33 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Yourself

October 10, 2022 |
Updated On | October 10, 2022
Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Yourself

Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Yourself

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Does your boyfriend know you as well as you think he does? Maybe you want to build a deeper bond with him. Or maybe you just want to have fun in the form of a great interactive session. Either way, here’s what will do the trick: questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself! Besides, imagine if you get to know that your partner is not compatible with you – a year after you start dating. That will be a problem, and you don’t want that. So, gear up and get equipped with these questions to make the process both fun and insightful for the two of you.

33 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Yourself

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you need to know if your boyfriend is as invested as you are. According to statistics, 66% of long-distance relationships do not last because couples do not plan for their future together. Well, in that case, all you need are deep and personal questions to ask your boyfriend to see if he is serious about you. Without any further ado, here is a list of great questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself.

1. What was your very first impression of me?

This is one of the underrated questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. The popular quote that says “First impression is the last impression” – did it prove right or wrong in your case?
Poetic? Not really. Just a very fun way of knowing how you have evolved in your boyfriend’s eyes.

2. Am I a good kisser?

Kisses are always very special, not just because of the health benefits of kissing. More importantly, they lead to an intimate connection that makes you two stronger as a couple. This is one of those deep questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. It can turn out to be pretty funny too as sometimes kisses may not exactly be as dreamy as we imagine them to be. Either way, this is a great thing to talk about.

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3. Do I make people feel special?

A good way to get to know yourself better. Some people have an inherent ability to not just make their close ones feel special, but pretty much anyone they come across. That is a beautiful quality to have and something that your partner might definitely be into. With this question, you will know how your partner feels about you in this regard.

how well do you know your partner quiz

4. What about me pulled you right in?

This may seem like one of the easiest questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. However, it is definitely going to be tricky for him. There may be a gazillion things about your partner that attracted you the most. However, there will always be that one thing which pulls you the most, like gravity. Same goes for your partner and the answer to this is going to be rather wholesome.

5. What’s my conflict technique?

We all have different ways to handle conflict and if your partner knows yours, it definitely shows that he loves you and is serious about you. Conflict resolution strategies in relationships is important. This is one of those personal questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself, and something he should definitely know about if you both have seen your share of conflicts. Someone who loves you will pay attention to detail and notice the little things about you.

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6. How well do I balance my emotions?

At some point or other, whether we are having a terrible day or just random mood swings, we have overreacted to things. Moreover, these overreactions bug you later and you wonder if you could have handled the situation differently. The same could happen in a relationship and knowing if you overreact before/during fights will allow you to become more cautious and handle the conflict better. The answer to whether you balance your emotions well or not will create more room to work on yourself. That will automatically pave the way to creating a balanced relationship.

7. What is annoying about me?

You probably don’t want to know the answer to this, but this is also the one answer you HAVE to know. Knowing what annoys your boyfriend the most will either help you understand your flaws and work on them, or will lead to a discussion on why your partner finds perfectly reasonable behavior annoying. A good way to introspect for both of you.

8. What are my best traits?

Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Yourself What Are My Best Traits?

This is where you take a deep dive into how much your partner notices and knows about you. What you think are your best traits may be the ones that he comes up with too. If that is not the case, he will unveil a separate set of aspects that he loves about you. There are definitely certain female physical features that attract men the most. However, there are also some personality traits that do the trick equally well. Whatever he thinks are your best traits will allow you to know yourself better for sure.

10. Am I a secure person?

Who does not get insecure in relationships? But there’s a very thin line that you shouldn’t cross. Excessive insecurities need to be talked about. This question gives you that chance. Let it all out. Your partner’s answer is your chance to grow as a human being and soulmate. Or maybe he thinks you’re very secure, and that way, you know something nice about yourself. This is definitely one of those tricky questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself, and it needs to be addressed.

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11. What is my biggest fear?

You definitely know of your phobias and biggest fears, but does your partner know about those too? Ideally, he should, as it helps connect two individuals on a whole different level. Knowing about each other’s strengths and weaknesses is of paramount importance as you can help each other out in facing your fears and overcoming them. If you are weak individually, get stronger together. It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to look back and say, “Yep, been there, done that.”

