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10 Bollywood Breakup Songs That Will Cheer You Up!

Music eases the pain, even if it cannot erase it altogether.
Bollywood breakup songs are not necessarily sad Bollywood songs.

There are plenty of sad Bollywood songs that you can listen to and shed barrels of tears after a breakup. Do you really want to do that? When you are trying to move on, getting sucked back to the memories by a song can be really painful. We decided to draw up a list of peppy numbers that are ideal Bollywood breakup songs. These songs are great for your mood and can help you move on without caring two hoots.

Bollywood breakup songs that can ease the pain

What we have brought for you is a list of songs that are not sad Bollywood songs. These are the best songs from Bollywood relating to a breakup that you must listen.

And these are NOT sad Bollywood songs…

1. Hungama ho gaya

Queen is a brilliant movie. Kangana Ranaut plays the role of a tragic bride who gets deserted right before the wedding. It cannot get any worse than that. Hungama ho gaya has major soul tapping music that can make you believe that you can after all get over your ex and move on to self-liberation. It is once again not a sad Bollywood number.

2. The Breakup song

This is literally the most positive, modern day, post break-up, moving-on song ever! And it literally describes the steps taken for a woman to get out of the morose scene she has trapped herself into after the breakup. In other words the best Bollywood breakup song. From the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil this number is not at all a sad Bollywood number.

From hitting the salon and partying with the gal pals to meeting with everyone she has not met in a long time, this song lists all the things you should do to move on.

Sad Bollywood songs inspire us to forget the past
A still from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

3. Chor bazaari

This song from Love Aaj Kaal is about retaining the friendship even after a breakup. And who knows? Maybe after a point of doing what Saif and Deepika do (dancing and singing on the street and basically going about having fun) you might have a positive, hopeful approach towards life. This is definitely not one of those emotional Hindi songs its a truly peppy number.

4. Allah ke bande

So this song is in this list because this song is apt for almost any situation. Jo bhi ho, kal phir ayega – pretty much sums up how life moves on and that if the break up has happened, it is for a good reason. Kailash Kher’s vocals will mesmerize you no matter how many times you hear it. It’s not a sad Bollywood song either.

sad Bollywood songs bring happiness and energy to the broken heart

5. Ja chudail

Slightly on the offensive side. This number from Delhi Belly  is a perfect song when you feel red hot angry on your ex and pretty much mentally abuse her every now and then. Let that anger out by calling your ex a witch. And after few rounds, you will be tired, the truth of the situation will dawn on you and you will be relieved to realise how the break up from the chudail was a good thing. This is one of the all time greatest Bollywood breakup songs

6. Emotional atyachaar

From a great movie, Dev D, which was a simple twist of the classic movie Devdas and this song celebrates the emotional drain in a relationship. What is so great about the song is how aptly it describes the emotional strain in a relationship and how well you can relate to it after a breakup. One of the best heartbreak Hindi songs.

7. Move on

This track is from the movie Tanu Weds Manu Returns; and the title sums up the whole life advice after a break up. Moving on is no easy job, leaving behind all the memories and forcing oneself to make newer ones is difficult. The truth about ripping the past emotional ties to move forward in the future is what this is all about.

A great motivational song for a post-breakup mood. And of course not a sad Bollywood song.

There are great Bollywood breakup songs and not sad Bollywood songs at all. Move on from Tanu Weds Manu is one of them.
Image source

8. Zehnaseeb

This song from Hasee Toh Phasee because even though the relationship did not last, you had memories that you can never forget. This song is about letting go of the bitterness and remembering the good memories and possibly, even the ex. Another great Bollywood breakup song.

9. Tadap Tadap ke

This one is a sappy song from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. When the pain gets too real, many lovers turn to this song. Makes a heartbroken person question where the relationship went wrong. This is one of the sad Bollywood songs you can listen to if you want to shed some pent up tears.

10. Channa Mereya

Acha chalta hoon
Duaaon mein yaad rakhna’

This is the anthem song of the ‘heartbroken’ from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Devdas’ all across can feel the pulse of this song in their soul and blood. It’s their angst put into music and words. If you have to be heartbroken you might as well go all in and drown your sorrow – not in alcohol, but instead in music! Now we are waiting for the best Bollywood breakup songs of 2019.

This song is a reminder that it is just a breakup and there are worse things that could have happened. You think a breakup is hard? How about seeing your ex getting married? We will suggest a few sad Bollywood songs for that too.


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  1. Hey! Like come on!! We all face things as break ups and after some years we all find ourselves stupid to do that. But yes. AGREE these songs literally are must hear after the break up.. Hits the post break up playlist

  2. My personal top picks from these 10 are Chor Bazaari, Channa Mereya and Hungama Ho Gaya. Its a fab list and is inclusive of all the sorts of moods that one can get into post a break up. “Let’s break up” from Dear Zindagi too can hold a good rank in this list I feel.

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