51 Newlywed Game Questions For That Instant Bonding

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The Newlywed Game was a hilarious show in the 60’s that made for some lovely entertainment. It involved asking interesting questions to couples who had recently gotten married, about each other. Not only were these newlywed game questions fun, but they also helped couples break the ice and strengthen their bond.

We bring you a set of questions that are unique, fun, and maybe even a little naughty. As well as a set of instructions on how to play this game, to help you host your own version of The Newlywed Gameshow.

How To Play The Newlywed Game Questions Game

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When a person hears the word newlywed, they can’t help but smile. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting parts of the adventure that is marriage. Not only are you in love with each other, but you can also barely keep your hands to yourself, and the best part: getting to know your spouse at such an intimate level.

It is romantic. It is exciting. Not just for you but your friends too, who can’t wait to tease you relentlessly and get you and your partner all coy. They want to make you blush-blush. Now, if you are that friend here’s how to set up and play this game.

  • Pick as many questions as you want from here and make a list. Remember to customize the questions to suit the couple
  • Start by having the husband exit the playing area so that he is unable to hear the wife’s answers
  • Ask the wife a set of questions and have them write their answers
  • Bring the husband back in and ask him the same set of questions that you previously asked the wife
  • If the answers given by the husband match those given by the wife, the couple gets a point
  • Like all games this too should have a reward at the end

Note: When picking questions, keep in mind the audience. While the questions are supposed to be fun and tease the couple a little, it should not hurt their feelings or put them in an awkward situation. Keep the game light-hearted.

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Top 51 Newlywed Game Questions For Couples

Here is a list of some interesting questions that are guaranteed to be entertaining. It is best to select a few questions out of these for the couple; after all, it’s a game and not an interrogation. So, get your pens and papers ready and let the games begin!

1. Who would your spouse say is the better catch?

Ooh, we are off to a dangerous start straight off the bat. You better not take your own name or be prepared to sleep on the couch for having made your partner angry.

2. Who is handier?

In every relationship, there is someone who fixes things and someone who is the reason things have to be fixed. So, who is it in this relationship?

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3. Who is more organized?

We all know that one person, cleaning after whom feels like shoveling snow in a blizzard. The real question is, are you married to one?

couple dancing
Two people in love

4. What’s something that makes your spouse laugh?

When in love, we always look for ways to make our beloved smile. Such easy newlywed game questions show how in tune the couple is to each other’s needs.

5. What is that one thing that your partner absolutely abhors, but does anyway just because they love you?

Love is about putting the other’s needs above one’s own. And when your partner does things for you even though they hate doing it, it’s because their feelings for you run deep.

6. Who spends the most money on personal items?

No matter who it is in this relationship, one thing is guaranteed. You will not find yourself banging your head against walls trying to figure out what to gift them for their birthday. It’s infinitely more difficult to shop for a person who doesn’t want anything.

7. What is your spouse’s best feature?

There are days, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to see our self in a good light. On such days, isn’t it wonderful to have someone say, “I wish you would see yourself through my eyes. The way your eyes twinkle with mischief or that small smile you have always playing on your lips as if you know a little secret. I keep them all safe in my heart.”

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8. Going in for a hug, where does your hand normally land first?

Here is one of the dirty newlywed game questions, that is sure to make the bride and groom feel a little bashful while prompting some laughs and snickers from the audience.

9. Who is most likely to wear the same jeans 3 days in a row?

While most of us dislike washing clothes, some believe in getting the maximum out of the clothes before they go for a wash. Well, in their defense, one should not wash clothes too often, they wear out faster.

10. Who is the big spoon and who is the small spoon?

Cuddling is so much fun and it usually leads to…no, the other thing, that is spooning. And it usually ends up in one being the bigger spoon more than the other. So, who is it in yours?

11. One thing my spouse would never do..

It’s good to know your partner’s hard limits. It helps the relationship become stronger otherwise the next thing you know you are constantly walking on eggshells in your relationship. So, he cannot see a cockroach, without passing out. It’s very important to know.

12. What is the sexiest thing your spouse does?

Another one of those dirty newlywed game questions, that will have the couple blushing and squirming in their seats. It is the little things that make a relationship strong. The fact that your partner notices your actions and finds them so attractive helps make the relationship stronger.