12. What qualities matter the most to me?

Everyone has this set of qualities that they look for in their partner. From finding ways to achieve a steady work-life balance and making sure that your arguments do not cross an unhealthy limit, to being patient with each other and being good listeners – there are small things that matter the most. You chose him as your partner for a reason and this is a fun way to see if he knows why you love him.

13. Who am I close to in my life?

There’s no denying the fact that there is always this one person or a group of friends that we fall back on for support. It could be your parents, your friends, your chosen family. These people are there for you and they feel the same way about you. This is one of those fun as well as deep questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself.

Maybe you both will end up laughing about the kind of silly antics you and your group of friends carry out now and then. If he knows and respects the people you are close to, he is an absolute keeper and this question will help you understand that.

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14. What are my favorite cuisines/dishes?

So, it is one of those days when you are terribly low and are craving your soul foods, big time. We have all been there. Your boyfriend will surely know about your favorite dishes and this is an adorable way to find out.

15. Do you think I am your soulmate?

This is an excellent question to cleverly know if he has long-term goals with you or not. If you consider this a serious relationship, it is super-duper important for him to feel the same way about it. This is a really good question to ask your boyfriend about yourself to see how invested he is in you. Besides, you have probably already noticed some early signs that you have found your soulmate. It surely will be fun to see how he feels about you being his soulmate.

16. What do you think turns me on the most about you?

This is yet another one of those intimate questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. There are probably a dozen different things about you that turn him on. However, if he can pinpoint what exactly turns you on the most about him, things will definitely get spicier.

17. What hits the spot for me when we make love?

This is one of the most romantic questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. And if you’ve been going through a dry spell, this might just end it. It’s important to know if your boyfriend knows and appreciates what you like in bed. Besides, this is where you can have long conversations about taking your sex lives to the next level. The dynamics and importance of sex in a relationship is something that is boosted further with such questions.

18. What are my coping tools and mechanisms?

This can be tough to answer. Understanding when a person needs space or time for themselves is a very mature quality to have. Maybe you like to meditate or jog or paint or play with your dog. If your partner knows the answer to this question, he is a keeper. One of those hard yet super important questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself.

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19. What do I like and dislike about myself?

Self-awareness is very important – Knowing about your weaknesses allows you to work on them and knowing about your strengths boosts your self-confidence. And when your partner knows about what you like and dislike about yourself, it’s a great bonus! There are things that men notice about women on the first date and things that they start liking or disliking when dating. Knowing and talking about it all is pretty fun actually!

Besides, if you are checking to see that he notices you deeply, this is the perfect question to ask. He might even have a funny answer to this and the two of you will laugh about it. Definitely, one of those funny yet deep questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself.

20. What does your family like the most about me?

If you want questions to ask your boyfriend to see if he is serious about you or not, this is it. If you have been in a relationship for quite some time now, it is essential to know if he sees you as a temporary girlfriend or a serious partner. It will be evident from what he has told his family about you.

Moreover, knowing if his family likes you or not is important. You can then come up with a plan to get their approval or interact more with them.

21. What stresses me out the most?

Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Yourself What Stressed Me Out?
When do I get the most stressed out?

Be it piled up work or just a bad day in general, getting stressed out is not a pleasant feeling. You feel choked and suffocated and if your partner knows what’s causing all that stress, he will know what to do to relieve it. So, talking about what stresses each other out is important to help each other out.

22. What are my dream destinations?

Dream destinations are something that the two of you should really talk about. It helps you both to make plans, save up, and travel together. So, if your partner gets this right, that’s awesome. Make plans already! If not, let him in on your travel desires and ask him about his dream destinations too. The couple that travels together, stays together.

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23. Do you ever feel that I’m over-possessive?

Everyone gets possessive up to a certain point in a relationship. The main issue is when you or your partner starts getting over-possessive. It could suffocate you and gradually, the relationship gets toxic and falls apart. If you show these traits, let your partner talk about it. Listen, analyze, and understand what according to your partner is ‘over-possessive’. If he is reflecting on signs that you are a clingy girlfriend, work through it together. Also, a great way for your partner to ask you back if he’s been over-possessive about you, and for you to air your grievance.

24. Am I supportive of your and other people’s goals and aspirations?

If you are supportive of people’s goals and aspirations, that is a wonderful quality to have. However, maybe you have restricted him from going for something he always wanted to do. Or maybe you dismiss people’s ideas without realizing you’re doing so. Getting to the bottom of this question is going to help you become a better human being.

