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Dating an introvert? 10 ways introverts show their love for you

It's hard for introverts to show their love, but they do so in their own sweet and charming ways.
While dating an introvert we should decide the meeting of venue carefully

Are you dating an introvert? If you are dating one then you know how difficult it is to look for signs an introvert likes you. Sometimes you might have even thought that your introvert partner isn’t interested in you at all. It is not easy for introverts to fall in love, and even difficult to show their love for you. Introverts show their love for you in subtle ways, which can be hard to comprehend.

Introverts are very careful when it comes to letting people into their lives, especially when they are going to give their heart to someone. But once they are sure of their feelings and the person, they will be the most loving and romantic person on Earth.

If you are dating an introvert be sure they will show their love for you in a very different way…

The fact is that introverts and physical affection don’t go hand in hand. They prefer to show other ways of affection rather than the typical and obvious ways of love that a normal partner shows.

It is upon you to pick up the hints of love that your introvert partner leaves, because he/she isn’t going to tell you about it straightforwardly.

Here are 10 signs an introvert loves you and shows their love for you. If you are dating an introvert you need to know these.

1. They will share their interests with you

Introverts only share about their life with people whom they are interested in or who are important to them. They believe in sharing a deeper bond with people by understanding them. For introverts, it is knowing each other on a deeper level that sounds more romantic rather than a movie date or a romantic dinner. Their definition of romantic is different and you will soon know how if you are dating an introvert.

Dating an introvert man or woman is a difficult task
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2. They will want to spend quality time with you

Rather than going out in public and indulging in PDA, introverts prefer to stay in, maybe order a pizza and spend time with you indoors. It is because they prefer alone time with the person they love. They are all about wanting to know the ‘real you’. Never say no to an indoor date with an introvert. They could show you their most romantic side at that time.

3. They will actually talk to you on phone

Introverts hate talking on the phone with people. They might be very good at texting, but when it comes to calling, they get a bit nervous and therefore do their best to avoid it. If your introvert partner is talking to you on the phone, it’s a sign that he/she is getting comfortable with you and his/her feelings for you are making them do this.

4. They will start opening up to you

Introverts hate opening up to people, because they are scared that the person might hurt them. If your partner is sharing his/her secrets with you, you know that you hold a special place in his/her life. it means that he/she trusts you and is comfortable enough to share his/her worries and secrets. It is their way of showing you how important you are in their life without having to actually say it.

5. They will want to know more about you

Introverts love to know the little things about the person they love. They will ask you about your likes/dislikes, hobbies, music, etc. even if you find it boring.

There is no amount of stuff about you that is going to bore them. When an introvert takes a keen interest in someone, it is because he/she wants to know things about that person so that they can use it in future to make that person happy.

6. They will agree to fulfil your social obligations

If there is one thing that introverts hate the most, it is those social gatherings. They are averse to crowds and more specifically, people. If you have a social gathering to be in and your introvert partner agrees to come, it is a sure shot sign that this introvert likes you a lot. You must be really special for this introvert to agree to come to your social gatherings.

Sometimes you may get irritated while dating an introvert man or woman
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7. They will show you their vulnerable side

Introverts may look strong and independent, but there are times when they feel low and lonely. They don’t show this aspect of their personality to anyone, because it reveals their vulnerable self. If your partner is showing you their vulnerable side, it means that he/she isn’t any more afraid to show you his/her flaws.

8. You are becoming his/her go-to person

Whether anything happy or sad comes into the picture, the first person that pops up in his/her head is you. You are his/her go-to for almost everything now. It is because you have a great influence on this person’s life and he/she is becoming dependent on you for every emotion they feel. But when you are dating an introvert please be aware they are the best romantic partner ever.

9. They are showing you their romantic side

In the initial stages of a relationship or a dating phase, introverts and physical affection won’t go hand in hand. But when they start feeling deeply about you, they can’t help but show you their romantic side.

Introverts are proven to be greater romantics than extroverts because their love involves a greater intensity of passion. Once they are sure that you are the one, they will be the most romantic person you’ve ever met.

We can not express our feelings freely while dating an introvert man or women
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10. You are a part of their daily routine

No matter how busy your introvert is, he/she will take time out to talk to you. You are a part of his/her daily routine in some way or the other. Your partner will tell you everything about his/her day and will want to know how your day is. The fact that you are important enough to know every little detail about his/her day is what matters when you are dating an introvert.

Love works in mysterious ways and especially with mysteriously introverted people. Though being with an introvert isn’t easy, it can be one of your most romantic rides. You will love the passion, intensity of feelings and those constant butterflies that a relationship with an introvert will bring. You know the signs an introvert loves you and you can feel it too. Just trust the way he/she makes you feel and you will know that the introvert’s feelings for you are real.


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