21 Best Real Silk Robes For Women To Add Luxury To Your Morning Routine

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real silk robes for women
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Are you searching for the best real silk robes for women? Then you’re at the right place. We’ll be listing the best robes that add both luxury and comfort to your wardrobe. If you’re thrilled at the prospect of spending lazy evenings at home wearing the best silk robe and enjoying the ambiance of scented candles, it’s time to make that fantasy a reality. Whether it’s spending long days working from home or lazy weekends with coffee and books, these real silk robes for women can be your outfit of choice for the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Best Real Silk Robes And Kimonos For Women

If you thought that real silk robes for women didn’t belong in your wardrobe, now is the time to change that. It’s high time you invested in a few of them to make your stay-at-home experience more glamorous and relaxing. You’ll get more use out of these home-wear pieces than you can imagine, so take the plunge and get your hands on some opulent silk robes that can take you from busy mornings to romantic dinners at home in effortless style.

And it’s not that you need a specific occasion to wear a gorgeous robe. There are plenty of reasons to wear lingerie for yourself too. From pretty printed varieties and buttery soft kimonos to sexy satin short robes and exotic embellished flowy ones – you’ll be spoilt for choice. With this hand-picked list of the ultimate glamorous silk robes, we’ll ensure you upgrade your stay-at-home looks in style!

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Our Top Picks

  1. 100% mulberry silk robe
  2. Floral printed silk robe
  3. Pure silk saree fabric kimono robe
  4. Plus-Sized Printed Satin-Silk Robe
  5. Personalized microfleece robe

1. 100% silk japanese printed kimono robe

Ledamon Silk Kimono Long Robe
Ledamon Silk Kimono Long Robe

What can be more luxurious than a real silk kimono robe in a long, flowy style? A soft silk robe in a Japanese-inspired print can be just what you need for those dreamy Saturday nights in, spent with a glass of wine and some Jazz music. You can wear it belted for a svelte look or wear it open over a nightdress for some comfy-chic style.

  • More than 20 color and print options to choose from
  • Has a tie closure
  • Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your stay-at-home outfits

2. Real silk hand-painted kimono robe

KIM+ONO Handpainted Silk Robe
KIM+ONO Handpainted Silk Robe

A real silk kimono robe is a statement piece in itself, and it gets only better when coupled with exquisite hand-painted designs. These dry-cleanable robes come with unique patterns and can be used as both long robes and dressing gowns. Wearing this silk robe will be just like wearing a piece of art, quite literally, and can be worn while you transition from day to night. These also make for the perfect gift, whether you wish to purchase a birthday present or are looking for last-minute Christmas ideas.

  • Has a French seam finish
  • Designer pieces inspired by Asian art
  • The robes come with hand-sketched designs saturated with rich watercolors

3. 100% silk floor-length kimono robe

100% silk floor length kimono robe
100% Silk Floor Length Kimono Robe

These real silk robes for women are perfect for the first morning of your life as a newlywed and can also be the sole reason you get a good night’s sleep after a hectic and eventful day. Floor-length robes add to the luxe feel. Dressed in this robe, you could leave behind an aura of class wherever with the help of your silk trail.

  • Made of charmeuse satin
  • Fabric is soft and breathable so you can wear it for long hours
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage

4. Kimono long knit lightweight robes

Kimono long knit lightweight robes
Kimono long knit lightweight robes

This is a one-of-a-kind piece made of 60% cotton and 40% spandex, topped off with rich colors like deep raspberry. This dressing gown is so luxurious and chic that you won’t ever feel like taking it. And the best part is that these silk robes for women can be worn anywhere, be it after bathing or at a wedding.

  • The robe design accentuates your figure while also keeping you cool at all times
  • Side pockets come in handy for storing personal items
  • Middy-like design

5. 100% mulberry silk robe

Le Sourceress Mulberry Silk Robe
Le Sourceress Mulberry Silk Robe

An epitome of classiness and comfort, this silk dressing gown is a classic piece that deserves a place in the wardrobe of every fashionista. It is made of 100% A Grade mulberry silk that feels like butter on the skin and comes with a wide shawl collar and a plunging wrap-like neckline. This is one the best silk robes for women.