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13. If they had one thing to take to a deserted island, what would they take?

What a person decides to carry to a deserted island says a lot about the person. If they are going to carry sunscreen, then you know what you are in for. Of course, the safest answer in this situation is “YOU”.

14. Complete this sentence — Most people don’t know this but my spouse is really good at ______________?

When you marry a person, you are privy to information most people haven’t got a clue about. Well, now is a good opportunity to show off your partner’s hidden talents.

15. What is their signature dance move?

This one is one of the funny newlywed games questions for friends. If your partner likes to dance, then there must be some moves they will pull off, at least once at every party. Imitate his dance moves or better still, make your partner do it.

couple having fun at wedding
A couple having fun with their friends at the wedding

16. How many kids do you want? How many does your partner want?

This is one of the best newlywed game questions, that will help you and your partner to understand, where you stand in matters related to children. Although these questions should be asked before marriage, better late than never.

17. Things your spouse can’t live without?

There are certain things in life we just can’t give up. For someone, it could be books, for another their phone, and for some 2-year-olds their blanket. It would be interesting to hear what your spouse has to say about this.

18. Describe what you first thought of them in one word.

First impressions last a lifetime and it was this moment that led you to where you are. Now if this isn’t romantic, then I don’t know what is.

19. Who has a better sense of humor?

Sense of humor is a rare treasure. Everyone knows this and no one is willing to accept they might be lacking in this aspect. Put up this question and watch as hilarity ensues as they battle it out among themselves.

20. Who is the better cook?

Answer this question carefully. The wrong answer will land you in a soup. Pun intended.

21. Which describes your spouse the best in the morning? Chirpy chipmunk or Grumpy grizzly?

If you are not sure which one they are yet, then ask yourself, do they scream at the birds at 5 a.m.? If yes, it’s best not to talk to them till they have had their morning coffee.

22. Who is more likely to do something romantic, just because?

Anyone can do a song and dance on Valentine’s Day, but it takes a true romantic to randomly leave little love couplets on fogged-up mirrors in the bathroom.

23. Who is more adventurous?

It takes two kinds of people to make a relationship work, the one who gets into dangerous situations screaming YOLO!!
And the other one who drags the first one to safety by the ear. Now isn’t this a funny newlywed game question for friends?

24. I knew I had found the love of my life when they…

Now, here’s a question that is bound to make your toes curl with anticipation. After all who doesn’t want to know how they changed someone’s life as they knew it, forever.

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25. Who do you think is more likely to get electrocuted?

When one married couple was asked this question, pat came the reply, “ME! Cause I will not let my partner touch things where they might possibly get electrocuted.” Now, this is just too adorable.

26. Where is the strangest place you made love?

This is one of those dirty newlywed game questions all hosts are waiting to ask and all couples dread to answer. But answer, you must!!

27. Who is more emotional?

A boat needs an anchor to stop it from floating away along the waves, but both are important. People in a relationship are like that. While one gives way to expression and the other one keeps them both grounded. It is important to have balance it prevents emotional flooding and helps build a healthy relationship.

28. If your spouse is angry what is the one thing that will make them feel better?

With time we learn all the pet peeves of our spouse and which buttons not to push; what upsets them and what makes them happy. These things help you learn about each other at a deeper level.

marriage stories

29. What is your spouse’s go-to comfort food?

This is one of the best newlywed game questions out there. We seek comfort food when we are not feeling well or our mind is not at peace. Now you will know what to serve your partner on days when they feel lost.

30. What is your spouse’s phobia?

It is very important to know early on if you are in charge of killing all the spiders or of cleaning all surfaces that are at a height.

31. Which shop will you likely need to drag your partner out from?

It’s vital to know your partner’s passions, especially if you end up being in debt for the rest of your life. Not only is this a funny newlywed game questions for friends, but it is also a tip for you to prevent your partner from burning a hole in your pocket.

32. If your partner found a lamp with a genie in it, what would 1 of the 3 wishes be?

This question helps you realize the things that are most important to your partner. Kudos to you if you can guess your partner’s most desperate wishes. It goes to prove you know your partner well.

