10 Things She Starts Doing When She Has A Crush On Someone

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Updated On: April 27, 2022
things girls do when they have a crush

Do you know where the word “crush” originated from? I reckon it has something to do with the feeling of your heart being squeezed to the point where you cannot breathe. The intensity of this feeling depends on each person’s age, emotional intelligence, location, and so on, but let’s not ramble about that. Today, we’re focusing on women and what she does when she has a crush on a man. 

Just like guys start being extra nice and trying to pay for everything when they like someone, there are equally quirky things girls do when they have a crush. No, it doesn’t involve all the red lipstick and the red dresses they have. Okay, fine, it might happen on occasion. Let’s take a look at what women do when they have a crush on a boy, so you can finally understand why your friend suddenly decided to get super into sports.

10 Things Girls Do When They Have A Crush On Someone

Men, if you are curious to know more, do read on. Such insights will help you understand the depth and complexities of our shining personalities. You can then decide if you want to stick around and be entertained, or turn around and run for your life.

Perhaps you might even realize that your friend is acting weird with you because she likes you. Did her sudden warmth with you completely throw you off? Is she now suddenly friends with all your friends? Is she the only one noticing that you’ve been putting time in at the gym? With this article, you might just find out if there’s something there or not. For the sake of convenience, we will call the object of her desire “the crush” and the girl who has a crush on him “Rachel.” Let’s get right into it:

1. Sprucing up

This is probably the first step she will take to get noticed. It demands a long-overdue visit to the salon where she will undergo the torturous process of getting her face scrubbed, bleached, steamed, kneaded, and peeled to bring about a certain glow.

She will also attempt to tame the mane to further accentuate her looks. The purse strings will loosen quite a bit to accommodate this feeling of euphoria. If you see her suddenly sporting a mani and pedi before meeting you for a rather mundane event, you now know that it could be an attempt to catch your attention.

2. When she’s crushing on a guy, she’ll make sure she gets some visibility

There’s no point in sitting at home and brooding about a crush. So, even if she’s an introvert, she’ll make an effort to step out of her comfort zone and be seen. Especially in places where she knows the crush hangs out. What if he hangs out at football matches? Well, at this point, she will struggle with thoughts of all the money she recently splurged at the salon vs being fried in the sun.

After much deliberation, she will make the supreme sacrifice and make it to the football match, hoping he will notice and begin to like what he sees, blotchy skin and all. When you’re out there getting fried, your crush might just be more than it seems.

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3. Opening to new hobbies

These are not necessarily hobbies that she would enjoy, but rather those that will give the impression that she is athletic, adventurous, and knowledgeable. She will devour sports news, start making wine, brush up on her cooking skills, hit the gym, and maybe even attempt some rock-climbing.

Basically, if there’s something he’s into, she’s going to make sure she knows a bit about it. All she’s hoping is that he doesn’t call her out on her bluff by mentioning a few things about the history of the club she’s pretending to support. One of the weird things girls do when they have a crush is assuming that they can keep the facade up long after they’ve successfully befriended him.

Should such topics be discussed in a group where the crush is present, she’s counting on someone saying, “Oh, Rachel does that” or “You must meet Rachel if you want to go to a football match.” She’s probably even told a friend to mention it, to be honest.

things girls do when they have a crush: delve into his hobbies
Suddenly, she’s taking a keen interest in the stock market. Wonder why.

4. Wearing a winning smile

A smile is the best make-up a woman can wear. So, she will be wearing one at all times, especially when she’s around the guy she’s pining for. Sometimes, she won’t even be able to help but smile from ear to ear every time she’s around that person. Of all the things you do when you have a crush, this one is perhaps the most obvious.

5. Developing magnanimity

I don’t know if this is scientifically proven, but when a woman has a crush, her tolerance levels will spike to unrealistic levels. She is ready to forgive everyone and everything around her. Confrontations with the landlord, that annoying elbow in the bus that keeps poking into her, the storekeeper who never has any change, the bike rider who overtakes her – this list could go on and on, but if he’s in her thoughts, all is forgiven.

