Scary Love: 13 Types of Love Phobias You Never Knew About

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Have you heard of a love-related phobia called philophobia? Love is strange yet dense and beautiful affection that afflicts us all at some point or the other. In fact, it can be considered the strongest of all human emotions. Yet, it is associated with a list of love phobias. I know it is weird to know that there can be love-related phobias but that is the harsh truth out there. 

For people who don’t know what phobia entails, it’s an illogical fear of something like water or elevation, or even a habit like going outside. It is nothing to be ashamed of but at the same time, it requires careful consideration and guidance from a certified psychologist. 

We have tried listing down some love phobias, which can help you get educated about these, and in case you are afflicted by one of these, it would help you understand your triggers and reactions much better.

13 Types Of Love Phobias You Never Know About

Do you have a fear of falling in love? Do you have love-related phobias? Or are you simply a curious soul trying to find out if there is a phobia of love? In all of these cases and more, I would list down certain pointers that can help you satisfy your curiosity but also ameliorate any anxieties that you might possess regarding the subject.

If your target is to find out more about love phobias, read on. Phobias can often bring out the worst kind of reactions from anybody. It is important for us to be able to gauge such signs beforehand and prepare for them. If you have a friend that you might think is afflicted with these kinds of love phobias, get help for them as well. They might be lonely and wishing for a kind ear. Or if lately, you’ve been seeing a lot of toxic girlfriend signs in your partner, it is possible that they have some kind of a love phobia too.

Let us put aside all doubts regarding love-related phobias with this list of 13 types of love phobias that you never knew or thought of. Fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be a helluva fun ride. Also, a kind note before you proceed – all that you would read post this point are just definitions and some suggestions as to tackling them. If you feel that you have met someone who is afflicted with any of the following phobias, or if you feel that you possess one of them, it is better to take an expert opinion to double check. Bonobology’s panel of skilled, licensed and experienced counselors is here for you, if you’re looking for help in tackling such issues. 

Meanwhile, let’s take a deeper look at some of the lesser-known love phobias: 

1. Philophobia – The fear of falling in love

Do you feel horrible thinking about being in love? Do you feel that emotional attachment or emotional intimacy is something to avoid? If yes, you might be afflicted with philophobia. This is one of the most unique love phobias out there. It basically means that you are afraid of falling in love. The very idea of it makes your heart beat faster and not in a good way. 

Life without love is a terrifying notion for most but for you, the fear of falling in love supersedes every other feeling that you might have. It is sad that way but you do not have to fret. You can get over this problem through careful self-examination and then seeking help from a professional who can guide you to greener pastures. So what are you waiting for?

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2. Pistanthrophobia – The fear of getting hurt in a relationship

Similar to philophobia in nature but slightly different in its application. Pistanthrophobia is the fear that you would get hurt by your spouse or in a relationship. It is actually one of the more common phobias out there but it often does not manifest too strongly. But for some folks, it does and that is where the fear of falling in love takes precedence. 

If you feel that love would always lead to heartbreak, it is important to understand that this can be an anxiety disorder, one that is characterized as persistent and irrational. It is important that you understand the implications of such an issue and take the necessary steps to quell it. It can also be triggered by a previous painful experience and take an ugly turn if neglected. But do not worry. It is not something uncommon. According to a study, almost 12.5% of Americans suffer from any one type of specific phobia like pistanthrophobia. You are not alone, not by a long distance. Hence, it is more common than you think.

fear of falling in love
The possibility of getting hurt in a relationship can develop the fear of falling in love in a person

3. Philemaphobia – The fear of saliva

After reading this one, I am sure you would wonder – Is there a phobia of love like philemaphobia? It is a disorder where you develop an unreasonable fear of saliva or more precisely mouth germs. It can impede you from passionately kissing your partner and hence prove to be one of the strongest love phobias out there. Some people are disgusted by the idea of germs residing in one’s mouth while others feel revolted by the idea of saliva.

In both cases, what it finally does is instill in you the fear of falling in love. If your fear is on the lower end of the spectrum, gaining more experience and habituating yourself to the idea of kissing might do wonders for you. But like other love phobias out there, make sure to talk to a therapist about it and get a customized treatment plan.

4. Gamophobia – The fear of marrying somebody

By now you already know the answer to the question – is there a phobia of love?  But you may not know the spectrum on which such phobias operate. For example,  Gamophobia, like philophobia, is one of the unique types of love phobias. It can make a person feel extremely uncomfortable with the idea of marrying someone. It often impedes one’s ability to make meaningful relationships with a romantic partner or manifest love in one’s life.

It is not just limited to being married; it can also trigger one’s anxiety if one wishes to be committed to another person. If you are afflicted with this disorder, you would find it hard to open up to somebody regarding this. You might need professional help to get through this.

5. Venustraphobia – The fear of women

After having a look at some commitment-centric love phobias, we have finally arrived at a gender-specific one. Yes, Venustraphobia is the phobia where you do not have the courage to talk to beautiful women. Remember the early version of Rajesh Koothrapalli in The Big Bang Theory? That is what this disorder looks like. I know it can take away the chance of even starting a conversation let alone a relationship.