33. Who is a better flirt?

If you are the one who is good at flirting, to a point where you often find yourself giving flirting tips to beginners, then it is best to admit to no such thing. All you say can and will be held against you in this court that is marriage.

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34. What song comes to your mind when you think of your spouse?

Definitely one of the most romantic and best newlywed game questions on the list. Be prepared to be surprised, or to melt into a puddle.

35. Mountains or beaches, what is your spouse’s ideal vacation?

There are two kinds of people those who head to the sea and those who head to the mountains. There is a third kind that likes to couch surf in front of the tv. So, which one is your partner?

36. We are complete opposites when it comes to…?

Our differences are as important as our similarities. It adds spice to our relationships and spice is very necessary to keep the relationship between 2 people strong.

37. Who is more likely to be throwing up when changing baby diapers?

Ok! Let’s just admit that not all of us have amazing gag reflexes, but maybe they are willing to take all-night feeds. It’s all about delegation. This is truly the funniest newlywed game questions out there.

38. Which movie is more likely to make your partner cry?

If it is the scene of Mufasa’s death from The Lion King, then it is completely justified to bawl your eyes out.

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39. If two of you went on a date, who is more likely to look at their phones during the main event?

Spending quality time is a love language for many people. So, if you are on a date and your partner ends up looking at their phone through it, then obviously you’re gonna bring it up, Equally obviously, you’re gonna be sleeping on the couch that night.

40. In a fight who is more likely to be throwing the punches and who is trying to hold the other off?

We all need that person who will hold you back when you fly off the handle. They are also ones who will be able to show you the light when everything in life is dark.

41. When it comes to cuisine, what does your partner generally prefer?

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to a woman’s heart is also food. Especially when she doesn’t have to cook it. So, it is an absolute must to know what is your partner’s favorite cuisine is if you want to win their hearts.

42. How does your partner like their coffee?

This is one of the first things a person needs to know about their partner. For a lot of people, coffee is the way to their hearts. Flirt with your spouse by making that perfect cup of coffee. You will earn soo many brownie points.

man making coffee
Man pouring out coffee for his wife

43. In an emergency, what are the two things your partner is most likely to grab before leaving?

In situations such as these, a person tends to grab things that are the most precious to him. If he ends up grabbing the dustpan and broom, then don’t blame him. He is just confused.

44. When it comes to fixing ____ he fixes it like a boss, but when it comes to ____ he needs professional help.

This question is one of the funniest newlywed game questions on the list. It shows that you might be an expert at complicated things, like being the CEO of a company, but might still struggle to negotiate bedtime with a toddler.

45. Who is more likely to lock the keys in the car?

Being absentminded can be an adorable trait, that is until you have to break open a car window. Best not to forget your spouse in the parking lot, then you won’t hear the end of it. Ever.

46. Who is the last-minute shopper?

Some believe in getting things before things get over, and others believe in waiting till it’s absolutely necessary to them. Which one is your partner?

47. Who is more outgoing?

We all need someone willing to tell the waiter that the food is undercooked and therefore needs to be fixed. Not all heroes wear capes, some fight for us while we grapple with social anxiety.

48. Who is better with the kids

Some people are born with the talent to handle kids; they can make kids laugh, spend hours on end playing peekaboo and even put a child to bed, all without breaking into a sweat. These people are legends. So, who is it?

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49. What was it that made you realize your spouse was “the one”?

There are these moments in our life when we see our partner and a voice in our head says loud and clear that they are the one for us. Hearing the answer to the question will not only make everyone in the audience gush, but even she would say “Aww, so cute!” Also it will help strengthen the couple’s love quotient.

50. Who hogs the blankets?

Half the time, marriage is about putting your own needs after those of your partner’s, and the other half is spent fighting over the blanket and the tv remote.

51. What do you think your spouse likes the best about you?

Now, here is a question that is an easy newlywed game questions and yet really thought-provoking. When you talk about what you like best about your partner it fills them with love and confidence.

The idea behind these newlywed game questions is not just to guess the right answer and prove how well you know your partner. It is also about discovering new things about them. After all, it takes a lifetime to really know a person and sometimes even that is not enough.

Well, I had a lot of fun compiling this list of questions for you! So much so that my stomach and cheek hurt imagining all the answers and fun you will have hosting this game.

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