13 Amazing Benefits Of Marriage For A Woman

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benefits of marriage for a woman

Getting married is one of the biggest leaps of faith a woman takes in her life. Some of the benefits of marriage for a woman are: a happier life, a friend with whom she can share both the good and the bad times, and a constant companion she can rely on. A study from Harvard has found that ‘happily’ married people enjoy better health than single people. Compared to single people, happily married adults tend to live longer, happier, and experience fewer cardiovascular diseases

To find out more about the importance of marriage and what marriage means to a woman, we reached out to psychologist Aakhansha Varghese (M.Sc. Psychology), who specializes in different forms of relationship counseling – from dating to breakups, and premarital to abusive relationships.

She says, “Due to patriarchy, there are both benefits and disadvantages of being a married woman. Marriage gives her an opportunity to have financial benefits and security. Having said that, I don’t necessarily mean that women who aren’t married and decide to stay single aren’t financially stable or independent. Single women, of course, live a stable life too.”

13 Wonderful Benefits Of Marriage For A Woman

It’s important to note that before we talk about these benefits of marriage for women, we are assuming that these women a) have full agency over their decision to marry, b) are not pressured by heteronormative and patriarchal expectations of ‘submitting to a man’, c) are not forced/coerced to have children, d) are financially independent and safe in case of a divorce (because a marriage established for financial security is not really a choice, but a lack of it). So, if you truly have found the right partner and are wondering what the benefits of marriage for a woman are, then read on and find out.

1. Marriage is an opportunity to grow 

Marriage is the beginning of creating a family with or without children. It provides an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a couple. The growth can be of any kind including:

  • Mental growth
  • Financial growth 
  • Intellectual growth 
  • Emotional growth 
  • Spiritual growth 

Aakhansha says, “A family of two people is also a family. Marriage is more than just a union. Being a married woman gives you a chance to grow in the relationship and flourish as a human being. All of these growths have positive effects on both partners. In case of a stable, happy marriage, you become more kind, gentle, and compassionate. Furthermore, such marriages make women stronger than ever.”

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2. You get a trusted companion 

Does marriage benefit woman? It does and this is one of the perks of marriage for a woman. You have a life partner who you can trust. You will know for sure that this person won’t leave your side no matter what, in sickness and in health. They will keep all your secrets safe, as you will do for them. They will make sure to lift you up when you are feeling down. Besides, you’ll always have someone with whom you can share hobbies and indoor/outdoor activities, someone you can travel with, someone to take care of you, and someone to accompany you on long walks.

3. You become more financially stable 

Regardless of whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, you become financially stronger when you are married. Instead of one income, there are two incomes running the home. Some other financial benefits of marriage for a woman include:

  • Social security benefits like Medicare and retirement funds
  • IRA (Individual Retirement Account) benefits 
  • Inheritance benefits

Aakhansha says, “You get a lot of insurance benefits when you get married. You can be a nominee or you can experience certain returns that you get by being married. In fact, in some countries, the car expense is cheaper for married couples than for single people.” 

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4. You get to enjoy intimacy without any hindrance 

When you are married, you get a lot more time, space, and scope to explore your fantasies. You also get to be intimate with your partner any time you want. This is one of the positive effects of getting hitched. You don’t have to set a date and time to be sexual with each other. You won’t have to deal with prying neighbors who secretly judge you for having sex at odd hours or for living together without being married. 

5. Marriage improves mental health for women

Aakhansha says, “What marriage means to a woman is hard to describe. She wants nothing more than love and to be understood by her partner. All of these things directly improve her mental health. She is happy when she has a support system. You get all the fundamentals of support in your marriage and that is one of the main advantages of marriage for a woman.”

You won’t have to go through that rough breakup or any of the anxious dating phases again. Thus, a marriage provides a sense of safety that helps bettering a woman’s mental well-being. Research has proved that married women experience less mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD as compared to single women. Queer married women fare even better. Research indicates that women in same-gender marriages are less stressed than women in heterosexual marriages. 