  • Comes with a mesh bag for laundry
  • The fabric is breathable and keeps skin hydrated
  • Multiple ties and pockets ensure optimal comfort and fit

6. Ruffle hem silk robe

Floerns Women's Ruffle Hem Kimono Robe
Floerns Women’s Ruffle Hem Kimono Robe

Cutesy ruffles along the hem are the accents that can add the right dose of fun to short silk robes. These cropped robes are ideal for lazy Sunday mornings or even for layering your swimwear. This is the best silk robe when you feel like hitting the society pool or lounging on the couch. Ruffles and frills are not going out of trend anytime soon, so these cute details on your robe can elevate this wardrobe staple from basic to trendy!

  • Made of polyester and spandex
  • Available in 7 color variations
  • Perfect as a bridesmaid robe

7. Floral printed silk robe

BABEYOND Floral Print Kimono Robe
BABEYOND Floral Print Kimono Robe

Get this super pretty floral printed silk robe that you can flaunt on a number of occasions. This robe comes in different prints and colors and has flared dream-like sleeves. These are the best silk robes for women no matter what the occasion, be it a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or a cozy evening at home. Even if it’s a pamper-yourself kind of Sunday where you laze around the house, it’s the one to go for!

  • Made of pure satin
  • Comes in 21 color variants
  • Comes with belt loops, inside ties and pockets

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8. Lace kimono silk robe

SIORO Bridesmaid Lace Silk Satin Robe
SIORO Bridesmaid Lace Silk Satin Robe

Silk satin coupled with lace looks elegant and exotic. The material of this short dressing gown is soft, silky, and cooling on the skin, making it a perfect fit for hot, summer days. The lace floral stitching on the sleeves and the hemline add to the chic, feminine appeal of this kimono robe. When searching for the best silk robe, you won’t get many options better than this.

  • Designed in the gorgeous kimono style
  • Suited for both daily wear and festive wear
  • A lace floral stitching gives it a sexy touch

9. Puff sleeved satin robe

puff sleeved satin robe
Satin Puffed Sleeve Robe

Who doesn’t love the extra oomph factor that amps up their regular clothes? The same applies to silk robes, and we all are crushing over this pretty, long satin robe that comes with statement puffed sleeves. The tie-up at the waist helps to cinch the waistline and give more definition to the body shape. A perfect pick for a bride-to-be.

  • Comes in 5 sizes to ensure you find the perfect fit
  • Satin is light and soft on your skin for a smooth experience
  • Floral patterns on the robe add to its elegant look

10. 100% silk short robe

OSCAR ROSSA Luxury Silk Sleepwear Robe
OSCAR ROSSA Luxury Silk Sleepwear Robe

Are you looking for a pure silk kimono robe but fancy a shorter length? Well, this silk robe is the perfect pick for you. Made from quality material, this luxury silk robe option is not too heavy on your pocket. If you’re looking for outfit ideas for a perfect date night, this should be the perfect combination of comfort and sexy!

  • Made using the highest quality mulberry silk
  • Available in 4 color size variants
  • Comes with a kimono collar, inside tie, and a belt

11. Silk robe with batwing sleeves

Ledamon Batwing Sleeved Silk Short Robe
Ledamon Batwing Sleeved Silk Short Robe

Are you tired of finding only kimono styles of silk robes, whenever you are surfing online for a new robe? Well, not anymore. This piece of silk robe is a contemporary take on the classic kimono style. It’s a short silk robe and comes with flared batwing sleeves and a round neck. With these real silk robes for women, you can be sure to flaunt your body on any occasion, be it indoors or outdoors.

