155 Deep, Sexy, Funny, Romantic, And Gross Would You Rather Questions

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Updated On: May 16, 2024
would you rather questions
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A classic game of would you rather questions is a great way to get to know someone and build a strong connection with them. These also serve as great conversation starters and make for one hell of a game to play at house parties. It gives you an idea of what a person values the most and through what lens they view their journey in life. 

You can play this game with your friends, significant other, and even your siblings to find out what matters to them the most. Is it money, family, career, or ego and pride? These questions can reveal a lot about a person. It can even reveal their true feelings toward you if you learn to frame the questions smartly.  

To that end, we’ve rounded up some of the best would you rather questions – 155, to be precise – so you have a few smart ones up your sleeve, no matter what the context or occasion. Check out some weird, gross, funny, romantic, deep, thought-provoking, flirty, and sexy questions to get to know your partner better. 

Funny Would You Rather Questions

Do you want to tickle some bones at the party? Or do you feel like your relationship could use a healthy dose of humor and laughter? Here are some ridiculous and funny would you rather questions that will have the crows rolling on the floor laughing. If you are dating a shy guy or a shy girl, then these funny questions will help them loosen up a little.

1. Would you rather have okra as fingers or toes?

2. Would you rather go without brushing your teeth or washing your hair for the rest of your life?

3. Would you rather have a one-night stand with your ex or get back into a relationship with them?

4. Would you rather be forced to sing or dance every time you hear music?

5. Would you rather have people laugh at all your jokes or not be able to laugh at anyone’s jokes ever?

6. Would you rather be a giant unicorn or a mermaid? 

7. Would you rather eat one food without gaining weight for the rest of your life or eat whatever you want and become obese? 

8. Would you rather eat by hand or with a fork?

9. Would you rather be taller or skinnier?

10. Would you rather be a tiny ant or a giant elephant?

11. Would you rather be a cat or a dog for a day?

12. Would you rather be a clown or spend the rest of your life grumpy?

13. Would you rather have an unlimited supply of ice cream or burgers?

14. Would you rather wear clown makeup forever or a clown hat forever?

15. Would you rather switch bodies with your sibling or one of your parents?

16. Would you rather drink a glass of ketchup or mayonnaise?

17. Would you rather have four golden teeth or no teeth at all?

18. Would you rather spend a day with your favorite band or listen to their music for the rest of your life?

19. Would you rather be bald or have unicorn eyebrows?

20. Would you rather have a second nose on your forehead or the back of your neck?

21. Would you rather wear pajamas to work every day or a tuxedo to bed every night?

22. Would you rather eat tasteless food or spicy food every day? 

23. Would you rather be able to tame a lion or an ostrich?

24. Would you rather have bad breath or stinky feet?

25. Would you rather watch your one favorite movie for the rest of your life or different yet terrible movies forever?

funny would you rather questions

26. Would you rather get a message from your one-night stand saying they are pregnant or that they have an incurable STD?

27. Would you rather pick up a floating $100 from a toilet or find $5 in the pocket of your old jeans?

28. Would you rather wake up naked in your office or the woods far away from your home?

29. Would you rather sleep with your partner’s best friend or your best friend’s partner? 

30. Would you rather be two hours late for every dinner date or arrive two hours early?

31. Would you rather eat live worms for $500 or spend a day locked in a room full of snakes?

32. Would you rather be a 12-year-old kid or a 90-year-old man for the rest of your life? 

33. Would you rather let a dog poop on you or have your friend smack you in the eye?

34. Would you rather be turned on by your partner’s parents or never be turned on by your partner?

35. Would you rather break up with your partner because they aren’t good-looking or continue the relationship because they are rich?

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Deep Would You Rather Questions

Yes, it’s all fun and games, and the right questions can truly liven up the vibe, but these can be just as effective for understanding a person better. If you want to learn more about someone or are looking for the right questions to ask a boyfriend or girlfriend to get to know them better, we’ve got you covered. These deep would you rather questions will unravel a lot about them:

36. Would you rather hate yourself while others love you or love yourself while others hate you?

37. Would you rather be notoriously famous while alive or be completely forgotten after your death?

38. Would you rather be the smartest person alive with no money or be the richest person alive but with no intelligence and smartness?

39. Would you rather be considered ugly or date someone who doesn’t fit into the beauty stereotypes of society?

40. Would you rather go through your life forgetting the past or knowing what the future awaits?

41. Would you rather have a wild imagination or an eidetic memory?

42. Would you rather work at a job that fascinates you for $50 a month or work at a job that you detest and get paid in thousands?

43. Would you rather live a peaceful life where nothing troubles you or a life full of risks and challenges? 

44. Would you rather spend the next 10 years studying or spend the rest of your life without the slightest knowledge of what you studied?

