200 Newlywed Game Questions For That Instant Bonding

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Updated On: March 27, 2024
newlywed game questions

The Newlywed Game was a hilarious show in the 1960s that made for some lovely entertainment. It involved asking interesting questions to couples who had recently gotten married, about each other. Not only were the newlywed game questions fun, but they also helped couples break the ice and strengthen their bond.

Taking a leaf out of that classic game format, we bring you a set of questions that are unique, fun, and maybe even a little naughty. As well as a set of instructions on how to play this game. Get ready to help you host your own version of The Newlywed Game.

How To Play The Newlywed Questions Game

The word newlywed is sure to bring a smile to your face. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting parts of the adventure which is marriage. Not only are you in love with each other but you can also barely keep your hands to yourself, and the best part: getting to know your spouse at a more intimate level than ever before.

It is romantic. It is exciting. Not just for you but your friends too, who can’t wait to tease you relentlessly and get you and your partner all coy and make you blush. The newlywed questions game is the perfect way to capitalize on that excitement and build emotional intimacy in your connection. You’ll need to rope in a few friends to truly get the most out of this experience (and we recommend reaching out to the ones who can’t wait to tease you endlessly or make a fun double date out of it). To help you get started, here’s a lowdown on how to set up and play this couples’ question game:

  • Pick as many questions as you want from here and make a list. Remember to customize the questions to your situation
  • Start by having the husband exit the playing area so that he is unable to hear the wife’s answers
  • Ask the wife a set of questions (have someone write these answers)
  • Bring the husband back in and ask him the same set of questions that you previously asked the wife
  • If the answers given by the husband match those given by the wife, the couple gets a point
  • Like all games, this too should have a reward at the end (like heart-shaped pillows and Kisses chocolates)

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Note: When picking good newlywed game questions, keep in mind the audience. While the questions are supposed to be fun and tease the couple a little, it should not hurt their feelings or put them in an awkward situation. Keep it light-hearted.

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Intimate Newlywed Game Questions

Here is a list of some interesting married couple game questions. It is best to select a few questions out of these for the couple; after all, it’s a game and not an interrogation. So, get your pens and papers ready and let the games begin!

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  1. Who would your spouse say is the better catch?
  2. Who is handier?
  3. Who is more organized?
  4. What’s something that makes your spouse laugh?
  5. What is that one thing that your partner absolutely abhors, but does anyway just because they love you?
  6. Where did you go on your first date?
  7. What is your spouse’s best feature?
  8. Fill in the blank, “Your partner had their best vacation when ____”
  9. Who is most likely to wear the same jeans 3 days in a row?
  10. Who is the big spoon and who is the small spoon?
  11. One thing my spouse would never do…
  12. Does your partner make a big deal our of celebrating anniversaries or do they like to keep it low-key?
  13. If they had one thing to take to a deserted island, what would they take?
  14. Complete this sentence – Most people don’t know this but my spouse is really good at ______________?
  15. What is your spouse’s favorite TV show?
  16. How many kids do you want? How many does your partner want?
  17. What are the three things your spouse can’t live without?
  18. Describe what you first thought of them in one word.
  19. Who has a better sense of humor?
  20. Who is the better cook?
  21. What nicknames do you have for each other?
  22. Who is more likely to do something romantic, just because?
  23. Who is more adventurous?
  24. I knew I had found the love of my life when they…
  25. What is your spouse’s favorite book?
  26. Who is more enthusiastic about double dates?
  27. Who is more emotional?
  28. If your spouse is angry, what is the one thing that will make them feel better?
  29. If they were about to die in five minutes, what would be their last meal?
  30. What is your spouse’s phobia/biggest fear?
  31. What is the dessert they obsess over?
  32. If your partner found a lamp with a genie in it, what would 1 of the 3 wishes be?
  33. Who is a better flirt?
  34. What song comes to your mind when you think of your spouse?
  35. Mountains or beaches, what is your spouse’s ideal adventure vacation?
  36. We are complete opposites when it comes to…?
  37. Your spouse feels uncomfortable when talking about ___
  38. Which movie is more likely to make your partner cry?
  39. If two of you went on a date, who is more likely to look at their phone?
  40. Your first dance as a couple was on the song ___
  41. When it comes to cuisine, what does your partner generally prefer?
  42. How does your partner like their coffee?
  43. In an emergency, what are the two things your partner is most likely to grab before leaving?
  44. When it comes to fixing ____ he/she can handle it like a boss but when it comes to ____ he/she needs professional help.
  45. Is your spouse an early bird or a night person?
  46. Who is the last-minute shopper?
  47. Who is more outgoing?
  48. Who is better with the kids?
  49. What was it that made you realize your spouse was “the one”?
  50. What do you think your spouse likes the best about you?
newlywed game
Who’s better with kids?

