8 times movie mothers-in-law were worse than your real MIL

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Updated On: August 2, 2023
Indian mother in law

Indian mothers-in-law

In India, almost always the career path of every girl is pre-determined: get some decent education, do a job or not, get married, move to your husband’s place and become an assistant to mothers-in-law in homemaking. And if it is a nuclear family then the daughter-in-law manages the household, but only as a branch manager who must finally report to the general manager, a.k.a. the mother-in-law regularly over the phone. And sometimes the general manager pays inspection visits too.

Everyone thinks their boss is the worst, so how could you as a daughter-in-law be an exception? Especially when every day is a Monday at your workplace. But here are some movies that come to your rescue by showing how worse your situation could be.

1. Sau Din Saas Ke

Lalita Pawar is the quintessential filmi mother-in-law. In this film she plays a tyrant mother-in-law who even put burn marks on her daughter-in-law’s legs using hot metal.

You should be thankful your mother-in-law only burns you figuratively with words of sarcasm and criticism.

sau din saas ke
Tyrant mother in law

2. Yeh Vaada Raha

Some filmi mothers-in-law can do worse than plain burns. The lady in this film tried to kill her would-be daughter-in-law. Fortunately she failed and unfortunately for her the same girl became her daughter-in-law.

And you had thought your mother-in-law’s inspection visits are real killers!

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3. Beta

Mothers-in-law cannot always be in-your-face scary. Some are sly and take steps like a chess player. The only way to defeat them is to be cool and keep playing the chess match to win.

You may think your husband is a little mama’s boy, but at least he is not a semi-illiterate crazy mama’s boy.

4. Bahubali 2

Sometimes despite trying their best, the mothers-in-law lose their super dedicated mama’s boys. This drove crazy even a seasoned queen like Sivagami. She destroyed everything dear to her daughter-in-law and in the process destroyed her own life.

You should be thankful that whenever she gets less attention from her son in comparison to you, your mother-in-law only sulks and does not start a war.

Angry because she lost her mama’s boy

5. Ghar Jamai

Because it would be too sexist to assume only women suffer the wrath of mothers-in-law. Sometimes men are at war with their mothers-in-law, using the wife as pawn.

Thankfully you were never used as a pawn, because the only war your mother and husband fight is when your mother force-feeds him five rasagullas.

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6. Maine Pyar Kiya

All bosses or all mothers-in-law are not evil, not even in the movies. In this movie the mother-in-law encouraged her son to choose his love over money, status and family.

This may not make your situation seem better but it gives you hope.

7. Koi Mil Gaya

A good mother-in-law is fine, but if the mother-in-law is too good then assume something is wrong with the son and she is only happy to dump him on you. You can’t be too thankful about your mother-in-law not being too good.

8. Astitva

Sometimes a mother-in-law needs non-judgemental support too, especially when her past deeds come back to haunt her. Are you up for that?

I’m your daughter-in-law; not your daughter. Let’s face it!

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