50 Corny Pick Up Lines To Take Your Dating Game Up A Notch

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Updated On: February 9, 2024
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You know I am curious. What’s your go-to reaction to corny pick up lines? An “Ew, I don’t think so”, with a cringe face? Or “Sure, what are you doing this Saturday?” I bet it varies, depending on whom it’s coming from and the amount of charm and appeal in their personality. Believe it or not, when delivered at the right time and in the right way, even the cheesiest pick up line has its audience.

Of course, it takes a certain level of confidence and impish quality to pull one off. But if you have your flirting game on point, some weird pick up lines may even help you crack a witty conversation with the girl/guy you think is way out of your league. So, to bring your A-game the next time you are trying to make a cute stranger laugh, stay with us till the end!

50 Super Corny Pick Up Lines To Win Over A Stranger

When you walk up to someone hoping to make an instant impression, you have to carefully weigh the first few sentences coming out of your mouth. Think about it. You cannot say something as bland as “I couldn’t help but notice you have a pretty smile”. It’s sweet but it’s probably one of the most common flirting lines, and chances are that the other person has lost count of the number of times they’ve heard it. On the other hand, “Can I have your number?” is plain desperate. 

So, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being super dull and 10 being creepy), how do you strike as a perfect 5? How do you become that person who comes across as interesting and funny from the very first moment? Go all out with the cheesy pick up lines to make him laugh or to leave her with no choice but to give you her number. If you have got funny pick up lines for her/him in your stock, all good. If not, Bonobology has got you covered.

PS: Our list of 50 corny pick up lines serves just right as Tinder pick up lines in case you are playing the online dating field!

Corny pick up lines for her

“You know I was so lost. Then those dimples on your cheek landed me straight in your inbox.” Yes, this is the level of cheesiness we’re talking about with these corny pick up lines. Fun fact about conversation starters to impress a girl/guy: Opening lines that reveal helpfulness, generosity, athleticism, culture, and wealth are more well-received by women. 

We are all for cheesy lines while flirting with a crush. But here’s a gentle reminder – just because something sounds fun to you doesn’t necessarily mean she will be delighted to hear it, especially if it involves body shaming, excessive sexual insinuation, or crossing someone’s boundaries when they are clearly not interested. Read the room before you make a move with these cute and funny pick up lines for her.

funny pickup lines for her
Is this magic or what?

1. If only I had a penny for every time you leave me tongue-tied with your beauty, boy, I would be a millionaire by now

2. Okay, you have to tell me, is it magic or what? Every time I look at you, everyone else around me disappears

3. Are you a fairy light? Because you sure are brightening up my day

4. Hey girl, if your heart is a prison, I would so not mind a life sentence

5. Do you live in a museum? Because you look like a work of art 

6. Hey, can you check my eyes? I think something’s wrong. I can’t take them off you

7. Did you go to bed early last night? Looks like you had your beauty sleep

8. Have we met before? You look a lot like my next girlfriend

9. I am really shy to hold a conversation. Can I hold your hands instead?

10. I left my library card at home. Do you mind if I check you out a little?

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Corny pick up lines for him

They say, “Girls don’t make the first move. Let him come to you.” Well, we suggest that you toss the age-old notions into the bin and make the first move if that’s what you want to do. In fact, studies suggest men appreciate direct lines from women interested in them and promiscuity plays absolutely no role in it. 

Won’t you love to let that cute guy from the bookstore know that his messy hair falling on his forehead as he reads stole your heart away? Then, put your game shoes on, girl, because it’s time to paint the town red and floor your crush with these cheesy yet funny pick up lines for him. 

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11. If you were me and I were you, how would you ask me out on a date?

