When he has sex with you but doesn’t love you anymore

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Making love and having sex are two different experiences

Over the course of a relationship, you get used to your partner’s little quirks, what turns him on and how dedicated he is to your needs. And even though women also care about the pleasure of the flesh, having sex caters to the carnal pleasure while making love believes in the saying – two souls merging into one. It was indeed like that when you were so in love; hardcore sex felt like universe exploding and you and your man becoming one in a cosmo-orgasmic blow.

And then there is plain old sex.

Women can just tell when a man is only catering to their own needs – every day, for months – and nothing about sex feels like lovemaking anymore. When someone is no more in love with you but sleeps with you because it caters to their needs and well…you have a vagina, it is time to rethink if you want to have an intense lovemaking session or be someone’s sex pillow?

1. No eye contact

Eye contact can turn a game around. It is said you can read the fiery passion in the eyes, you can spot anger in the eyes; for eyes don’t lie. So if your partner is more inclined to go doggy-style on you or positions that do not need any eye contact, chances are he is no more madly in love with you. Now there are positions where the pleasure is maximum and he might be inclined to try that over and over again, but repeatedly opting for positions that do not include eye contact of any sorts, is a sign. Even during plain old missionary or cowgirl, it seems like he is deliberately losing himself in his own world, without including you in his, anymore.

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2. No intention of getting you off

Unlike before when he used to eat you up real nice, he does not please you down there anymore. In fact, your clitoris, being the centre spot of pleasure, remains unfavourably alone. He gyrates against you to get you wet, plays with your breasts, bites and kisses to prepare you for penetration but that is solely to cater to his needs rather than yours. He is all about reaching his peak and does not bother if you have reached climax or not.

3. Very specific about positions

He calls the shots about the positions, choosing the ones which is easier for him to climax. You might have noticed how earlier you could make the call about the positions but it seems like you don’t even have a choice anymore.

4. Not much foreplay, except he is particular about how he needs to be treated

He doesn’t pay attention to your anatomy but he sure cares about how you use your hands and tongue when you give him a blowjob. The lack of consideration is a big sign that all he cares about is how he gets his climax. Foreplay runs really short for you.

5. After sex reaction

Normally after sex, he gets off, kisses you good night and goes off to sleep; turning the other way. There is no “You are so good” or “Was it good for you?” The agenda was to fulfill his urges and you did it so he doesn’t really bother to know if you enjoyed it or not. Cuddling is out of question.

6. You feel like you are on a loop

Every time you are having sex, you want him to finish already. If you are making love, you enjoy it, you live it and you do not want it to end. But lately, every time you get crazy between the sheets, you just wait for him to get off and finish it. If you were making love, you would not feel this way.

7. Your comfort comes second

He gets rough too much even when you are not liking it. This is because he does not care for your comfort as long as it pleasures him. Even after intervening about him getting too rough or too fast, he turns a deaf ear to you and keeps thrusting until he is done. And you are left feeling like a rape victim. And that’s not how a person who loves you should make you feel.

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