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Updated On: July 21, 2022
wedding suits for groom

Your wedding day is drawing closer. The decorations, caterers, and guest list are ready and now, you are planning your look. You have been screening many wedding suits for groom but have been unable to figure out one yet. There are plenty of options but you are unsure which one would suit you. We are here to scissor away your worries and stitch you up with a good suit.

Now close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself in the attire in your mind. Are there many wedding suits for groom that come into your mind? I am sure they do and you may want all of them. That isn’t possible. So, visualize harder, how do you see yourself on your special day and what kind of energy do you want to exude? Buy your costume accordingly.

Wedding Suits And Outfit Ideas For The Groom

You may have to take into consideration many factors while picking up wedding suits for a groom. Think about the vibe, the season, and your strongest personality trait. After all, you want to wear something that reflects you and blends with the vibe. 

But also, don’t give up on the comfort factor. If you are going to wear it all day, you want to feel comfortable even as you bask in the pizzazz. So yes, choose fabric and fitting in which you will not sweat. Let the suit hug your body with affection. Since there are many things to consider, let us take a look at a few suits that may help you make a statement.

1. Modern groom black suit

If you want to stick to traditional wedding suits for groom, a black tuxedo is your calling. It will never fail. You can amp up the oomph factor by wearing a three-piece and a nice pocket square. Adam Baker’s formal tuxedo is your calling for the traditional.

  • The fabric of the suit is made of 65% of polyester and 35% of viscose
  • The jacket is slim fit and has a two-button front, two front pockets with satin besom, satin notch lapel, side vents and is fully lined
  • The pants are slim fit and have an unfinished hem so you can tailor them to your exact measurements
  • It has a 150-fabric feel

This groom wedding suit will make you feel extremely comfortable and make you look exceptional on your special day.

2. Slim fit suits for an edgy look

It is all about the tailoring they say. If you need a suit that hugs your frame – and if you feel confident in it – buy it without thinking twice. You could play with the colors a little if you are feeling experimental. The advantage of the Calvin Klein slim-fit suit is its ability to customize your jacket and pant size. 

  • The material is fully made of wool and has a natural stretch
  • It has a button closure
  • The pants are designed to lay a bit lower on the hips and are nicely tapered from the thigh to a bottom opening that captures the modern look
  • Please remember to dry clean this suit only

This suit is so classic and traditional with its refined aesthetic that you can certainly wear it for occasions other than your wedding, like for a dinner date.

3. The white attire to match the bride

White may not be just the bride’s color. It could also make for the best wedding suit for groom. Stacy Adam Men’s Bid & Tall Suny Vested white suit will make you look elegant and you, as a couple, will stand out in the bright color. It is very difficult to surpass the classiness of white wedding suits for grooms.

  • The suit is made of 90% polyester and the rest is rayon
  • The suit jacket has a notch lapel, two-button closure, and welt pocket on the left chest
  • The vest features a four-button placket and welt pockets at front
  • The pants feature an expandable waist, pleated front, rear welted pockets, and French fly with button

This aesthetic suit will certainly give you a bright look and as a couple, you will look a whole.

4. Tweed vests are winter suits for a groom wedding

If you have a vintage wedding or the vibe is boho, tweed vests could make for the best groom suits. Men’s Western Herringbone Tweed Suit Vest is quite versatile – it will look amazingly good in light and dark colors. The material is 80% polyester and the rest is wool

  • It is a single-breasted vest with a V-shaped neck, five buttons, two real sides insert pockets
  • It has one chest pocket
  • It has an adjustable back strap for a perfect fit
  • It has herringbone tweed fabric in the front

You can certainly rock this herringbone tweed vest at your wedding. You can also wear it to parties, business meets, a winter date and so on. 

5. Neutral tones in trendy groom wedding suits

Neutral tones in wedding suits for the groom are not boring. Beige and grey can be emboldened with a splash of color, which could be added in the form of a vibrant boutonniere, shirt, pocket square, and tie.

  • The blazer has a one-button closure, is single breasted, has a notch lapel, side vents
  • The vest has four buttons and a smooth adjustable back
  • The pants have a flat front, have a zippered fly and an adjustable waist tab
  • The brand also provides you customer service – you can return in 30 days if you are not satisfied

The attire’s fit and many features make it a perfect wedding suit for a groom. You can also gift this suit to a friend.

6. Blue blazers for an elegant, cool appeal

Blue wedding suits for the groom are elegant and scintillating. The blazer that you pick could be any shade of blue – from navy to sky blue or even the zany azure, it will assuredly make you stand out. Further, if you can play with multiple shades of blue while looking for wedding suits for groom and groomsmen, the gradient of blue in group photos will look pretty amazing.

  • The package includes a jacket, pants and vest
  • The suit has full button closure
  • It has great fitting
  • It is recommended that you dry clean and steam iron the suit

The suit is fashion-forward and will make you stand out on your special occasion.