6. You have an opportunity to create a dream family 

Aakhansha says, “You don’t get to choose where you are born but you definitely get to choose the person you want to create your dream household with. You get to choose if you want children and then raise them the way you want to. This is exactly what marriage means to a woman. She wants to be able to choose her partner and live a life full of happy moments.”

Some women don’t get the luxury of being raised in good homes. They have been victims of abuse, neglect, and lovelessness as kids. If you are wondering if marriage is the right choice for you, then you have all the right to be skeptical about it. But if you have always wished to have a good spouse, a dreamy house, and adorable children, then marriage is your best option. If you are afraid of commitment, then you can try to live together before tying the knot. 

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7. You get health insurance benefits 

Since you are planning to spend your life with your partner, you are entitled to some health insurance benefits and social security benefits. Listed below are some of the health insurance benefits that you get to enjoy when you are married: 

  • If you receive health insurance through your employer, you can save money
  • You will have to deal with less paperwork 
  • It will be easier to keep a track of your health insurance coverage as a married couple
  • As per this study, marriages reduces the use of some high-cost health services as well (such as nursing home care)

8. Your lifestyle will improve

Does marriage benefit a woman? Yes, one of the advantages of marriage for a woman is that her lifestyle will change for the better. You will end up taking less risks and will live a healthier life. 

Aakhansha says, “You will always have your partner look after you when you are going out. They can help you decide which dress to wear and they will even shower you with compliments. If you are an introvert and married to a shy person, then they will open new doors for you. If you’re an extrovert and have an introverted partner, you get to learn a lot from your partner’s hobbies and sense of calm. You both get to experience life from a new perspective now.”

9. Married women are entitled to tax benefits 

Is marriage worth it? Yes. Apart from important social security benefits and legal benefits of marriage, you also get to avail tax benefits. This is one of the biggest perks of getting married. Here are some of the tax advantages for a married woman:

  • Lower property/residence tax
  • No estate tax (after your spouse’s demise) if they own any assets 
  • You can file a single tax return instead of two separate ones when you are married
Married Couples

10. … As well as marital tax benefits

Another benefit of marriage for women is that they can get unlimited marital tax deduction. If you have any assets or properties, you can transfer it in your partner’s name without having to pay extra tax money. This job can be done without paying the tax. 

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11. You can manage a joint account instead of two separate ones

Aakhansha says, “One of the first things a married couple does after getting married is opening a joint account. This is one of the best tips for financial planning if you are getting married. It will allow you to manage household expenses, shopping expenses, or any kind of expenditure in an easier way. There won’t be any conflict with how the money is being spent since you won’t be taking money from your partner’s account but from the joint account.”

Both the partners will have equal access to it. This is a completely transparent way of knowing how the money is being spent. Opening a joint account fosters trust and a sense of companionship.

12. When you’re married, the rent or cost of living decreases 

Being a single woman and living alone can be draining on your bank account. Cities like New York and Seoul have an extremely high cost of living where the rent is sky high. This is one of the biggest financial benefits of marriage for a woman. When you get married, you and your spouse can split the rent amount and this will ease your financial burden. 

13. You can opt for a maternity cover

Aakhansha says, “If you are married and planning to grow your family, it’s essential to get a maternity add-on cover. This will cover all your maternity-related expenses once you decide to get pregnant.” If you have decided to not have children, then you can opt for other health insurance and legal benefits of marriage. 

Key Pointers

  • Marriages improve women’s mental health and reduce the risk of depression
  • When you get married, you have an opportunity to grow in all aspects of your life – financially, emotionally, sexually, etc.
  • You get to avail some important social security benefits and health insurance benefits

The importance of marriage as an institution is that it keeps you grounded. It provides financial and emotional safety. However, if you aren’t sure about marriage, then nobody should compel you to make this decision. Get married when you feel like you are ready to trust, love, and support your spouse while receiving the same amount of good things from them. 

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