Other types of love phobias target some sort of insecurity in some particular part of intimacy like touching or kissing. This one throws out the rule book and does not allow you to even participate in a verbal tête-à-tête, which is super frustrating. But if Raj’s journey is anything to go by, this can be overcome as well with proper help and guidance.

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6. Chiraptaphobia – The fear of being touched

Much like philophobia and other distinct kinds of love phobias limit the affected person’s ability to forge well-rounded relationships, this phobia does not allow you to be touched or felt. Human touch is a basic yet fundamental part of a relationship. It goes beyond raw sexuality; it is a form of showing affection and care.

This phobia wouldn’t allow you to cozy up to your partner or even think about a marathon ‘Netflix and chill’ session. If you are suffering from this type of disorder, make sure that you have an open conversation with your partner regarding this and talk to a counselor as well.

7. Omphalophobia – the fear of belly buttons

Curious about the different kinds of phobias other than the fear of falling in love? We’ve got one word for you: omphalophobia. It is a type of specific phobia. Specific phobias are persistent ones that focus on a particular thing rather than a broad spectrum.

Here the focus is on belly buttons or navels. Yes, you read that correctly. It is truly one of the most distinct forms of love phobias one can come across. Unlike more common love-related phobias like pistanthrophobia, this one does not let you touch or see your belly button or somebody else’s or both. You can understand why this might be an issue in a relationship because physical intimacy/openness is important to both partners.

8. Mysophobia – The fear of germs

Mysophobia turns you into a germaphobe, making you averse to the idea of touching people or giving anyone any types of kisses or being in unknown spaces. This is similar to philemaphobia but the latter focuses more on kissing.

Remember Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and his problem of not being able to hug anybody or touch somebody’s glass or drink from a shared bottle? Those are the traits of somebody suffering from a kind of love phobia like mysophobia. If you cannot touch your partner, or go visit unknown places where you can stay comfortably, you are bound to have problems in the relationship.

9. Agoraphobia – The fear of open spaces

Do you want to know other love-related phobias? ‘Agora’ is the Greek word for the central, public space in a city. The roots of much of our modern way of life can be traced back to the Greeks, so it is not unusual that a love phobia would be connected to it somehow.

Is there a phobia of love that is not scary? Well, definitely not this one. Agoraphobia is the fear of public places. You simply cannot bring yourself to a public date or even go out for a movie or even try to go shopping together. If you cannot engage in outdoor activities with your partner, it would be difficult to have a relationship with them.

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10. Ithyphallophobia – The fear of an erect penis

Coming back to other love-related phobias that are gender-specific, here is an interesting one. Ithyphallophobia is the fear of the phallus, or to put it more simply, the erect penis. You do not like the sight of it and you definitely don’t get turned on by it which can turn into a sexless relationship.

It is great if you do not feel attracted to men but if you do, you would require some form of professional guidance in order to get through this. Love-related phobias make you lonely because you feel that you can get no resolution. 

mental illness

11. Arrhenphobia – The fear of men

Following the previous love-related phobia with another one that is gender-specific. Like we talked about a phobia that targets women, this one targets men. Arrhenphobia is a specific type of love phobia that visualizes men as the macro-target of dislike.

You are suffering from this disorder if you feel uncomfortable about all men and you abhor connections with any of them. It can be triggered by a painful experience in your past relationships or it can be developed without prior context as well.

12. Cibophobia – The fear of dining out

Is there a phobia of love related to eating? Yes, my reader, you are finally at that point. Dating involves a lot of going out, exploring wonderful delicacies together. In fact, it is one of the best bonding activities and is also one of the fun things to do as a couple.

But imagine if you are scared of going out for dinner because you think somebody would poison your food. This is Cibophobia. Much like pistanthrophobia, it plays on your trust issues and makes you doubt every morsel of food from an unknown place. That is an extremely disconcerting form of love phobia.

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13. Sarmassophobia – The fear of foreplay

Love phobias aren’t always limited to the fear of falling in love. They can also be related to sexual experiences. One such is Sarmassophobia or the fear of foreplay. Foreplay is an important element for establishing consent and building desire. For a majority of couples, it is fundamental to the idea of having a wholesome sexual relationship.

And this love-related phobia puts a dampener on that. This type of love phobia can lead to philophobia or pistanthrophobia if left alone. If you do not get excited at the idea of doing good foreplay before getting into the main act, do not fret and try to talk it out with your partner. 

These were the most common and uncommon types of love phobias that have the potential to wreak havoc on your romantic life. Self-awareness is necessary in these cases since you want to ask for help from a professional or at least talk it out with your partner. The motive of this article was not to scare you; it was only to help you understand your own issues and also help somebody else identify theirs. I know you must have started the article with the question, “Is there a phobia of love?”. I hope to have answered that query.

Before moving on, let me reassure you that all of these love-related phobias can be tackled with some bit of self-love, self-awareness, and lots of self-care.

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