Do I Have Commitment issues? Quiz

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Updated On: February 27, 2024
Do I Have Commitment Issues

In today’s age where a better connection might just be a swipe away, it’s hard to know when you should stop searching. However, if it feels like nobody is ever good enough then the issue might be within. Navigating the world of relationships, especially when you’re young, can be confusing. You might be wondering, “Do I have commitment issues?” or “Am I afraid of taking the plunge?” This “Do I Have Commitment Issues?” quiz, designed by a psychologist with a master’s degree, can help you answer these questions. 

This 10-question quiz will delve into your experiences, patterns, and anxieties to uncover potential root causes behind any hesitation towards commitment. Whether you’re actively dating or just exploring relationships, this quiz can shed light on why commitment might feel scary or challenging.

Are you someone who finds yourself self-sabotaging promising relationships? Do you fear getting too close, even when you enjoy someone’s company? This quiz can help you identify these tendencies and understand if these behaviors stem from gamophobia (fear of commitment) or other underlying reasons.

There is no shame in addressing your concerns about fear of commitment. Consider seeking professional guidance from a therapist or counselor if you feel like this is something you have to overcome!

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 Q1. How do you feel when talking about commitment in relationships?

  1. I’m okay with it
  2. I’m not sure
  3. It makes me nervous

Q2. What do you think of commitment?

  1. It’s suffocating and limiting
  2. It takes away my freedom a bit
  3. It makes me feel secure and safe

Q3. Have you had any successful long-term committed relationships in the past?

  1. Yes
  2. It didn’t last long
  3. No

Q4. Have you ever sabotaged a relationship just when things started getting serious?

  1. Yes, often
  2. Sometimes
  3. No

Q5. Does it make you anxious to think about the future?

  1. Yes
  2. Only when I think of another person in my future
  3. Not really

Q6. Do you struggle with indecisiveness?

  1. Yes, I second guess a lot
  2. Only with major life decisions
  3. No

Q7. Has anyone close to you ever accused you of having commitment issues?

  1. Yes, my partner(s) and friends
  2. An ex of mine did
  3. Not really

Q8. Are you scared of being vulnerable in front of others?

  1. Yes
  2. Sometimes
  3. No

Q9. Have you observed a lot of unhealthy relationships around you – either in family or amongst peers?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I’m not sure

Q10. Do you struggle to visualize a future with a romantic partner?

  1. Yes, it scares me
  2. Sometimes
  3. No

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