Seedhi Si Baat! 5 Ways To Make A Virgo Man Chase You

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Be direct and straightforward with Virgo men

Virgo men do not like to be intuitive. They like it when you tell them things, rather than have them guess. They are very practical and direct. If you play ‘hard to get’ with a Virgo man, he’s going to lose interest in you. They do not like to play games and believe in crisp and clear communication. So if you want a Virgo man to chase you, you’ll have to be direct and have great communication skills. Here are five ways in which you can make him chase you.

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How to get a Virgo man to chase you

Virgo men are stable and loving characters. But there are certain things about them that you need to know before you expect a Virgo man to chase you. Will a Virgo man chase you? Yes, he will provide you know the ways to get him to chase you. You have to know the ways to communicate with a Virgo man and make him fall for you.

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1. Don’t expect him to guess

He is not the kind of person who likes guesswork. If you want him to chase you, then you have told him so. You have to communicate with a Virgo man. The fact that he wants a relationship with you is because he finds you worthy of his love and thereby he’ll put the efforts to win you. However, you must tell him that after the chase you will be his. His interest levels are high when you’ve become his, as opposed to many other men who enjoy the thrill of the chase but lose interest once they have achieved what they had to.

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2. Be patient

He will say what he means and he will mean what he says. There is no scope for ambiguity in his communication or lifestyle. This means that very often he will not be as romantic as you expected your man to be. You’ll have to be patient with him. For a Virgo man to chase you, you must communicate to him that you are interested in him. Thereafter he will do everything to please you and make your relationship exciting. But if you are expecting him to be a romantic being on his own, then forget about it. You’ll have to give him directions on what you do and do not like when it comes to romance. A Virgo man will completely fall for you then.

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3. Be clear in your communication

Communication is the key with a Virgo man. As we’ve said already, they prefer clear and crisp dialogue. Do not say ‘no’ when you mean ‘yes’. It is very hard to fool or manipulate him. So be very clear in your communication. He will start liking you because of your directness and will take more interest in you. You should also ask him for help, as the Virgo man likes to be useful and be a positive influence in your life. Having said that, you do not need to pretend to be in a crisis; you can just be a little more open about your problems and be vulnerable. He’ll feel happy and confident if he gets a chance to fix anything that bothers you the most in your life.

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4. Plan outdoor activities

He will start losing interest if he is just with you. If you want him to be interested in you, then you need to plan some outdoor activities with him. He’ll start liking you a lot more because of your active lifestyle. He should always find a reason to be with you and you should be able to provide him by way of any indoor or outdoor activity. Plan a hike or a bar-hopping session or plan to bake something at home taking his help. A Virgo man will surely chase you if he finds reasons to be with you apart from just being with you.

He’ll surely chase you if he finds reasons to be with you apart from just being with you.

Remember, he’s practical!

5. Be obvious about what you want him to do

A Virgo man will only attempt to go after a girl if he is sure that she’s going to say ‘yes’. And how will he know that? Well, you have to tell him that you are interested in him. You may also want to give him details of what you like in him so that he will start polishing those aspects of his personality even more to impress you. You need to be accessible to him whenever he is planning to make his move. Once again, if you play ‘hard to get’, it is going to put him off. So there is always a way to get a Virgo man to chase you.

All Virgo men are intellectual and factual. It is because of this that they are also very practical. If you keep the emotional drama away from him and ensure that you are going to add value to his intellectuality, there is no reason why he will not chase you. If you had been thinking how to get a Virgo man to chase you, you got your answers.

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