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7. No jacket is necessary to complete the look

You may not have to look for a complete groom suiting for wedding if you are trying to do something different. Ditch the rules and shed the jacket. Dropping the jacket for nice suspenders and a vest can help you craft a unique look for your special day.

  • These suspenders have 1.5-inch stretch nylon webbing
  • They have molded adjusters
  • The pant clips that don’t tear your expensive garments like the metal clips
  • They are comfortable over the shoulder

These suspenders will look under-chic as a part of your wedding attire. You could even wear them inside the suit to hold your pants

8. Bowtie in a groom wedding suit for a twist

If you want to give your modern groom black suit a twist and a vintage feel, go for a patterned bowtie by Barry.Wang Store. Classic wedding suits for groom need not always be confined to their taut styles.

  • It is made of 1,200 stitches woven silk
  • It is a pre-tied bowtie
  • The package also includes one pocket square and two cufflinks
  • The bowtie is 4.7 inches wide

This elegant tie will dazzle your wedding reception look. It has a mystery and a royal feel needed to complete your groom wedding suit.

9. Checks will add the fun element

Want to have a little fun with your groom wedding suit? Don’t flinch before going for a checks print. It proves that you are not afraid to be bold when it comes to experimenting. 

  • The package includes blazer, pants and a vest
  • The suit has a button closure
  • The blazer has two front flap pockets and a single vent
  • The trousers have an adjustable waist 

This unconventional suit could help you reflect your ideas and personality.

10. Green suit for a royal feel 

Do not underestimate hues of green for wedding suits for grooms. In fact, we feel that this color – especially its brined olive tones – is going to be a huge hit with the current generation. Green has an elegant, royal feel to it.

  • The blazer has a one-button closure, is single breasted, has a notch lapel, side vents
  • The vest has four buttons and a smooth adjustable back
  • The pants have a flat front, have a zippered fly and an adjustable waist tab
  • The brand also provides you customer service – you can return in 30 days if you are not satisfied

So, pick this suit for your big day. It is certainly among the royal and best wedding suits for the groom.

11. Pink is among bold wedding suits for grooms

Pink is not just a feminine color – it is a universal color that can well be used in a suit for a groom wedding. A three-piece pink suit is for grooms who want to make a bold statement.

  • The package includes a three-piece suit – blazer, pants and a vest
  • The blazer has a single-button closure and a single pocket
  • The suit is crafted with full shoulder with 3D draping
  • The brand allows you to browse through shades

However, if you are not ready to sport the color yet, you can always craft subtle pink accessories into wedding suits for the groom. A pale pink bowtie or a handkerchief will look nice, especially with a green or a tweed suit.

12. Velvet groom suiting for suave factor

Velvet fabrics and tuxedo-style lapels are two timeless trends for your big day. If you want the wedding suits to be suave, go for the mysterious velvet vibe by picking up a high-quality, dark, and dashing suit.

  • The package includes a jacket, pants and a tie
  • The jacket has an overlapping lapel style
  • The fitting is broad but fitting
  • This suit can be customized as per your preferences

The velvet suit will make you a groom who everybody will remember for the time to come.

13. Red groomswear is a stunning wedding attire

Red makes for high-end, stunning groom suits. Don’t be afraid to don this exceptional color on your big day by picking up the more playful hues like burgundy and crimson to stand out in the crowd. To make it into one of the best groom suits people have ever seen, pair it with a skinny tie.

  • The material of this suit is 94% polyester
  • The inner fabric is made of breathable viscose
  • The package includes a three-piece suit – blazer, pants and a vest
  • The blazer has a single-button closure and a single pocket

Red has an allure that will not fail you on your special day. It is eye-catching and will undoubtedly make you look dapper. Since red is also the color of love, you may want to use suit for a lovely Valentine’s Day date.

14. The vintage jacket is among the best groom suits

If you are looking for wedding suits for a groom that are completely out of the rulebook, go vintage. A vintage jacket can make for an eye-catching groom suiting for wedding

  • This suit blazer is made of cotton blend and polyester
  • It features a stand collar and turndown collar
  • It is double-breasted and has two flat pockets
  • The brand recommends that you chose a size bigger than usual

The outfit will give an other-worldly vibe, almost like that of a memorable old photo.

15. Fusion of ivory and black or brown

Want to give a twist to your modern groom black suit? Alter the regular elements of your attire. Wear a tan ivory tuxedo and pair it with a white shirt, black or a brown tie and a pocket square that matches the tie.

  • The jacket is beige-ivory, single-breasted and has a single button closure
  • It also has an elegant notch lapel, a chest pocket for a handkerchief
  • There is a soft shoulder pad for a natural shape
  • The vest is ivory and has a V-neck collar, six buttons and two welt pockets

This outfit will not just rock your wedding, but even will help you stand out at an afterparty if any.

16. Dots for playful wedding suits

To give those plain groom wedding suits a makeover, pick a tuxedo that has polka dots. It will spice up your plain attire into something sprightly and jovial.

