Unable to heal after the breakup. It’s been eight months…

I'm heartbroken but cannot go to parents for help either...
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Dear Ma’am,

I am 16 years old and dealing with a breakup. We even used to make out a little bit. It has been eight months and yet I am not able to heal myself.

I tried distracting myself but failed. He cheated on me. I cry so much. When I go out, I remember all the place we went together and then I break down again. I checked online; it looks like I am suffering from depression. I am unable to study too. How do I come out of this phase? I just can’t heal.

I can’t meet a counsellor, because my parents don’t know about all those things and I can’t tell them anything either as they feel hurt about me.

Please help me, ma’am.

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Kavita Panyam says:

Dear Young Girl,

Dealing with a breakup is a process, and the pain, a reality. Most often people look at attachments as love.

You have mentioned your boyfriend

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