they’re still crazy about you, then you are right to ask “Are we meant to be together in the future?” 

8. You treat each other respectfully 

Most of us confuse what the meaning of respect means. It’s not just being polite. Respect basically means to accept someone for who they are. When the two of you have an argument, you listen to one another and be empathetic. You don’t shy away from expressing your unfiltered thoughts and opinions.

Neither of you want to control or manipulate the other person for their personal gain. You admit when you’ve made a mistake and you respect their boundaries and you look for elements to develop trust in the relationship. If you have a gut feeling you are meant to be with someone, then see if they check all these points. If they do, then truly you are meant to be together. 

gut feeling you are meant to be with someone
You can’t keep your hands off them

9. You are each other’s biggest cheerleaders 

For a relationship to keep moving smoothly, you need to be each other’s cheerleaders. Whether it’s a job promotion, or a simple salary raise, or any short-term goal they’ve achieved. Show glee and excitement. The intent behind this celebration is creating a shared moment of pure happiness. 

Are we meant to be together? Yes, if your partner celebrates your small and big victories alike. No, if they act like it’s not a big deal. There are 7 fundamentals of support in a relationship. If they get all of them right, then yes, you are meant to be together. If there is no encouragement or support, why bother being in a relationship with them? It reflects that they don’t really care about you. 

10. You have introduced them to your family and vice versa

You met, fell in love, now what? You can’t be the only one to introduce your partner to your family members. If you are going to make such a big decision, your partner should take a step in that direction as well. How to know if you are destined to be with someone? See if they are just whiling away their time with you or have genuine intentions of making you meet their friends and parents. 

11. You can’t keep your hands off them

Sex is one of the important types of intimacy in a relationship. You will get a gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone when there’s an undeniable sexual attraction to them. You are madly in love and you can hardly keep your hands off each other when they are around. The sex is great and leaves you wanting for more. 

If you are asking “are we meant to be together?”, then notice if you can spot the thin line between love and lust. See if they just like having sex or they like having sex with you. That’s a big yet essential thing to distinguish if you are planning on spending the rest of your life with them. 

12. You are meant to be together if silence isn’t boring

The whole getting to know them and falling in love part is thrilling. It makes your heart skip a beat. But you could be under the false impression if you think that’s how sensational relationships are 24×7. Allow me to burst your bubble. Once the honeymoon phase is over, the two of you will be bored a lot. But boring doesn’t mean unhealthy or that there is something missing. 

There will be times when you won’t have anything to talk about. You both will be exhausted after a hectic day and there’s no energy left to entertain one another. In such times, just sitting in silence in the presence of your partner will calm your nerves. Sometimes the car rides home with my partner are so silent. There will be only music playing in the background. Just the thought of it soothes my heart. Before saying yes to my partner I kept asking “Are we meant to be together?’’ The answer was clear when I found our silent times soothing. 

13. You aren’t afraid to be vulnerable

Vulnerability in a relationship helps in building trust and provides comfort to your partner. It’s the feeling of knowing that you can share your insecurities and secrets without those things being used against you. Being vulnerable means being at the risk of getting hurt. 

It’s such a heartwarming thing that they have all the opportunities to use them as ammunition against you and hurt you yet they don’t. Simply because they love you and care about you. If you want to know “Are we meant to be together?”, then see how they use your vulnerability. If they use them to deepen the bond, then they are the right one for you. 

14. Communication is great

You can talk about anything without holding back, without the fear of being judged, and without thinking if the words that leave your mouth even make sense. Sometimes my partner just goes on prattling about the mundane things about everyday life, and I take part in the conversation by listening and showing interest.

Even though I am not a great talker, I try a lot to bring something into the conversation by sharing my opinion. There’s never a moment where we hesitate to talk about things. If you and your partner have great communication, then you are right to ask “Are we meant to be together?”

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15. You can communicate non-verbally

Non-verbal communication doesn’t mean reading someone’s mind or behaving like a mentalist in the relationship. It’s understanding your partner’s body language, facial expressions, maintaining eye contact, and their gestures.

The universe wants you to be with someone in a relationship if they can understand your mood just by looking at you, when there are signs of telepathic love. It’s important you understand your partner non-verbally because it helps in fostering warmth and reliability between the couple.  

16. You are meant to be together if there’s teamwork involved

With the right teammate, you can achieve anything in life. You can’t do everything on your own. You need someone who will support you and will pick you up when you’re down. There’s no putting each other down or not believing in the dreams they have. You compromise equally and make sure you don’t hold on to the little things. If you want to know you are meant to be together with your partner, then see what kind of team mentality you share. 

17. You don’t try to change each other

Are we meant to be together? Yes, if your partner doesn’t try to change you. They don’t ask you to lose weight. They don’t ask you to put on weight. They don’t ask you to wear less makeup. They love you with all your quirky ways and habits. You can’t change your partner. It’s as simple as that. It’s one of the examples of unconditional love. You can’t even try to do that because it’s selfishness at its peak. Rather than trying to fix your partner, focus on changing your mentality. 

18. You are secure in the relationship

When there’s no suspicion or feelings of distrust, you are right to ask “Are we meant to be together?” When I left a cheating partner, I had a hard time learning how to trust again. I learnt something very useful. Being or feeling secure doesn’t mean how much you trust the other person. It’s more about learning to trust yourself.

Trust yourself that no matter what the other person does, you will be able to take care of yourself. How to know if someone is your destiny? They don’t compare their previous relationships with this one. They are secure with you and with the growth of the relationship. 

19. Ego has no place in the relationship 

While ego is important to have a sense of self-esteem, it is harmful when there’s nothing but ego from one side of the relationship. If your partner has the inherent need to be right every single time, then they’re not the right one for you and your question of are we meant to be together is futile. When their ego is bruised, they will play the victim card. What will follow after this is a series of selfishness where their pride will rule and you will be left to be submissive. If this is what’s happening, I suggest you take a hint and run. 

20. Neither of you is playing mind games 

Oh, mind games. They’re the most vicious things ever. A person who plays mind games will want to control you and that’s not the kind of person you want to spend your life with. They like to make you feel weak because of their need to feel strong and important. Mind games and power struggle in relationships are toxic. If you want to know “Are we meant to be together?”, then the answer lies in whether or not they hurt your feelings intentionally. If they don’t control you and your decisions, then they are a good partner.

21. You enjoy the time you spend together

In a happy relationship, you won’t feel your partner is love bombing you or exhausting you. It’s all about equality and there’s an equal amount of give and take in the relationship. You enjoy the time you spend with them even if it’s just watching a movie or going on a walk together. Some people even enjoy going to the gym with their partner. The universe wants you to be with someone if you love each and every moment that you spend with that person. 

22. You make each other feel safe 

Are you meant to be together? Yes, if they make you feel safe and protected. You feel a different kind of warmth when someone makes you feel safe in their presence. It’s not just about physical or sexual safety. It’s also about emotional safety in a relationship. You are meant to be together if they care about your mental and emotional well-being. The lack of this safety will never let you develop trust in your partner. Without trust, there will be suspicion and there will be cheating. 

23. Signs you are meant be together – You visualize a happy future with them

Do you genuinely see a happy and peaceful future with your partner? If yes, then go with that gut feeling. To find someone and hold on to them is not so easy as it’s shown in the movies. It takes time. Take your time. Go ahead with them only if they also see a future with you. If you’re both meant for each other, you’ll both sort out whatever differences life throws your way.

The above are the answers to the question: Are we meant to be together? We need someone to come back home to. Make sure that someone is there for you, has your back, keeps their ego aside, works on improving the quality of the relationship, and you feel “at home” when you’re together. 

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