Important note: The hairdresser who gave her a bad haircut, the tailor who messed up her new dress, and the beautician who threaded her eyebrows all wrong will not be forgiven.

6. Befriending his friends

Perhaps I should put this action as number 3 on this list. Unless she knows his friends and they, in turn, know her, how are they expected to talk about her? She will sugar up his friends to get more information about the crush. She will do everything humanly possible to be liked by them, impressing them with her witty charm and ever-helpful nature.

By introducing herself into his group of friends, she’s hoping to be around him more often and showcase just how humorous she can be. One of the things girls do when they have a crush is being friendly with his friends, which can sometimes end up giving out the wrong signals. Is she more into his friends than she is into the crush?

If she succeeds in successfully establishing a platonic relationship with his friends, however, her name may make the rounds whenever the crush meets up with his peeps.

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7. Gravitating toward romantic music

She will surf the net, looking for the “latest romantic songs”, “love songs 2021”, “romantic songs female version”. Language is not a barrier, all she’s looking for is a few songs that will get the heart pining for the crush on a lonely Friday night. She will then spend hours, especially at night, devouring the net to find the perfect song that she can listen to while dreaming of the crush.

If she is already in touch with the crush, she will send him the song hoping he takes the hint and responds favorably. Men, take note, the next time she sends you a Spotify link to a song, go ahead and check out the lyrics of the song. More often than not, she’s trying to tell you something through them. It’s just one of the weird things girls do when they have a crush.

8. Learning the art of taking selfies

She’ll continuously change her DP on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. She’s going to try and make sure she looks the absolute cutest she can, perfect angles included. To achieve this is a tedious task. She has to put on makeup and then smudge it a bit so she doesn’t look made up. She will comb her hair in such a way that it looks untidy and windblown. The tilt of the head to one side, that smile where only one-half of her lips will curve, are other aspects to be considered.

The idea is to come across as this smoking hot diva who isn’t aware of her looks. She’s hoping he takes notice, and if the stars align and he sends across a “Looking good!” text message, you can bet your top dollar she’s on cloud 9. When she’s crushing on a guy and he gives her a compliment, it’s about all it takes to make her go crazy.

9. Updating social media

What better way to let the crush know what’s on her mind or where she loves to hang out than through status updates? She will scour the net to find witty, abstract one-liners to be used in her Instagram bio or WhatsApp and Snapchat status. Expect a bunch of selfies to come up as well, and stories of her having fun with her friends in her favorite haunts. 

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10. Instagram spamming

If you are wondering what that means, let me explain since I just invented it. She will send the crush a pic with a quote/message every morning and again in the evening. It’s a prod to remember her every morning and night. The poor girl is so infatuated that she doesn’t realize he may not appreciate a daily dose of her philosophy or even wit. But such is love or infatuation or crush or whatever you want to call it. Bittersweet and short-lived yet the greatest period of a girl’s life.

Now that you know about all the things girls do when they have a crush, hopefully, you’ll be able to understand what it means when she’s trying to be friends with all your friends. And no, don’t go about trying to make her jealous by chatting up some other girl. If you do, all you’re going to get from Rachel is a cold shoulder.

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1. How do you know if a girl has a crush on a guy?

If she’s extra nice to him, if she’s trying to be super friendly with his friends, or when she’s trying to get his attention, you can probably figure out if she has a crush on a guy. She’ll also try to spend more time with him by getting interested in the things she’s interested in.

2. How do you tell if a girl secretly has a crush on you?

If a girl secretly has a crush on you, notice her body language when she’s talking to you. Is her stance neutral and non-confrontational? Is the tone of her voice high? Is she making eye contact with you? You can also look for signs in the things she says to you since she might try to be extra nice and make you laugh.

3. How long can a crush last?

Everyone’s experience of how long a crush lasts is unique to them. Though studies have claimed the average lifespan of a crush is 4 months, the length of time it lasts largely depends on how you manage your feelings and emotions. 

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