10 things every bhabhi goes through when she has a devar!

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Any woman whose husband has a younger brother can identify with these experiences.

1. You mother him!

“Kaise kapdo mein jaa rahe ho? Ladkiyan kaise impress hongi?”

2. You can always ask him for inside info

“Yeh chudel unhe pehle se hi jaanti hai?”

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3. You can rely on him

“Paneer ki sabji mein namak double pad gaya hai. Restaurant se laa do.”

You can rely on him

4. Get him to spy for you

“Abhi tak ghar kyun nahin aaye. Friends ke saath kahin club mein….”

You can rely on him

5. He is never the third wheel

“Ghar baith ke kya karoge, saath chalo”.

6. He is worth covering up for

“Der raat tak bechara bahar kaam kar raha tha.”

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7. You have rights over him

When checking girls out for him you can tell him, “Ruk, main screening karti hun.”

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He is worth covering up for

8. Use him as a free babysitter

When you want alone time with your husband, you can always dump your kids on him! The children love chachu!

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