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I’m your daughter-in-law; not your daughter. Let’s face it!

At first she was thrilled that her mother-in-law said she was like her daughter, but then she realised the truth
Mothers-in-law don't treat their daughters-in-law like their daughters

Dear Mother-In-Law,

I’m an educated work-from-home mom. I manage household chores, my children (who are also your grandchildren), I accommodate your son’s grand plans and ambitions even if it means sacrificing my own career and ambitions.

I live in a city that is an overnight journey from your hometown and you still find it impossible to come down if I need to go out of town for work, to be with my children. But you gave up your job soon after your daughter’s child was born. I did not complain then.

You were unhappy that I was looking for new projects a few months after my younger one was born, but you let your daughter work 15 days after her child was born and you have been practically raising the child since then. I did not complain then.

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  1. This is the post for others to read. How do you plan to ensure,instead, for your mother in law to read? Have you ever tried to make her see your pt of view?
    Have your husband asked her to help you out?
    If not, then Pl do so.

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