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Twelve signs that you are in a happy, healthy relationship

Are you in a happy loving relationship where you can't have enough of each other?
Shahrukh Kajol

If you are in a wonderful fulfilling relationship; know it, own it and guard it ferociously!
Below is a short list for you to mark your relationship as ‘happy and healthy’.

1. You can speak to each other about anything and everything.

2. Thoughts of each other makes you smile instantly.

3. Being in each other’s warm embrace can melt away all your pain.

4. You share unlimited laughs together.

5. You understand each other’s silences.

6. You cannot bear to see each other unhappy…

7. You are thrilled for each other’s joys and victories

8. You still flirt with each other.

9. You love each other loads!

10. In fact, you don’t like being apart at all!

11. You cannot wait for your fight to end soon, sooner, soonest!

12. Being with each other is a non stop party, make the most of it!



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