At Bonobology, it is our endeavor to bring people closer together. Every relationship has its share of ups and downs, and sometimes all it takes is perspective and good advice to tide through the tough times. This is the reason why we have cherry-picked our counsellors to help you in your time of need. Ask away…

Deepak Kashyap
Deepak Kashyap

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Paras Shah
Dr. Paras Shah

Chief Consultant Sexologist

Dr.Kushal Jain
Dr.Kushal Jain

Consultant Psychiatrist for Difficult Relationships

Nandish Thackar
Nandish Thackar

Divorce & Separation Advisor & Lawyer

Prachi Vaish
Prachi Vaish

Marriage Therapist

Relationship Counselling

My friend-with-benefits might get engaged

Name Withheld Posted on : 24 Oct 2016

Either you start disengaging, or take a chance and tell him how you feel

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I Only Feel Physical Attraction For Girls. Is This

I can't see any girl as my sister, and only feel physical attraction. Is this abnormal?

Name Witheheld Posted on : 19 Oct 2016

What you are feeling is nothing to be ashamed of

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My New Wife Cheated On Me & Lied About Past Affair

My new wife lied about past physical affairs. Should I separate or stay?

Mayank Posted on : 17 Oct 2016

Don’t make personal decisions based on social pressure; she might be lying for reasons of low self-esteem

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How To Deal With External Stress During A Breakup

How to cope with external stress during a breakup

Prani Posted on : 10 Oct 2016

Take a deep breath and consider how it would have affected you otherwise

Views: 196
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My Girlfriend Talks About Her Ex Boyfriend During

My girlfriend brings up her ex during intimate moments

Name Withheld Posted on : 05 Oct 2016

Ask her calmly what she needs from you

Views: 354
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I Can

I can't leave my cheating husband because of my son. What should I do?

Name Withheld Posted on : 03 Oct 2016

Step away for a while, gain confidence to act for your own good, not others

Views: 407
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Ask Deepak | My Wife Caught Me Sexting & Won

My wife keeps bringing up my past mistake. Please advise.

Name Withheld Posted on : 30 Sep 2016

Communication is key to healing the rift; it will take time

Views: 390
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Ask Deepak | How To Relax When Kissing? | Bonobology

How do I relax when kissing?

Name Withheld Posted on : 28 Sep 2016

Go with the flow; you are not defined by how you kiss

Views: 343
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Ask Deepak | He Wants Sexting Pictures & I Don

He wants pictures while sexting, but I don't trust him. Please advise.

Name Withheld Posted on : 26 Sep 2016

Neither they nor you are made any less by the preferences that you have for online intimacy.

Views: 425
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Ask Deepak | Abusive Separated Husband Wants To Get Back Together | Bonobology

Abusive separated husband wants to get back together

Name Withheld Posted on : 23 Sep 2016

You might be looking for the comfort of familiarity; if he has not really changed, it’s not ideal

Views: 434
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Ask Deepak | We Decided To Divorce: How To Deal With Emotion After Divorce | Bonobology

How do I deal with my emotions after deciding on a divorce?

Name Withheld Posted on : 20 Sep 2016

Let the emotions run their course. Try separation counselling

Views: 507
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Ask Deepak | How To Protect My Relationship With My Wife & My Mother | Bonobology

We moved to avoid my parents but our careers have suffered

Name Withheld Posted on : 18 Sep 2016

Stay close to but not with your parents, if it’s difficult. Try career counselling

Views: 458
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Ask Deepak | She Wants To Be More Than Friends & Won

She thinks I'm more than a friend and won't take no for an answer

Rajesh Posted on : 15 Sep 2016

Don’t try to be politely vague when you say no. Make it clear it’s a refusal

Views: 380
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Ask Deepak | After 2 Failed Sexless Marriages And Divorce, I

After two failed marriages, I've lost confidence

Ruchika Posted on : 06 Sep 2016

Believe that the failure was not your fault; try online dating

Views: 585
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