12. Hi handsome, will you give me your name or can I just call you mine?

13. Have you been working out lately? Or do you always look so hot?

14. Hey, do you like fishing? I think you got me hooked

15. You know what would be a perfect crime? I steal your heart and you mine

16. You know I was wondering, do your lips taste as juicy as they look?

17. You know the best thing you can wrap around yourself? My arms

18. I am on a blind date tonight. I would be thrilled if that turns out to be with you

19. Are you an artist? ‘Cause you are drawing my attention

20. If I said that you have an amazing bod, would you hold it against me?

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Corny pick up lines that never get old

“I would like to take you to the movies but they don’t let you bring your own snacks.” The world of flirting is teeming with such evergreen one-liners that never disappoint you in your romantic quests. Today, Bonobology brings a whole bunch of such cheesy pick up lines to make him laugh or leave her in stitches and start a tete-a-tete that might actually lead to a wholesome connection:

Stories about flirting

21. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past you again?

22. I hope you know CPR because you just took my breath away!

23. You are pretty and I am nice. I think we would be pretty nice together

24. I am trying to memorize the important dates in history. It would be more interesting if you were one of them

25. I feel like my life without you is just a broken pencil, pointless

26. Have you ever been arrested? It must be illegal to drive some many people crazy with good looks

27. Kiss me if I am wrong but the sun still rises in the West, right?

28. If I were a cat, I would spend my nine lives wooing you

29. So, here I am. Tell me about your other two wishes

30. Was it an earthquake or did you just rock my world?

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Corny pick up lines to use at a bar

We all know that pubs are the ideal places to bring out your collection of weird pick up lines and try your luck with a cute bartender or the person sitting next to you, alone, with a drink. Stack these cheesy flirty conversation starters up your sleeve so you don’t feel flabbergasted in that situation or have to worry about being turned down: 

tinder pickup lines
Be romantic with your choice of pick up lines

31. You are so gorgeous it makes me regret being so pathetic at pick up lines

32. I had a dream last night that a pretty woman gave me her number. That’s why you look so familiar!

33. Other than making me stare at you, what’s your plan for the evening?

34. My photography skills are a little rusty. But I can totally picture us together

35. Look, I don’t have a wingman to play, “Have you met Ted?”, but will you be Robin to my Ted?

36. Can I have your Gram id? My parents told me to always follow my dreams

37. Are you free tomorrow night? I want to madly fall in bed with you

38. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

39. Are you a freshly baked cookie? Cause you are too hot to handle 

40. It’s not fair, you made me waste all my money on drinks tonight. (They ask, how?) I am already intoxicated by your beauty

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The funniest corny pick up lines of all time

Can you tell me a better alternative to humor when it comes to catching the attention of a person you want to woo? For most of us, humor makes the top of the criteria list for a perfect partner. Naturally, these funny pick up lines for him and her (if delivered with the right amount of poise and cute gestures) will help you in your romantic pursuits. Also, feel free to use a few as Tinder pick up lines to get a “LOL, you are funny” from your latest match.

cheesy pickup lines to make him laugh
Isn’t it the cutest way to ask someone out?

41. Do you work at a bee farm? Because you sure seem like a keeper to me

42. Are you feeling cold? My jacket is of boyfriend material 

43. Let’s toss. Heads, you ask me out, tails, I ask you out

44. Hey, do you mind buying me a drink? I dropped mine looking at you

45. Do you have a functioning time machine? ‘Cause I think I have seen you in my future

46. Hi, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

47. If you were on the McDonald’s menu, they would call you McPretty/McDreamy

48. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple

49. Are you a parking ticket because you have got fine written all over you

50. Are you an alien? Seems like you are out of this world

Our favorite corny pick up lines of all time

  • I am on a blind date tonight. I would be thrilled if that turns out to be with you
  • Kiss me if I am wrong but the sun still rises in the West, right?
  • Okay, you have to tell me, is it magic or what? Every time I look at you everyone else around me disappears
  • Look, I don’t have a wingman to play, “Have you met Ted?”, but will you be Robin to my Ted?
  • If you were on the McDonald’s menu, they would call you McPretty/McDreamy

So, we meet on the other side again. Now that your dating game has escalated a few steps, how does it make you feel? Confident? More optimistic about your dating prospects? We certainly hope so, after all, that was the sole intent of this article. Just remember not to cross the boundaries of personal space and basic courtesy as you approach a stranger and you will absolutely kill it out there. Here’s to meeting new people and many more lovely dates down the line!

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