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10 thoughts you will have when your bestie finds herself a boyfriend

Is your world falling apart because your bestie now has a boyfriend?
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Not without my best friend

She is the Rachel to your Monica, the Gunther to your coffee, the Joey to your pizza and the Chandler to your sarcasm. In short, she is the one you run to share the latest piece of gossip. Your fingers are already texting her while you are witnessing a catfight and you cannot imagine watching a horror movie with anyone else. Yes, she is your best friend. You have been friends since you learnt to say A, B, C… Or maybe you just knew you were going to get along when you caught each other making the bitch face when the meanest girl in the class passed by.

Every girl has had that one best friend in her life, the kind of friend who is the only constant when everything else around her life changed. You have even considered marrying 2 brothers to end up in the same family or digging an underground tunnel just to secretly meet and crib about grown up life. And then you get a text that reads ‘He asked me out and I said yes! ’ and all hell breaks loose.

You realise you are no more going to be her No.1 and soon will become ‘that girl I used to hang out with’. We have all been through these chain of thoughts when your best friend makes a boyfriend.

1. Third wheel, supporting cast and what not

You realise you are no longer the centre of her universe and always find yourself being a third wheel to their hangout time. Initially, you even laugh at his jokes for your best friend’s sake but you soon give up and just sigh and roll your eyes wishing for time to just pass faster.

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2. Clueless and annoyed

The third wheel thing will seem bearable as soon as you realise you have no clue what the couple is laughing at. You hate their inside jokes, secretly cursing your friend for being so annoying.

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3. One Mississippi, two Mississippi

Your best friend cannot shut up about the date she had the other day and you, being a good best friend, carry out your duty to duly acknowledge, even throw in an awww every once in a while, counting Mississippi all that time. Breathe! This is just the beginning.

4. When your game backfires

So the next time the love birds hang out with you, you decide to pull out the big guns and start making inside jokes that only and only your best friend would understand in the whole world! ‘Take that you jerk’ is what you are saying to yourself, but before you finish your punch line, your bestie goes, ‘Oh let’s talk about it later, I don’t want him to feel out of place’. And that is when you begin to resent the dude.

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5. Having to shop alone

Shopping is just another task on the checklist that you are now doing alone. Your best-friend-forever is busy planning a surprise birthday party for her guy and you end up wandering the mall, trying really to find the meaning of life. You seriously contemplate moving towns or even adopting a cat.

6. Being dumped for a guy

This one really hurts! You finally look forward to spending some alone time with your girlfriend and are too excited to watch the latest RomCom when you get the call 30 minutes before the movie that starts with the words ‘Hey listen, can we reschedule..’ You cannot believe you are being dumped for a guy who has been in your bestie’s life for 2 months.

7. The confrontation and the cold war

You finally decide to confront your BFF and tell her how things have changed for the two of you. You have a speech rehearsed and you deliver it with extreme seriousness. But your bestie completely misunderstands and comforts you for being single and lonely and promises to hook you up with his best friend. That moment, you know you are going to say things which you will regret later but you say them anyway and thus the cold war begins.

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8. Being alone for the rest of your life

There is zero communication between you two for days together and it is killing you. You think about apologising more than once but shake the thought off almost instantly. You decide to make a new best friend but literally not one name comes to mind. That is when you accept that you are going to be on your own for the rest of your life.

9. Light at the end of the tunnel

God is kind and you agree when you see your BFF’s relationship status from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Single’ and you have performed the tango, salsa and hip hop all together. You knock on her door with her favourite brand of chocolates to hear it all out!

10. And we are back baby

All is well in the end when you go back to being yourselves and start dreaming about starting your line of fashion clothing together!

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