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

The marriage game questions are about to get more interesting. Some are hilarious ‘would you rather’ questions while others are meant to highlight your partner’s quirks. All of them are undoubtedly a fun way to add some chuckle to your first dinner party as a married couple. Let’s get started with some fun and funny newlywed game questions:

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  1. Which describes your spouse the best in the morning – Chirpy chipmunk or Grumpy grizzly?
  2. Who hogs the blankets?
  3. Who is more likely to lock the keys in the car?
  4. Who do you think is more likely to get electrocuted?
  5. Which shop will you likely need to drag your partner out of?
  6. What is their signature dance move?
  7. Who is more likely to be throwing up when changing baby diapers?
  8. Who spends the most money on personal items?
  9. In a fight, who is more likely to be throwing the punches?
  10. Your spouse would land up in jail for ______
  11. Would they rather have more money or more fame?
  12. Who is more likely to fall asleep during sex?
  13. Who shops online and ends up being broke in the middle of the month?
  14. Who is the celebrity crush your partner would definitely cheat on you with?
  15. What is your spouse’s biggest pet peeve?
  16. What is the most embarrassing thing that your spouse has done around you?
  17. Who is more likely to spend a million dollars on an electronic item?
  18. What is the one word that your spouse can’t stop using?
  19. Who has kept a purchase ‘secret’ from the other?
  20. If a movie is made on your spouse, which actor would do justice to their character?
  21. If your spouse could have a superpower, what would it be?
  22. Who gets the power to control the TV remote?
  23. Which one of you has the higher IQ?
  24. Who takes longer to get ready?
  25. What is a surefire way to annoy your spouse?
  26. Which character from the sitcom Friends accurately represents your spouse?
  27. Who is more likely to hit people on the dance floor with their moves?
  28. Is there anyone in your spouse’s family that you find annoying?
  29. If you could get rid of any item from your spouse’s closet, what would it be?
  30. What’s the most trouble they got into as a kid?
  31. What is your lover’s guilty pleasure?
  32. What is your partner’s favorite emoji?
  33. Who’s always losing their keys/on the lookout for their phone?
  34. Who’s good at ending arguments?
  35. Who spends too much time scrolling through Instagram?
  36. Who is more likely to get an impulsive tattoo?
  37. Has any of you ever used your other half’s toothbrush, without telling them?
  38. Who is more likely to forget an anniversary/birthday?
  39. Is your spouse good at remembering the song lyrics?
  40. Who’s more likely to miss a flight because they were ‘busy’ sleeping?
  41. Who takes longer in the washroom?
  42. Between you both, who spends more money than their means?
  43. Who’s more likely to get arrested?
  44. Who never repeats an outfit?
  45. Who could survive longer in a zombie apocalypse?
  46. How old was your spouse when they had their first kiss?
  47. What is the junk food they can’t stop obsessing over?
  48. Who is the bigger procastinator?
  49. Who was the first one to burp/fart in front of the other?
  50. What would be the first thing your spouse would buy, if they won the lottery?
how well do you know your partner quiz

Dirty Newlywed Game Questions

Like most fun games for couples, this question game can also even take a steamy turn if you want it to. Talk about your sex life only if you both feel comfortable enough. So, here are some dirty newlywed game questions to turn up the heat:

  1. Going in for a hug, where does your hand normally land first?
  2. What is the sexiest thing your spouse does?
  3. Where is the strangest place you made love?
  4. What is their favorite position in bed?
  5. What turns you the most about your partner?
  6. What song can best describe your lover in bed?
  7. What’s your spouse’s indirect way of telling you they are in the mood?
  8. Would your partner ever go skinny dipping?
  9. What’s the most adventurous thing you both have done in bed?
  10. Who is the more dominating partner?
  11. What is their biggest fetish?
  12. If there was a chance at a threesome, which one of their close friends would they call?
  13. Which one of you is always in the mood?
  14. Who’s more likely to surprise the other by sending a nude?
  15. Which animal can best represent your partner in bed?
  16. What was the wildest place where you both had sex?
  17. Who likes being on top?
  18. What is the quickest way to seduce your spouse?
  19. Have they been intimate with someone of the same sex?
  20. Who has a higher sex drive, you or your better half?
  21. Do you both enjoy role play in the bedroom?
  22. Is your lover a member of the mile-high club?
  23. Has either of you ever faked an orgasm?
  24. Have you ever used a lubricant?
  25. What are your spouse’s thoughts about your wedding night?
  26. Can you describe your partner’s worst sexual experience?
  27. Who is more likely to reap the benefits of sextech?
  28. Where does your partner prefer having sex?
  29. Who is the more adventurous one in the bedroom?
  30. If your spouse could marry a celebrity crush, who would it be?
  31. Who has the weirdest orgasm face?
  32. Has your partner ever been to a strip club?
  33. Which perfume turns them on?
  34. Do they like morning sex or evening sex?
  35. How often does your partner masturbate?
  36. Would your spouse be interested in watching porn with you?
  37. Do they like the idea of tying you up/being tied up?
  38. What do they prefer – fast and furious or slow and steady?
  39. Does your spouse like oral or penetrative sex more?
  40. Would they ever have sex in a public place?
  41. What’s their favorite part about your body?
  42. How do they like to be kissed?
  43. What is the hottest memory they have of you?
  44. Would they have average sex every day or amazing sex once in a month?
  45. Lights on or lights off?
  46. What’s the one myth about sex they believed as a kid?
  47. Has your spouse ever regretted a sexual encounter?
  48. What’s the number one thing on their sexual bucket list?
  49. What’s their take on open relationships?
  50. Do they like the butt stuff?
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Hard Newlywed Game Questions

If you want to add some depth to the couples’ questions game, this segment is for you. Some newlywed questions will test your knowledge about your partner while some of the marriage game questions are philosophical:

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  1. When was the first time you ever lied to your partner?
  2. Name one of your spouse’s relatives/close friends you find cute
  3. What has been the most embarrassing thing you’ve done as a couple?
  4. What’s their biggest fear?
  5. Who made the first move?
  6. Is there anything your spouse is insecure about?
  7. Did your spouse kiss their exes on the first date itself?
  8. What is your first memory of your spouse?
  9. What was your first fight about?
  10. What was your partner’s first job?
  11. What was the first movie you both watched together?
  12. If they could travel anywhere in the world, what’s the first place they would go to?
  13. Who’s the bigger baby when unwell?
  14. Who has more exes?
  15. Has your spouse ever dated more than one person at the same time?
  16. Who is the first one to apologize after a fight?
  17. What is the ideal number of children a married couple should have?
  18. If it was their last day on earth, what would your spouse do?
  19. Is your partner a dog person or cat person?
  20. Who is better at household chores duty?
  21. How did you exchange numbers with your spouse?
  22. What was your first impression of your partner’s friends?
  23. Did you feel someone was missing on your big day aka wedding day?
  24. Who caught the bridal bouquet at your wedding?
  25. Does your partner prefer a date over coffee, dinner or brunch?
  26. Do they have any allergies?
  27. What’s their zodiac sign?
  28. What’s their shoe size?
  29. Is your partner Type A or Type B?
  30. Who is the better driver?
  31. Who had stricter parents?
  32. What is their biggest fear about this marriage?
  33. What is the best advice they have ever recieved?
  34. Did they have any pets while growing up?
  35. How important is religion/spirituality in their life?
  36. Has your partner ever struggled with addiction?
  37. When are their parents’ birthdays?
  38. Now that you’re married, you can’t wait to ____
  39. If you could get a second honeymoon, where would that be?
  40. Who is the bookworm?
  41. What was your partner wearing on the first date?
  42. Who is better at regulating their emotions?
  43. Does your partner believe in love at first sight?
  44. What’s the one thing about love that scares them the most?
  45. Do they believe people can change if they love someone?
  46. What’s worse: an emotional affair or a physical one?
  47. Has your spouse ever loved someone in the hopes that they would change?
  48. What’s the first thing they would teach their children about love?
  49. What’s the craziest thing they would do for love?
  50. Is cheating forgivable?

The idea behind the newlywed game questions is not just to guess the right answer and prove how well you know your partner. It is also about discovering new things about them. After all, it takes a lifetime to really know a person and sometimes even that is not enough. Well, I had a lot of fun compiling this list of married couple game questions for you! So much so that my stomach and cheek hurt imagining all the answers and the fun you will have hosting this game.

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