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The 5 emotions you go through when you go for a bikini wax

There are numerous stages of emotions one goes through during the process of getting a full bikini wax done for the first time.
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Men, you cry about shaving your beard. We just ‘waxed’ our private parts, okay? It’s hard. By this time you might have realised that I recently got myself a bikini wax. Yes, it was for a bikini! No, it was not a pleasant experience! But, oh well, here’s what I felt.

1. “Oh God, I am finally doing it!”

Bikini waxes are certifiably naughty. I mean besides the fact that you are letting someone be near your intimate parts, it is also the gateway to incredibly risque clothing. So, I was very excited. This was because two parts of my bucket list were coming true. One, I was going to wear a bikini which would look amazing on me and two, I was finally doing something that I had wanted to do ever since I have heard of it.

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  1. This is such a well written article. Even I had opted for full body laser, and that included laser in my bikini area. Legit I screamed and cried with every laser beam. I have never thought of it as a worth while procedure. I also completely relate to your experience with the parlor lady

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