Affair and Cheating

You may call me unfaithful

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For me, being ‘unfaithful,’ as I would be inevitably branded by society was a sort of necessity. I was in an abusive marriage for almost five years, where I had to earn, take care of the child and also put up a show in front of the whole world that I was happily married. At first, I wished to make my marriage work despite knowing that I was married to a man addicted to drugs, who could hardly stick to any job.

So for almost five years I struggled to plug the holes that were threatening my own existence and kept up the show. And for all these years I had another man in my life, who was once upon a time my classmate too. And I know for sure, this relationship actually helped me to survive through the worst years of my life and also helped my son to grow. Without Avishek*, it would have been impossible to raise a young boy who always felt the absence of a proper father figure in his life.

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