25. Who are my top five celebrity crushes?

Why is this important, you ask? Just for fun, definitely. However, this helps you understand what your partner knows about you. Everyone has celebrity crushes and talking about these things helps create a more open space to breathe in. Sometimes, relationships, where over-possessiveness is a major issue, talking about it, helps ease things a bit. This is surely one of those naughty questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself where the two of you burst into laughter. Besides, it is also one of the most playful ways to make your guy jealous!

26. When do I like getting intimate with you?

You cannot be sexually charged throughout the day. There are those particular hours where your sexual emotions hit their peak. If your partner has been attentive about you, he will know exactly when you like it and when you don’t. This will make you appreciate your boyfriend more and know that he is definitely into you.

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27. What is my biggest sexual fantasy?

Who does not have a list of sexual fantasies? However, what is your biggest and wildest sexual fantasy? Let him guess it. This is an excellent opportunity to spice things up a bit in bed! One of the most flirtatious questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. Besides, it is also one of the best bonding questions for couples to strengthen their relationship.

28. What are my biggest insecurities?

Stories on Boyfriends

As human beings, we are not perfect and never will be. Flaws are beautiful and understanding them is what makes you embrace them and work toward self-improvement. When you ask this question, keep your ego and every negative emotion aside. This question needs to be handled with utmost care and respect. Each and every one of us is flawed. If your boyfriend is trying to be honest about it, respect that and listen. There’s a huge chance to work upon yourself here. This becomes more important when you are insecure in a relationship. It shouldn’t be left untouched and needs to be talked about.

29. What is that one thing that makes me stand out from the crowd?

If you are looking for tricky questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself, this is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride for him! It is worth seeing him get all worked up for a bit and give you an honest answer. Will definitely pull you two closer.

30. What do I love the most about my job?

Sharing your ambitions and career goals with each other is an important aspect of a relationship. If your boyfriend knows why you do what you do on a regular basis, it shows that he respects you for the work that you put in. Or maybe there is something else you love to do and want to pursue in the future. You can and should talk all about it.

31. What is my go-to color?

At first, this may seem like an ordinary question. However, the importance of colors in our lives is underrated. The kind of connection we feel with our preferred colors is beautiful. We often associate them with ‘good luck’ or something that gives us a ton of confidence, like that favorite outfit of yours. If your boyfriend knows of your go-to colors, this is yet another sign that he pays attention to detail. That is indeed a commendable quality to have.

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32. What gets me emotional?

There are a variety of different things that hit the spot for you and get you emotional. It may be taking a bite of your favorite food, listening to a track, watching a movie, spending time with family, etc. This is one of those deep questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself that will strengthen the emotional intimacy in your relationship. However, if you are someone who believes in setting emotional boundaries in relationships, he will probably end up giving a smart answer to this!

33. What are my favorite movies and songs/singers?

This is another one of those trick questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. There are probably multiple movies that capture you completely. Maybe you like the screenplay, maybe the director is your favorite, or you’ve been following the career of an actor religiously. If he knows the answer, this lets you know that he pays attention to detail and remembers the things that mean the most to you. Of course, given the fact that you have talked about it at some point.

Key Pointers

  • If you are thinking about long-term stability, you can use these questions to ask your boyfriend to see if he is serious about you
  • Asking these questions will allow the two of you to explore more about each other in a fun way
  • There are some deep questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself as well, to strengthen the understanding between the two of you
  • Your boyfriend will know more about what you like and dislike, and vice versa, and that is important

By the end of the day, communication is definitely the key to ending all hardships in a relationship. Turning your faces away from each other is not going to solve anything. Whether you think that your relationship is losing the spark or you just want to take it to the next level, these 33 questions are all that you need in your arsenal.


1. What can you tell your boyfriend about yourself?

Pretty much everything. Transparency is an important element in a healthy and serious relationship. Of course, if you think he’s not the one and this is a temporary fling, you do not have to be completely honest. That’s completely your choice and call to make.

2. What secrets should my boyfriend know about me?

From your fetishes and wildest fantasies to embarrassing personal stories, you can talk about anything and everything with your boyfriend, if he makes you feel comfortable enough. If you are selective about things to tell your boyfriend, you are probably going to run out of things to have beautiful conversations about pretty soon.

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