  • Features roomy batwing sleeves for more comfort
  • Both back and front feature hand-painted artwork
  • It’s one size fits most body types

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12. Personalized microfleece robe

personalized microfleece robe
Personalized microfleece robe with embroidered name

These silk robes for women can add life and luxury to any bridesmaid party or bachelorette. These short, belted silk robes come with personalization options, and you could choose to have any lettering on your robes like names, quotes, Team Bride, etc. They’re available in a bunch of different prints.

  • Come with the option of customized embroidery
  • Available in three solid colors
  • The robe includes loops and belts for an easy adjustment

13. Printed silk kimono robe

Valennia Printed Silk Kimono Robe
Valennia Printed Silk Kimono Robe

Its simple design and texture make it one of the best printed silk robes for women. If you want to add a kimono to your wardrobe that will be like a breath of fresh air amongst the pile of floral ones, this is just the one to go for. It comes in different colors and has a variety of prints to choose from. These prints include feathers, leaves, cranes, dragons, tumbleweeds, and even cute bunnies.

  • You can choose from an assortment of 33 colors
  • Made of 100% imitation silk
  • Comes with a detachable belt

14. Silk-satin mono-colored robe

Ekouaer Silk Satin Robe
Ekouaer Silk Satin Robe

These lightweight satin robes feel and look ultra-luxurious, even though they are very easy on the pocket. They are shiny and smooth to touch and feel, and come in various colors like midnight black, deep navy, rich burgundy, classic gray, emerald green, and more. It’s perfect to be worn all year round. You can wear it on a first date or laze around at your house all day, the choice is all yours!

  • Comes with exterior belts and interior ties to keep the robe secure at all times
  • The sleeves have mesh detailing that lends the robe a luxurious look
  • Available in all sizes, from S to XXL

15. Pure silk saree fabric kimono robe

Pure silk kimono robe with saree fabric
Vintage Silk sari kimono Robe

If you are seeking something different than all the floral printed, silk kimonos, this one is surely going to be a unique addition to your wardrobe. This silk kimono robe is made up of vintage silk sarees and will be shipped to you right from India. These are handcrafted and designed using previously worn sarees and have a luxuriously beautiful and aesthetic quality. The robes themselves have never been worn before. When looking for elegant and cheap silk robes for women, these are the ones you should go for!

  • Shades of brown and beige
  • Because of the soft fabric and free size, it’s perfect for nightwear
  • Made of pure silk

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16. Bridal lace silk-satin robe

URRU Bridal Lace Satin Silk Robe
URRU Bridal Lace Satin Silk Robe

Are you a to-be bride and looking forward to waking up as your partner’s wife in your lovely home together? This is one of the best satin robes and the perfect combination of comfort, style, and beauty. It comes in several colors, and it’s so easy on the pocket that you can literally flaunt a different color on each day of the week.

  • The lace detailing on the hemline and sleeves gives it a timeless look
  • You can choose from 27 color variants and 7 size options
  • Made of soft satin fabric

17. Long satin robe with piping detailing

Long satin robe with piping detailing
Long Satin Robe With Piping

This handmade, long, blend satin robe is the one to look out for if you are in the mood to spend all day (and night) in something smart yet comfortable. These pieces come in monochrome combinations and have to-die-for piping detailing on the neckline, high slits, and pockets. These are one of the best satin robes that can be dressed up or down to create the mood and style as per your liking.

  • Made of quality satin fabric
  • The vibrant colors of the robe give off a royal look
  • Available in 4 color variations

18. Silk-satin nightwear set

Silk satin nightwear set
Silk Satin Nightwear Set

Why stay content with only a silk satin kimono robe, when you can get a complete nightwear set with it? This cute, beige nightwear set comes with a silk-satin robe, shorts, a dress, and a camisole. The lace and crochet detailing adds a chic, feminine look, making it perfect for all those aesthetic Instagram pictures. When shopping for real silk robes for women, it’s even better to get a whole set to complement your wardrobe in style.