45. Would you rather have someone write a biography on you where everything that is written is a lie or have someone make a movie on you with an actor you can’t stand in the lead role?

46. Would you rather live in a country where the government is democratic but oppressive or live under a dictatorship without any freedom but the dictator is right and just?

47. Would you rather live in a world where everyone is rude to you or where nobody cares about you?

48. Would you rather live without love or sex?

49. Would you rather live in a world where there is no corruption and crime or no privacy?

50. Would you rather live in a world without diseases or where gender equality is prevalent and thriving?

51. Would you rather be single for the rest of your life or be in a fake relationship with someone you aren’t in love with?

52. Would you rather give up food or technology?

53. Would you rather be in the limelight at every party or be only one person’s center of attention?

54. Would you rather marry for love and live without money or marry for money and live without love? 

55. Would you rather be born in ancient times or a futuristic world? 

56. Would you rather lose your money or your memory?

57. Would you rather have only one true friend who is nobody or a hoard of famous but fake friends?

58. Would you rather be able to hear someone’s thoughts or control their mind?

59. Would you rather let your parents access your browser history or let your girlfriend read all your messages on Instagram?

60. Would you rather have someone read your mind or make your worst fears come true?

61. Would you rather save your family a fire or save a thousand people you don’t know?

62. Would you rather be stranded on an island with your family without your pet or with just your pet but without your family?

63. Would you rather want one of your nightmares to come true or lose the ability to dream?

64. Would you rather be the Jack of all trades or be the master of one craft?

65. Would you rather have your dream job or marry the person you are madly in love with?

66. Would you rather laugh out loud during a serious board meeting or yell at your boss in frustration?

67. Would you rather be the best-dressed person everywhere or repeat the same outfit to every wedding, party, and date?

68. Would you rather have an affair with a co-worker or be cheated on by your partner?

69. Would you rather break up with a partner your parents don’t approve of or marry them and cut your parents out? 

70. Would you rather be jailed for something you didn’t do, with no one ever knowing the truth, or walk freely after committing a serious crime with everyone knowing what you did?

71. Would you rather be in a relationship where you love your partner more or one where your partner loves you but you don’t feel the same way? 

72. Would you rather have all the beauty in the world or all the knowledge in the world?

73. Would you rather meet your favorite celebrity or meet a dead relative?

74. Would you rather catch your dad cheating on your mom or catch your partner cheating on you?

75. Would you rather live in a world where every gender is respected and treated equally or live in a world where no one is poor?

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Romantic Would You Rather Questions

There is hardly any other way to build emotional intimacy in a relationship other than asking your significant other the right questions. If that’s what you’re striving for, these romantic would you rather questions would be right up your alley: 

76. Would you rather pay for a meal or have your date pay?

romantic would you rather questions

77. Would you rather have similar likes and dislikes with your partner or be complete opposites?

78. Would you rather take a trip to the mountains or enjoy the beaches with your significant other?

79. Would you rather date for a long time without making anything exclusive or jump into a relationship right after the first date?

80. Would you rather sleep under the stars with your partner or spend the night at an expensive hotel?

81. Would you rather have endless money or endless love?

82. Would you rather wake up cuddling the love of your life forever or spend a day watching the northern lights alone?

83. Would you rather end your first date with a kiss or an awkward side hug?

84. Would you rather date someone who has great cooking skills or someone excellent in bed?

85. Would you rather be friends with your ex or your partner’s ex?

86. Would you rather date someone whose love language is indulging in acts or service or date someone who has a way with words?

87. Would you rather be with someone who fell in love with you at first sight or someone who doesn’t want labels?

88. Would you rather meet someone at a coffee shop or on a dating app? 

89. Would you rather be hung up on your ex while in a relationship or date someone who still has feelings for their ex? 

90. Would you rather Netflix and chill with me at home or go on a trekking adventure?

91. Would you rather make the important decisions about your love life with your brain or your heart?

92. Would you rather date someone who prefers texting all the time or have a partner who video calls you for every little thing? 

93. Would you rather go on a date with someone who documents everything they eat for social media or someone who shares the minute details of the date with their best friends?

94. Would you rather make the first move or wait for them to hit on you?

95. Would you rather be dumped because of your taste in music or dump someone because they snore?

96. Would you rather participate as a contestant on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette or the reality show Too Hot To Handle?

97. Would you rather be okay with your ex dating your best friend or your arch-nemesis?

98. Would you rather date a fictional character from a show/book or a real-life celebrity?

99. Would you rather date someone who is really shy or an extrovert who likes to party every night?

100. Would you rather date someone who is well-read or someone who has traveled all over the world?

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Sexy Would You Rather Questions

It’s time to turn up the heat. These dirty, sexy would you rather questions are sure to normalize all things sex and intimacy. 

