Dating An Introvert? 10 Ways Introverts Show Their Love For You

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Updated On: December 28, 2023
While dating an introvert we should decide the meeting of venue carefully

Ever been attracted to an introvert? Or better yet, are you dating an introvert? If you are, then you know how challenging it can be to look for signs that an introvert likes you. Sometimes it might even seem like your introvert partner isn’t all that interested in you. However, this is far from the truth. It is not easy for introverts to fall in love, and it’s even more difficult for them to show that they care about you. They are not the most expressive by nature and hence, introverts show their affection for you in subtle ways which may be hard to comprehend.

Introverts tread cautiously when it comes to letting people into their lives, especially when it comes to giving their hearts away. But once they are sure of their feelings and the person, they can surprise you by being extremely affectionate and romantic!

10 Unconventional Ways Introverts Show Their Love

Introverts and physical affection don’t exactly go hand in hand. They prefer to show their love in other, more subtle ways. An introvert in love will not express their feelings in typical and obvious ways that a more outgoing partner would. Introverts are not extravagant and loud when it comes to showing love and care, but they will leave ample hints that are a bit more elusive in nature.
It is up to you to pick up on these subtle hints of love and care that your introvert partner leaves, because he/she might not tell you about them in an obvious manner.

Here are 10 signs that an introvert loves you and ways in which they show their feelings. If you are dating an introvert, learn to recognize these, and you will communicate better with your introvert partner.

1. They will share their interests with you

Being romantic - How introverts show affection
Getting to know each other on a deeper level

Alison and Josh had been seeing each other for a few weeks, but she was puzzled at how little she knew about him. It took some some time, but Josh eventually opened up to her about his deep love for pop art and Scrabble. Once he started telling her, there was no going back and their bond only deepened. Alison realized then that, as an introvert, he didn’t share such details with everyone, and that he considered her special.

Introverts only share things about their personal lives with people who are important to them. They believe in confiding only in those people with whom they want a deeper bond. Also, remember, introverts have varied and unique interests. So, if you’re on a date with an introvert, and they are opening up about their favorite poet, or how much they love whales, you’re probably looking at an introvert in love.

To introverts, getting to know each other on a deeper level is more romantic than a traditional movie date or a romantic dinner. Their definition of romance is different, and you will need to pay attention to things they say and do. Once you’ve mastered this, and gotten to know them better, you will know how to spot signs that an introvert likes you.

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2. They will want to spend quality time with you

Rather than going out to crowded public spots, introverts prefer to stay in, maybe order a pizza and spend some one-on-one quality time in a quieter, more comfortable place. This is because they prefer having the person they love all to themselves. They are all about wanting to know the ‘real you’. Never say no to an indoor date with an introvert.

Introverts are best and most comfortable showing their love when they are alone with you in a personal space and this is when their most romantic side makes an appearance. Needless to say, Netflix and chill is a favorite date night activity for introverts!

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3. They will talk to you over the phone

If you know introverts, you’ll know how much they hate phone calls, even with people they love. They will avoid answering the phone as far as possible – they’d rather text. They are expert texters, but phone calls take them way out of their comfort zone.

If your introvert partner makes the effort to talk to you over the phone, you’d better believe you’re special! Answering your call is a definite sign that an introvert loves you and has strong feelings for you. If they happen to call you back after missing a call, they have fallen for you hard! And if they actually call you on their own, your introvert partner misses you, and is clearly showing you how important you are.

4. They will start opening up to you

Introverts are wary of opening up to people because they are scared that of getting hurt. They generally allow only a few special people in their life and tend to keep their circle small. If your introvert partner is sharing their secrets with you, you know that you hold a special place in their life. It means that they trust you and are comfortable enough to share their worries and secrets with you. It is their way of showing you how important you are in their life without having to spell it out.

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5. They will want to know more about you

Introverts are mostly indifferent towards the affairs of people who do not concern them. But if an introvert likes you, they will take a keen interest in your life. They like to know every little thing about the person they love. They will ask you about your likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc. If you find them asking you questions about these topics, it is one of the more obvious signs that an introvert likes you.
Don’t worry about boring them. An introvert in love will want to know everything about the person they care about. When an introvert takes a keen interest in someone, it is because he/she wants to know minute details so that they can use it in the future to make their partner happy. So, go ahead. Open up to your introvert partner as much as you want.

6. They will agree to fulfil social obligations with you

If there is one thing that introverts hate the most, it’s social gatherings. They are averse to crowds and more specifically, people. If you have a social gathering to be at and your introvert partner agrees to accompany you, it is a sure shot sign that this introvert cares about you a lot. You have to hold an extremely special position in the life of an introvert for them to agree to come to a social gathering with you.

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7. They will show you their vulnerable side

Introverts may seem strong and independent, but there are times when they feel low and lonely. They don’t show this aspect of their personality to many people, because it reveals their vulnerabilities. If your partner is showing you their vulnerable side, it means they aren’t afraid to show you their flaws; a sure-shot way for introverts to show their love.

8. You are becoming his/her go-to person

Casey and Lisa have been dating for many years. Casey is an introvert and at the beginning, Lisa struggled to understand how Casey felt about her. Slowly, she started realizing that Casey always updated her about the highs and lows of her day. Whether she had mastered a presentation at work, or had a fight with her parents, Lisa was the first one to know.

Introverts show their love by making you their go-to person for almost everything. Be it something happy or sad, the first person they want to confide in is you. You are the first person they want to share their feelings with because you probably have a great influence on this person’s life and you on theirs.

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9. They are showing you their romantic side

In the initial stages of a relationship, introverts and physical affection might not go hand in hand. But when they start developing deep feelings for you, they can’t help but show you their romantic side. Introverts express their affection in profound ways and are found to be greater romantics than extroverts because their love involves a greater intensity. Once they ascertain you to be the one, they will be the most romantic person you’ve ever met.

Being romantic - How introverts show affection
Once you get to know them, introverts are very romantic

10. You are a part of their daily routine

No matter how busy they might be, they will take time out to talk to you. You are a part of their daily routine in some way or the other. They will share their day with you and will be interested in knowing more about yours. The important fact here is that you are important to them which is why they chose to share every little detail about their day with you. This is the beauty of dating an introvert. They never fail to make you feel special.

Love works in mysterious ways, especially with introverts. Though being with an introvert isn’t an easy feat, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences once you start to see the other person bloom. Once an introvert falls for you, you will get to experience love, passion, constant butterflies, and intensity of feelings that you have never felt before.

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