  • Comes in 11 color options for you to choose from
  • Made using pure spandex
  • Has a pull on closure for easy wear

19. Mommy and me silky kimono homewear

Mom and daughter silk robe set
Mom and daughter silk robe set

Do you want to be twinning with the cutest and most adorable little girl in your life? Yes, we mean your daughter, niece, or anybody who you feel fits the said description. This two-piece set comes with matching kimono-style silk-satin robes for this powerful duo and can be customized as per body measurements. These printed silk robes have a smooth and gentle touch, which means you can wear them for an entire day without any issues.

  • Peacock and blossoms design provides a stunning look
  • Made of pure polyester for a soft and smooth finish
  • Available in 10 color variants

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20. Plus-size printed satin-silk robe

Applesauce Plus Size Satin Kimono Robe
Applesauce Plus Size Satin Kimono Robe

If you are finding it difficult to come across good floral printed kimono robes that fit all those plus-sized curvy beauties out there, well we have something for you too. These long floral printed satin-silk robes come in a variety of colors and ensure that nobody feels left out of a trend. These are also perfect as date night outfits that you can try out right now!

  • Comes with a sash tie closure and inside ties so that you don’t ever have to worry about the robe falling off
  • Has 7 color variants for you to choose from
  • Made purely using polyester that gives it a silky finish

21. Women’s satin sexy nightgown Set

Women's satin sexy nightgown Set
Women’s satin sexy nightgown Set

This set of a satin-silk short robe with an inner nightgown is perfect for your first wedding night or honeymoon or for times when you want to relive those moments. This set comes in a classy shade, beautifully decorated with lace. This set is a perfect example of high-quality tailoring coupled with attention to detail. Its gorgeous look means you can wear it as the perfect trendy dinner date outfit.

  • Polyester gives it a royal luxurious look that adds to your features
  • Can be worn as a nightgown and also to events and weddings
  • Available in 10 color and 5 size options so you pick the perfect robe

Tips And Tricks To Buy The Perfect Silk Robe

So as we’ve already mentioned, if you have always dreamed about getting yourself a luxurious feeling silk robe, now is the perfect time to splurge on it. We have provided you with an ultimate list of all the great options you can check out and we are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed by these top-selling styles.

When it comes to finding cheap silk robes for women that are also luxurious and stunning, you have to keep a few things in mind. Here are two most valuable tips and tricks to keep in mind before you take the plunge:

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Quality matters the most

One of the two most important things to keep in mind is the quality of the silk robe you are purchasing. Silk robes come in a variety of mixes with other fabrics, and you need to ensure that the one you are purchasing is still silk. The second fabric should be soft enough to complement the silk if your pocket doesn’t allow for a garment made of 100% silk.

Style and color

The other thing that you need to concern yourself with when you are out on a mission of buying silk robes is whether you truly enjoy the style and color. Real silk robes for women come in a wide array of styles and designs, mostly the difference being in length and cut. Some are bolder and more outgoing, while some are more comfortable and laid back. As long as you are paying close attention to what you are buying, you will be good to go.

So, long story short, it’s a great opportunity for you to get your hands on any one or more of these amazing silk-robe options which you can easily purchase online. Pamper yourself with a silk robe and bask in its soft, buttery glory. If kept properly, away from direct sunlight and pests, your silk possession will serve you for decades to come. So what are you waiting for? Get clicking!


1. Are silk or satin robes better?

It depends on which qualities the wearer prefers. If you have a preference for eco-friendly and sustainable products, you might prefer silk over satin. While silk has a light shine and shimmer about it, satin has a thicker and richer look. Moreover, silk has a better flow which can be appealing to some.

2. How to wash real silk robes?

It’s preferable that you hand wash your silk clothes. Put the robes in a container filled with lukewarm water and a detergent that’s friendly to delicate clothes. Slowly proceed to wash them.

3. How do I choose a bathrobe?

It depends on what you want your bathrobe to do for you. If you want it to keep you dry, then choose a robe made using adsorbent material. If you want one that accentuates your figure and makes you look attractive, then a soft and smooth silk robe would be a great option. If you want one that keeps you warm, choose one that has air pockets in it.

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