101. Would you rather kiss me or not?

102. Would you rather relive your first kiss or experience the first-ever moment of falling in love?

sexy would you rather questions

103. Would you rather shop for lingerie or sex toys?

104. Would you rather be on top or underneath?

105. Ladies, would you rather have a bigger butt but smaller breasts or vice versa? Men, would you rather have six-pack abs or have a few extra inches down there?

106. Would you rather use flavored or patterned protection?

107. Would you rather bite someone’s earlobe while having sex or their lips?

108. Would you rather have a TV show playing in the background while having sex or listen to a song you hate while making out with your partner?

109. Would you rather have one-night stands every day or be in a monogamous relationship for the rest of your life?

110. Would you rather have sex in a car or on a plane?

111. Would you rather have sex in the park or on the beach?

112. Would you rather have shower sex or sex inside the pool?

113. Would you rather date someone you are madly in love with but who doesn’t satisfy you in bed or date someone who has toxic traits but makes you orgasm every single time?

114. Would you rather write erotic books or make a sex tape with your partner?

115. Would you rather eat ice cream off someone’s body or chocolate sauce?

116. Would you rather receive a lap dance from a stranger or give one? 

117. Would you rather have virtual sex via sexting or FaceTime?

118. Would you rather have morning sex or late-night sex?

119. Would you rather have breakup sex or cuddle with them on the couch for one last time?

120. Would you rather watch me pleasure myself or have me watch you pleasure yourself?

121. Would you rather give up kissing or cuddling?

122. Would you rather skinny dip in a lake or never wear lingerie again?

123. Would you rather receive someone’s nudes or buy the latest iPhone?

124. Would you rather have a threesome with two of your exes or participate in an orgy with your current partner?

125. Would you rather be submissive or dominant?

126. Would you rather have sex with your boss or have your boss walk in on you while you are having sex with a colleague?

127. Would you rather want your partner to dirty talk with you while having sex or be completely silent?

128. Would you rather date someone who never likes to cuddle or date someone who never goes down on you and hates oral sex?

129. Would you rather want your partner to sob uncontrollably when they see you naked or laugh like a maniac whenever they orgasm?

130. Would you rather use sex toys on your partner or kiss your favorite celebrity once?

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Gross Would You Rather Questions

Now that we are over all the flirty, romantic, sexy, deep would you rather questions, let’s take things to the next level – the level of grossness. These may not sound like the best would you rather questions but the responses they elicit will be worth letting your guard down for. This isn’t for the faint of hearts. I promise it doesn’t get more disturbing than this. Beware, these questions could also prove to be one of the biggest turn-offs for women or even men.

131. Would you rather eat the oldest thing in your fridge or lick the toilet seat? 

132. Would you rather eat strawberry jam every day for breakfast or gulp raw eggs every day?

gross would you rather questions

133. Would you rather go live in a place where there is no air conditioning or never be able to wear deodorant?

134. Would you rather see your ex making out with your best friend or live with a fear of intimacy forever?

135. Would you rather have no nose like Voldemort or fingers like Edward Scissorhands?

136. Would you rather let out smelly farts or have bad breath while on a date with someone you are trying hard to impress?

137. Would you rather get your belly pierced or wisdom teeth pulled out?

138. Would you rather pluck your eyebrow hair or live with questionable facial hair?

139. Would you rather be bald or have a huge Adam’s apple?

140. Would you rather lick your dirty underwear or someone else’s smelly socks?

141. Would you rather lick someone’s tears or drink their blood?

142. Would you rather have a bad case of cold for the rest of your life or wet your bed every night?

143. Would you rather eat raw chicken or a handful of cooked cockroaches?

144. Would you rather lick your armpit or your partner’s hair?

145. Would you rather let your pet pee on you or your most valuable possession?

146. Would you rather throw up on a baby or have an adult throw up on you?

147. Would you rather chop your ear off and eat it or eat someone else’s chopped ear?

148. Would you rather have terrible acne for a year or go without touching yourself for a year?

149. Would you rather chew on your toenails or shave your eyebrows?

150. Would you rather directly drink milk from a goat’s udder or eat a rotten fruit?

151. Would you rather wear shoes that are too big or wet socks?

152. Would you rather be a zombie or be able to talk to your pet?

153. Would you rather have a monster visit you every night or have an alien tell you all about their planet?

154. Would you rather have spiders coming out of your balcony or have centipedes living in your bathroom?

155. Would you rather brush your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush or wear their dirty underwear? 

These hypothetical would you rather questions are a right mix of wild, weird, thoughtful, and provoking. That’s the whole point of it! To make imaginations run wild and uncover some secrets in the process. Whenever you feel the need to jazz things up a notch, don the quizmaster’s hat and let the fun times roll. 

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