Is There A Test To Find Out If A Man Is Sexually Active?

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how to find out if a man is sexually active
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I am in a serious relationship situation. My husband is betraying me by putting false allegations on me by saying that we have never had physical relations, which is a big lie. He wants to leave me and get close to another girl so he is trying to put the blame on me by saying that I have never allowed him to touch me. But the fact is that I have been with him in a physical relationship and even consumed contraceptive pills given by him. How can I prove this man has been sexually active?

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How will I know if a man is sexually active?

Right now I want to prove that he is lying, how can I do it, ma’am? For girls, there is a virginity test and for guys is there any test through which we can tell that he has been sexually active? I know he is sleeping elsewhere. My question may seem silly but I am desperate ma’am. What are the signs that a man is sexually active or not active? How do we prove it when a man has extramarital affairs?

Dear reader,

There is no such method. Detecting male virginity is a tough task, and one could try by checking the male sex organ.

The lower part of the sex organ is connected with very thin skin, which separates out at the time of its enlargement, but the thin attachment remains. If the enlargement is because of any forced action there is a chance that detachment of this attachment may happen at the time of sexual intercourse. That is why some people think about this being an effective method for checking male virginity.

But this is not a sure way because till now we don’t have any scientific explanations and proof of this method. Also, it gets detached on other occasions also. For instance, in the Islamic religion, there is a religious ritual where they do the circumcision.

Till now, there no authentic tests for detecting male virginity or female virginity.

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Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Active With Someone Else

Since you want to figure out if your husband is having sex elsewhere, you could try the following:

Smelling the penis odor: Normally, it should have the filthy offensive odor of not having been washed. If you smell semen or sexual liquids odor or the pleasant odor of bathing products then it’s up to you (to decide why).

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While I’m at it, the normal offensive odor should be primarily from the offensive odor of urine, slightly salty. Semen and sexual liquids odor are slightly fishy odor. Normally, when you have the chance and do get intimate with your husband, observe his organ more (with respect to smell, taste…) and slowly you will be more familiar with it.

Color of the released semen: If it is white, it means he has released semen within the past three days, and yellow color means he hasn’t. Some people say the color will change after time too; you can check yourself.

Check if there is any condom or soap odor.

Feel the eggs (scrotum/testicles): If they have elasticity, then he hasn’t released semen, but if they are soft and limp, then he has – quite recently.

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Be warned, though, there are tests and there are countermeasures: If one drinks more liquids after doing the deed and then urinates a few times, the stench of urine will return. There is a difference between fresh urine stench and the urine stench from a day without bathing…The key still lies with experience. Normally, one must carefully observe and learn from experience.

Hope this helps.

Dr Sharmila Majumdar 

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