  • The package includes one blazer and one pant
  • The suit has a shawl lapel collar, button closure, two flap pockets and one chest pocket
  • The classic polka dot fabric creates stunning curves
  • It is recommended that you dry clean and low iron the suit before wearing it 

If you carry it off with confidence, you will be the star of the wedding, along with your partner of course!

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17. Asymmetric kurtas as alternative suits

If you are bored of tuxedos and other groom wedding suits, asymmetric kurtas are your calling. They have an edge that makes you look dapper and traditional at the same time. Pair them with pleated pants and pointed shoes; voila! you have a classy wedding suit for grooms.

  • The kurta has an asymmetrical shape and a full button closure at the front
  • The kurta has a mandarin collar, full roll-up sleeves and two side pockets
  • The material of the attire is cotton flex
  • There are several color alternatives

This traditional wedding groom suit will make you look unique and different at your wedding.

18. Sequins in your groom wedding suit

Give your modern groom a black suit or for that matter any groom wedding suit that you choose by adding sequins. You can go all out or just give a hint of glitter that will give your attire the glamor needed for the occasion. 

  • The package only includes the blazer
  • The blazer has a single-button closure
  • The lapels are un-sequined
  • The suit is crafted with full shoulder with 3D draping

A sequined suit is the best for a wedding that is going to be followed by a large party. That way, you will be ready to celebrate your special occasion.  

19. A Victorian frockcoat can make for a sublime attire 

A Victorian frockcoat with sublime hues and palettes works best as a classic wedding suit for grooms. Its sheen will make you look like a renaissance-era painting – with sun-kissed colors and intrigue.

  • The suit has seven buttons
  • The brocade fabric is complemented by velvet cuffs
  • The package contains the blazer only
  • A variety of colors available

This coat is best for thematic weddings. And, if you ever have a chance to visit a halloween costume party, this suit will help you like a tempting character from a gothic novel.

20. Floral groom wedding suits for the fun factor

Hear me out on this. A floral suit for a groom’s wedding is a very tropical idea. If you are going to have a beach or a summer wedding, nothing will beat this suit’s vibe. 

  • The suit is made of high-quality floral brocade fabric
  • This is a single-breasted blazer
  • The floral patterns are embroidered and have a notched lapel
  • It is a slim-fit suit

It is among the chill wedding suits for a groom. The floral vibe is also perfect for summer dates, and so you can actually recycle this suit.

21. A classic bandhgala suit for a fusion look

A classic bandhgala is a fusion of formalwear and Indian wear, and this cross-section is where its appeal lies. A bandhgala suit in a neutral hue is a timeless wedding suit for a groom. If you are considering wedding suits for grooms and groomsmen, this one will be one classic deal. 

  • The suit is made of cotton and rayon
  • It has button-end closure
  • It has a satin lining
  • The brand offers free returns

When you are done wearing this on your special day, you can repurpose it by popping its buttons and wearing it as a jacket on a normal day.

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22. Linen suits for tropical weddings

Is it a tropical wedding? Pick a linen suit that weds comfort with style. A soft hue will be the best, but since it is a grand day you can choose darker colors to strike an impression. 

  • The material is linen and rayon
  • Package includes jacket, vest and pants
  • It is a slim fit suit
  • The waistcoat has full-button closure

You can repurpose this suit! On a casual evening, team your wedding jacket with a shirt and sneakers and you’ll be game.

23. Khaki suit for groom wedding 

Wedding suits for the groom are generally black, navy, or other dark colors. However, Khaki is slowly making its presence felt on the list of groom suiting for the wedding. A suit with a sandy hue is great for a beachside venue or a spot where the sun is shining.

  • The suit material is cotton-polyester blended
  • It is a slim fit suit
  • It has full-button closure
  • The with full shoulder design and slim cut with 3D draping

24. Wool suit for a simple wedding

Several people have been opting for low-key weddings. Some low-key couples do not want a tony venue, but would rather get married in the backyard in an intimate ceremony. For the simplicity to reflect in your attire, a wool suit may just add to the beautiful idyllic feel of your wedding. 

  • The suit is made from polyester and wool
  • It has full button closure
  • The suit has a long sleeve, notch lapel, two patch pockets and inner chest pockets
  • The tweed mix with the traditional sawtooth line pattern gives this jacket a classic, vintage look

The wool suit counts among the humble wedding suits for men. Get this for a kind look.

25. Tailcoat dress suit for a chic look

Then, there is the party-wedding for which you are going to need to be dressed. The fit can be black, the bowtie could be white and there needs to be a waistcoat. And of course, the jacket needs to have tails. 

  • This suit has long sleeves and two rows of buttons on the chest
  • It is made up of polyester
  • The package includes a tuxedo jacket, pants, waistband and bow tie
  • The jacket has tails

Shopping for the perfect wedding day attire can be intimidating. As you set out to look for the perfect clothing for your special day, rely a little bit on your intuition as well. You may not have to stress over choice and selection. Sometimes, the dress speaks to you and you choose one another. If you still haven’t found your suit, I suggest you re-read this piece and see which one speaks to you the most. I wish you luck!

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