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Teri meri katti: 5 ways in which men and women react differently to breakups

How breakups affect men and women. We’re a tad bit different when it comes to handling breakups. Read on to relate!

Understand how men and women react differently to breakups

Heartbreaks, sleepless nights, drunken texts, and a lot of regrets – we’ll all been through them, haven’t we? Some of us have probably gone through these nasty little things too many times and might be more familiar than we’d like to be. Some are quick; some linger; some are downright disastrous. That’s right. We’re talking about breakups today, and they’re far from being pretty. The worst part is that you might think you’re completely over the dreadful day which saw a heated exchange of final words, but those pesky little memories keep coming back to you. And then comes the big question: Does the other person have it as bad as you? Truth be told, men and women are quite similar when it comes to handling separation, but the different ways in which they go about it are proof of their peculiarities. Don’t fret at the thought of going back to your gloomy days! We promise we’re going to make your trip down memory lane a fun one! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a look at the other end of things, shall we?

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